Saturday, December 6, 2008

#Comic No.98:The Phantom's Wrath

Last couple of weeks were too disturbing and agonizing for every Indian,there is a lot to say,there is a lot to ask and there is a lot to do also.Since its a comic blog hence won't feel appropriate to discuss over these issues here.
Anyway enjoy this Phantom comic which is Indrajal version of Sunday No.54,The River Gang spanning from 10-1-60 to 22-05-60.Scans are from Ajay,hence all thanks goes to him.I haven't checked about the status of this comic on net,if it happen to be posted already then it can be considered as a mirror post.

Download comic

Friends from the below posted covers of Phantom Indrajal,which one you think is the most appealing,attractive and dynamic.Please choose the best cover of your choice among these covers in the poll provided at the left side of the blog page.


Few days back while rearranging and sorting out Indrajal comics of my collection,clicked these snaps.Hope they are worth watching......

After English Indrajals enjoy Hindi Indrajals also.................


Anurag said...

Great collection,congrets

adibud34 said...

Great Collection CW! Also the Jade Palace is the best looking cover for sure!!!

Colonel Worobu said...

Breathtaking collection!

I like the shining city cover best followed by jade palace :o)

Deb said...

Thanks for the post, CW & Ajay.

An armed raid at your place is in order. Great collection, friend. Congratulations! Hope to see them posted soon.

I think the best cover is the Vacul Castle followed by the Slave Traders. A larger than life Phantom lends it a unique aura.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Wow, what a treasure man!!!!! You are among one of the fewest and the luckiest persons on the Earth who have such a great collection.

Here is the missing list of IJCs which are not available (in any one language either Hindi or English) online. All under scanning IJC by Ajay, Anurag, Ajnaabi, Anon; scanned by various friends earlier (whose scans I collected from various blogs, forums & torrents) are already calculated. Few ICC comings scans; your, Bala ji’s & mine future posts are eliminated too. If you can, please scan & post one or more (as much as you can) to support THE GREAT IDEA coined by various people collectively years ago: “UPLOAD ALL ONLINE”.

209 1974 Miscellaneous Tulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas 1 (This one AJNAABI can scan, but he have to collect it, need to go 70 KM).
400 1982 Phantom Abode of the Ghosts Part I
401 1982 Phantom Abode of the Ghosts Part II
V20N14 1983 Buz Sawyer The Dream Island
V20N21 1983 Bahadur The Duel at Shikargarh
V20N27 1983 Garth The Mysterious Cutlass
V20N32 1983 Mandrake The Avaricious Prince
V20N34 1983 Bahadur The Treasure Trail
V20N45 1983 Bahadur The Savage Family
V20N52 1983 Bahadur The Drug Scandal
V21N05 1984 Bahadur Ambush on the Beach
V21N07 1984 Lt.Drake The Mantle of Mystery
V21N11 1984 Bahadur Treasure in the Ruins
V21N13 1984 Flash The Alien Hyponotic Giant
V21N23 1984 Mandrake Secrets of the Glass Castle Part I
V21N28 1984 Bahadur The Bridge on the River Nandi
V21N32 1984 Flash The Sabre of Law
V21N34 1984 Garth The Devil's Stooges
V21N35 1984 Bahadur The Highway Inn
V21N41 1984 Bahadur Journey to the Silver Sands
V21N44 1984 Bahadur The Satan's Legion
V21N49 1984 Lt.Drake The Outlaw's Haven
V21N50 1984 Bahadur The Crime Syndicate of Arjangarh
V21N51 1984 Flash Ming's Deadly Trap
V22N04 1985 Bahadur The Big Three of Kanakpur
V22N11 1985 Lt.Drake The Haunted Mansion
V22N16 1985 Bahadur The Slave Runners
V22N21 1985 Flash Expedition on Cromag
V22N22 1985 Bahadur The Sword of Honour
V22N23 1985 Mandrake The Predator Star
V22N24 1985 Lt.Drake Enigmas of Crime
V22N37 1985 Mandrake The Weird Bank Robberies
V22N39 1985 Mandrake The Claws of Treachery
V22N42 1985 Bahadur The Steel Grip
V22N45 1985 Mandrake Visitors from the Future
V22N50 1985 Mandrake The Evil Genius Part I
V22N51 1985 Mandrake The Evil Genius Part II
V23N02 1986 Mandrake The Hypnotic Gem
V23N07 1986 Mandrake The Scheming Sharks
V23N10 1986 Mandrake The Hideos Underworld
V23N11 1986 Bahadur The Tantalizing Killer
V23N15 1986 Mandrake The Magic Spells Part I
V23N16 1986 Mandrake The Magic Spells Part II
V23N21 1986 Mandrake The Vengeful Wizard
V23N25 1986 Flash The Embittered Princess
V23N29 1986 Mandrake The Killer Breed Part I
V23N30 1986 Mandrake The Killer Breed Part II
V23N31 1986 Bahadur The Mask of Deception
V23N34 1986 Garth The Eluding Traitor
V23N45 1986 Bahadur The Whispering Shadows
V23N49 1986 Bahadur The Masked Princess
V24N02 1987 Mandrake The Island of No Return
V24N05 1987 Bahadur The Price of Revenge
V24N07 1987 Mandrake The Maddening Mystery
V24N17 1987 Bahadur The Abominable Deal
V24N21 1987 Mandrake The Lost City of Jewels Part I
V24N22 1987 Mandrake The Lost City of Jewels Part II
V24N35 1987 Mandrake The Guilty Meddler
V24N37 1987 Bahadur The Preying Ravens
V24N48 1987 Bahadur The Brewing Treachery
V25N05 1988 Aditya The Eye Witness
V25N07 1988 Mandrake The Innocent Victims
V25N26 1988 Bahadur The Calunge Beach
V25N33 1988 Bahadur The Clutches of Greed/ Kali raat ka Shadayantra
V25N36 1988 Mandrake The Captive Sleuths/ Shark ke Khooni Daant
V25N37 1988 Rip Kirby The Cursed Emeralds
V25N41 1988 Bahadur The Dreaded Fugitive
V25N46 1988 Flash The Lost Continent
V25N50 1988 Bahadur The Prowling Wolves
V26N04 1989 Flash The Death Potion
V26N08 1989 Bahadur The Innocent Hostages
V26N09 1989 Flash The Alien Monsters
V26N12 1989 Bahadur The Mistaken Identity
V26N15 1989 Flash The Bonded Slaves
V26N18 1989 Bahadur The Death Duel
V26N19 1989 Rip Kirby The Cunning Scorpion
V26N23 1989 Flash The Scheming Despot
V26N28 1989 Bahadur The Raging Evil
V26N30 1989 Bahadur The Haunted Fort
V26N32 1989 Flash The Deadly Intrigue
V26N34 1989 Dara The Veiled Secret
V26N35 1989 Bahadur The Bank Heist
V26N38 1989 Bahadur The Ghastly Encounter
V27N01 1990 Bahadur The Fire of Revenge
V27N04 1990 Mandrake The Grip of Treachery
V27N08 1990 Dara The Jaws of Treachery

P.S. Can send you list of Hindi & English IJC missing list separately.

kuldeep said...

a trasure for which i am ready to commit crime of theft..

am i allowed...

The Phantom Head said...

My vote goes to Shining City among these. Protector is also very colourful and attractive and I would have certainly gone that way if I were 10 year old today. But I always liked Shehab's IJC covers better, 'cause those are related to my earlier memories. The way he sketched various indrajal characters (including some less popular one) was very good and covers were always related to the story line in such a way to portray the correct idea of the events.

Phuktya said...

[b]OUCH!![/b] It hurts, I really miss them. :)

Our Envy your pride.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Hello CW!
Pls eliminate following two also:

400 1982 Phantom Abode of the Ghosts Part I
401 1982 Phantom Abode of the Ghosts Part II

These are under scanning too.

Rafiq Raja said...

Dear CG, Been visiting your site after a long time, and your collection is incredible, to say least. Should definitely plan to visit you sometime, for atleast taking the pleasure of having looked at your collection.

By the way, my vote is undoubtedly for the Jade Palace. The macho Phantom look, with the girl on shoulders, could you ask for anything more.

Pity though, that I only hold the Phantom Protector issue with my collection :(

Carry on with your Great Work. I will be visiting often hereafter. :)

Rafiq Raja
ÇómícólógÝ & ராணி காமிக்ஸ்

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Dear CW!
This day is a wishing time,
A time for wishing you very special happiness with joy and good cheer, too,
It's also time for wishing you lots of happiness that will be filled with all the finest things with your memory.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Thanks CW for posting this IJ.Jade Palace would be good.

The Skull Cave Treasures said...


विनीता यशस्वी said...

awsome. really awsome

विनीता यशस्वी said...

awsome. really awsome

Comic World said...

Anurag: Thanks Anurag,but certainly you have a greater collection.

Comic World said...

Adibud: Thanks.Jade Palace is in lead now..

Comic World said...

Col.: Thanks Col.

Comic World said...

Deb: Thanks buddy.NSG commandos are deputed all over to defend my collection...try your chance :o)
Yeah,Vacul Castle is also my personal best.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Thanks Prabhat.I will try my best to scan/upload as many as i can.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: A theft should be never allowed.You will have to take your chance along with Deb.

Comic World said...

TPH: Rightly said along with other Phantom Indrajal cover page illustrators,Shehaab,though a comic illustrator,successfully drawn much serious attractive Phantom cover pages.

Comic World said...

Phukatya: :o)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks Buddy.You are most welcome here at any time.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Many thanks and same to you also.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome pal.

Comic World said...

TSCT: I agree with you.

Comic World said...

Vinita: Thanks and Welcome to comic world.Hope to see you here more often.

anurag said...

I have only hindi ijc's collection,but you have hindi & english ijc's both in your collection,so you are the greatest collector in my opinion.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

great collection.. you are lucky that ur wife allows you to keep those on ur bed!!!
wuld like to raid ur place to collect my remaining ones,,, but wudent mind stealing all of them... )))

keep it up man...still many more to collect

Comic World said...

Anurag: Its your humbleness which make you to say like that,otherwise in front of your envious and voluminous collection mine stands nowhere.

Comic World said...

ICC: I am taking the liberty of my wife's absence for using the bed for spreading comics 'only', nothing else..:o)
Yes,still many miles to go along with you.Except Vineeth nobody is having complete Indrajal collection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks C.W.

anurag said...

Thanks C.W.

Toonfactory said...

Hey CW/Gomics-Guy, I have been a regular visitor to your blog...Its really great to see your Indrajaal Collection..Well I used to have a massive collection myself but lost most of my comics while shifting to a new cities every 2 or 3 years as and when Dad got transferred..
Though I am yet to download comics and adapt myself to read them on CBR (I am an old school-er who still loves to turn pages rather hitting page up/down while reading)...
I remember you commented on one of my posts on Relatively Unknown Comic Books Heroes...I need your help on Aditya's Indrajal Comics, can you please help me out?
BTW have started a new blog on Indian are most welcome to visit and comment :)

Comic World said...

Anon.,Anurag: Welcome

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Thanks for praiseworthy words.Its unfortunate to know about your collection,but its a common story as when we were child,we were not able to understand the importance of these comics and didn't bothered to preserve them and now we miss them.
Me too doesn't like to read comics on monitor,thats why i started to collect them in hard copies.
I would love to render any help which i can provide for your blog in any way.Pls let me know how can i help in any way.

Toonfactory said...

Hi CW, thanks. I am working on a segment on lesser known Comic Book Heroes in Indian Comics and I will need comics (I know I can get them in Digital Format only) of Dara & Aditya. Have U posted them on ur blog? or d'u have scanned images of these comics??? Do let me know.
You can mail me on -

PS. Chitrakathaa is a blog which is actually a journal to record the making of Chitrakathaa- The Documentary Film. Do visit :)

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: I am having all published Indrajal comics above issue # 300,few Dara/Aditya comics were posted at other blogs.Let me know which Dara/Aditya comics you need in soft copy,so that i can scan them.
We can communicate through mail for other details.
You can mail me at

Silly Boy. said...

Could not browse inter-net for a long time and so saw your Inderjal collection just now. Fantastic. Busy with life in the meantime though got some 20 old comics. In one of your comments to Toonfactory you mentioned about Bhardawaji's ventures with Manoj Comics & Raj Comics. Please tell the names of characters which he created for those comics. Please also share with me some information about Yahoo magazine. If you have one please post the cover of at least one becuase I never come across anyone. I am desparate to see one. I have come across a collection of old Tarzon novels. Though they are novels but their cover is very attractive. Should I buy them. I want your opinion. Do you remember Target? Do you have some old Target comics. If you have please post that "musical donkey."

Comic World said...

Silly Boy: Thanks.Congrats on getting some old stuff.Well,i don't remember exactly the name of characters drawn by KSB for Manoj and Raj comics but i remember reading few of those comics drawn by KSB at MCK and RCK.
Yahoo magazine was a sequel of Deewana type comics but they also didn't sustained for a long.I do have a copy of Yahoo which i purchased recently,will be searching it in my heap of comics and will be posting subsequently.
Tarzan novels do have a attractive paint like cover design,you can take them if you have some interest in good covers too irrespective of book format.Though nowdays finding time and patience to complete a novel is getting extinct but there was a time also when i use to finish at least 3 novels of more than 200 pages in a day.
I can recall a faint memory of Target comics though have never read any.If you have any hard copy of Target then can scan and share it.

Life's A Challege said...

you rock man !! its like a lost treasure which i was missing !

Dr. Gaurav Arya said...

Oh dear what a collection in English as well as hindi. I am really surprise.Please post hindi IJC.

Comic World said...

Dr.Gaurav Arya: Thanks and welcome Dr.Sb.I will try to post Hindi IJC as well.

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