Wednesday, December 31, 2008

#Comic No.100:New Year Post

A very warm and Happy New Year (2009) to all of my visitors, friends, contributors and comic lovers at all over the word. May our heartiest ambitions may be fulfilled this year, may our country be a much better place to live in.

**नया साल बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो **

Well, today is a double celebration moment as today is the 100th comic post being posted on joyous moment of arrival of New Year. Though, technically more than 100 comics have been already posted as CW used to post both versions of comics in its initial stage.
When CW was born on 4th Feb.2007 it was not expected at all it to go so long to complete almost 2 years, as after arrival of CW a quite few other fabulous comic blogs also came into picture and shared the load of posting comics hence it was supposed that the Indrajal quota (of 803 comics) will soon be depleted thus putting curtains over all comic blogs but the quota is still isn’t depleted yet and a few blogs are also inactive hence leaving room for the remaining blogs to carry on.

The comic-trilogy which reveals the identity of Octon was being demanded by many comic lovers from a long time,its being presented now.The 2nd and 3rd part are scanned and generously contributed by TPH for CW's 100th post for which i am very much thankful to him,whereas the 1st part is scanned by me.

While going through a Phantom Fan forum thread I came across with an interesting topic, which was “Why do you love/like Phantom?” indeed it’s an interesting topic that why we love Phantom. After going through my thoughts over Phantom I have these following points over which I can say why I love Phantom:
1. He fights against cruelty, injustice and evil though he has no superpowers, in fact he is a common man and as common as any of the person reading this post.
2. He uses effectively the powers which a common man can enhance and sharpen such as wits, strength and a quick decision taking ability.
3. He uses circumstances and myths to strike fear in evildoers mind and use it to the fullest in fight with them.
4. He was a loyal lover and is a faithful, dedicated husband and loving father.
5. He loves animals and is the most efficient animal conserver and trainer.
6. He love human life and thus never kills any human.
7. He is a follower and staunch supporter of democracy and human rights.
8. He is well educated and equipped with well up to date modern information.
9. He is not materialistic, proudy, arrogant and greedy at all though perhaps he is the planet’s richest person.
10. He is a strong supporter of secular values and never shows any partiality towards anybody on the basis of religion or regional grounds.
These are few points in support of my liking towards Phantom. Now, what will you say if you are asked that why do you love/like Phantom? Pls. take part in the discussion and put forth your points in support of your answer.

'The Strange Contest' (Vol.25-No.34) is a republication of the 'The Law of Jungle' (No.309),
which in turn is the comic version of Sunday Strip No.35,'Madcap Marion' (31-5-53' to18-10-53').
Though 'The Law of Jungle' has been already posted on Indrajal blogs but it doesn't mean that the republished version isn't worth of posting!! So here are the both republished version as well as the orignal strip too.Republished version is a CW orignal and strip is,with thanks,from Ajay.Enjoy both...

Download Strip

Phantom comics have been published in different languages all over the world with attractive covers.If it is asked which Phantom comic contain the most attractive covers then in this context the names which can be mentioned for sure are Fantomen(Sweden),Gold Key(USA) and Indrajal comics(India). It’s rather strange to know that the longest lasting Phantom publication, Frew comics (Australia), has a history of producing of very ordinary covers. Frew is still in publication but the quality of covers is still pretty ordinary.
Look at some classic covers produced by Fantomen and Gold Key....

After Swedish Fantomet our Indrajal comics certainly has produced some classic covers though at a couple of times it simply lifted the cover design from of those Gold Keys. Here you can witness those copied covers….

Original Gold Key Covers....

Copied Indrajal Covers.....

GHAJINI:A Short Term Memory

Today watched again a movie after a long time in theater,hence can't stop myself writing about it.The movie was "Ghajini",yes the current most hyped movie.Normally a Aamir Khan movie raises expectations above a certain level and particularly after 'Taare Zameen Pe' the expectation level was certainly very high.
'Ghajini' fails to meet all those expectation and is just a average movie if compared with normal Aamir Khan class.
Aamir Khan(Sanjay) is a multimillionaire CEO,accidentally falls in love with common street girl Aasin(Kalpna) who is murdered by a Kidney mafia Don Ghajini(Pradeep Rawat) in presence of Aamir who was also intended to be murdered but survives somehow and due to head wounds got affected by a short term memory loss disorder (anterograde amnesia) which wipes out his memory after each 15 minutes just like wind screen wiper wipes out raindrops.
To make him remember the things Aamir tattooes his body by necessary details of the culprits,and how he avenges the death of Kalpna forms the rest crunch of the story.
No doubt the idea is novel for Indian viewers,which in turn is 'inspired' from a Hollywood movie (Momento) but the film fails miserably in the script part.Aamir-Aasin romance in not developed and built up convincingly to reach to that so strong emotional level where the gruesome revenge can be justified.
Screenplay is not so tight and offers not much grip over screen happenings thus loosening the necessary cohesiveness between the different part of story.The biggest drawback of the story is selection of a comparatively weak villain Ghajini(Pradeep Rawat) to match the persona of Aamir Khan.The script demand was of somewhat more evil and more 'hateful' bad personality where Pradeep Rawat lacks miles behind.To glorify and 'use' the latest developed 8 pack abs body of Aamir few fight scenes are pumped and exaggerated unnecessarily,specially the climax where the viewer is made to think that whether its a movie or a Aamir Khan's WWF show.
On the positive side the devotion and newly developed body of Aamir Khan is the wonder side of story which justifies him in thrashing out a bunch of villains together at a time,he performs the role with a expert ease but weak treatment and 'pothole' script blindfolds him.
Aasin (Kalpna) looks like a seasoned actress,Jiah Khan,Tinu Anand,Riyaz Khan fill the bill effectively.A.R.Rehman music is worth humming in a couple of songs only.Director A R Murugadoss direction is quite pacy and loud
In totality Ghajini will prove only a depreciation to Aamir Khan's reputation if judged by quality rather than mere box office collection.

Cast:Aamir Khan,Aasin Thottumkal,Pradeep Rawat,Jiah Khan,Tinu Anand,Khalid Siddiqi,Vibha Chhibbar,Kunal Vijaykar,Anjum RajabAli,Riyaz Khan.
Producer:Allu Arvind,Madhu Verma
:A R Murugadoss

Music:A R Rehman
Lyrics:Prasoon Joshi
Photography:Ravi K.Chandran
Actions:Peter Hein
Dances:Ahmad Khan


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Wahoo! New Year, 100 th post & I’m first.

A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR & CONGRATULATIONS FOR 100 th POST. You posted it, but you posted for us not yourself, you have great physical treasure. Thank you friend. Keep it up.
My special thanks to YOU, TPH & AJAY for contribution (scanning).

मोहम्मद कासिम said...


Download Mandrake #18 is in .zip format
please post in .cbr .cbz format

SagNik said...

First of all,HAPPY NEW 2009 YEAR TO ALLLLL!! :D
Thanks very much to TPH & you for this Mandrake strp!:-)
TPH was d first person who'd let us know that 18-20 contained that strip,,but this is NOT d final strip,it's D211(Book of criminals) just an indication that Cobra will "take over" 8 gang,,but he was OCTON proved in a later strip:D217(Secret place) but I donno whether that had ever published in DC!

Colonel Worobu said...

Happy New Year CW! And congrats on the 100th post!
How do I get firefox to display these strange characters:
**नया साल बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो **

They look like small boxes that have some numbers written within.

विनीता यशस्वी said...

Happy New Year To U Too.

Ek baar fir bahut achha kaam.

Pratik Jain said...

Happy new year brother.
3 Mandrake comics at once. This is the most fabulous gift from you for new year.
Thank you very much.

Comic World said...

PBC: Thanks and same to you.Yes,you are the 1st,congrats for it.

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Thanks and same to you.You can download the comic book reader software from here after which you can read the zip files in comic format.

Comic World said...

Sagnik: Thanks and same to you.Do you have that D211,if yes then share with us.I think it has not published by Diamond comics.
Its a request to participate more in the discussion topic in the post so as to keep some healthy discussions alive.

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Thanks and welcome.You have to download a Hindi support software to enable your browser(firefox) to display those Hindi Fonts.
You can download that software (BarahaIME) from here

ravi said...

whenever i see ur blog my chilhood comic passion becomes live...well i read ur gajini review, it is really bold and open review. i strongly agree with weak villane ...but i am disagree that this movie depreciate amir reputation at all...

Comic World said...

Ravi: Thanks,welcome and same to you also.By depreciation of Aamir reputation it actually means that it will be known as one of the Aamir's weaker film barring his performance,which is explosive as usual.

adibud34 said...

A happy new year to you CW. The Mandrake comics look amazing - the covers at least look awesome. Regarding Ghajini, I haven't seen it yet - but I've seen Memento, so I am sure half of the movie is at least similar - but I guess I'll compare it after watching it.

Colonel Worobu said...

By the way the director of Ghajini is a big comic book fan:

The Comic Project said...

Happy 100 CW. This is a great achievement. Keep it up.

Hey Colonel Worobu: How are you?

Colonel Worobu said...

Hi TCP! Thank you, I am well. It's been such a long time :o) How have you been? So many old friends are MIA these days unfortunately. Chandu, Bala where are you guys?

Ashish Pathak said...


Many Thanks for Hindi Mandrake..

Deb said...

Congrats for the 100th post, CW!

Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous 2009!

Comic World said...

Adi: Thanks and same to you.Nice to you that you find those cover attractive.Well,apart from me TPH is equally responsible for providing those comic scans.
I think the basic punch line of Momento and Ghajini is same only the treatment might be different.

Comic World said...

Col.: Its nice to know about the comic love of Ghajini Director,and thanks for that blog link.

Comic World said...

TCP: Thanks and welcome.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Thanks and same to you.

Comic World said...

Deb: Thanks and same to you also.

The Phantom Head said...

Congratulations on achieving this milestone.

Personally I feel you could have included the hindi version of this phantom indrajal. I see very little benefit in giving two versions of same story with same language dialogues. Hindi version could have added the required variety.

Wishing you and all visitors a very happy new year.

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks Pal.Well,i fully agree with you over your point and initially was planning to post both language versions,but due to shortage of time wasn't able to scan the Hindi version,hence was left with no option to leave it.

Comic World said...

TPH: And i also agree with you on the point which you mentioned in your Hindi blog that no one is actually interested in taking part in some meaningful and voluminous discussion over comics/characters and other comic related topics.This discourages blogger like me who give preference to some healthy,meaningful and thick mutual discussions about comics rather than mere posting a comics scans.
See,i mentioned a topic in this post and no one had discussed a single word over it.This,certainly will discourage my ideas and enthusiasm to post anything similar in future.

CHANDAN said...


Comic World said...

Chandan: Thanks Chandan.Where are you man.....,not being felt actively here.Seems your collection is increasing hence not bothering much to register your presence on blogs.:o)

CHANDAN said...

Not at all,dear CW.This was your 100th post,so had to register.
Iam a regular entrant in some of the blogs that seem to acknowledge me and my comments.Also they dont get fed up with same guys commenting time and again(iam one of those guys).
Comic collection to a xtent does go in our head sometimes....but it wud be wrong to mix with emotions that go along with posting and other things.
Hope you understand.


Comic World said...

Chandan: CW never ever failed to acknowledge any of its visitors or its judicious demand.Also CW never did fed up with any of its visitors,infact none of the blogger can afford to fed up with comments of any of its visitors,rather bloggers use to welcome any comment and will be please to have it more in no.
I am unable to understand that how and when did you get this false impression of not getting acknowledged or the blogger being fed up by your comments.

AJAY said...

Dear CW , I think , I am last to comment & give everybody new year's greetings . Nice posting , pl keep on scanning & posting more & more comics .
As you know that I was out of town for last 10 days so this is the delay.
Pl post more of DC mandrake mandrake , lot of persons have not read these stories.

AJAY said...

Congrats on your 100th post.
pl make it 1000th post very soon.


Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks and welcome Ajay.I think peoples are interested only in reading comic,wherever colorful and meaningful discussions over comics do pump fresh enthusiasm in me to carry on with posting further comic and inviting readers to discuss on comic related topics,but unfortunately its not happening hence 100(0) post, for anticipating it),is not assured.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comic and Happy New Year. Great Job Keep it up. You have rightfully mentioned the qualities of Phantom, but one thing I like most in Phantom is his secrecy and humbleness. He do not reveal himself to anybody and after his job he do not wait for even acknowledgment. He is truly "Neki kar, Dariya mein dal"

Indrajal Comics Club said...

tum jiyo hazaro saal, saal mein comics ho pachas hazar

great going,, mr consistant,,,

Silly Boy. said...

Great work pal for the 100th post. It is very disappointing that you are not sure about 1000th post. I wish you would not be discouraged and go on posting. I wait for your new post with the same eagerness as I used to wait for new Parag, Madhu Muskan, Inderjal or a new Motu-Patlu or Chhotu Lambu comic and that too despite the fact that other then comics which you post with each post (as you posted Popat-Chopat comic or as you used to post in the past) I am not able to read your posts because the only computer I have is provided by my office and it does not have the software required for downloading the comics. Continue with your good work. I am agree with you that we should use this forum more for discussion. I enjoy your inputs about comics and want more. But you cannot overlook the facts that most of your visitors like me do not have such a great and huge collection as you have and that is why they want to quench the thrust of reading comics with the nector of comics you provide to them. It would be better if you provide inputs with comics. I quench my thrust just by watching the covers and reading your inputs and at times with 3/4 page comic which you post on your main page without downloading link. You always answer long comments. Thank you.

Silly Boy said...

In the last line I wanted to say that you always answer MY long comments.

Silly Boy. said...

One more question buddy. How did you get the comic. OK you bought it from some old book seller. But how on earth one gets its newspaper strip version. Say if I want a 1970 newspaper strip how can I get it?

Comic World said...

Anon(Satish): Thanks and same to you.Yes,humbleness is another appreciable quality of Phantom which makes him a true Hero.The character created by Falk is flawless.The more we read him the more we like him.

Comic World said...

ICC: Thanks ICC.Well,rather i would like to have this wish
"tum jiyo hazaro saal, sath mein comics ho pachas hazar" :o)

Comic World said...

Silly Boy: Thanks pal.Well,also thanks for great praiseworthy words,i am really honored.Its unfortunate to know that you are missing the comics whose links are provided only,normally it should not be a problem as i upload the comics in zip format which needs no special software as its a very common and basic software which usually is been provided minimum in all the systems.Still if its missing from your system then you can easily download the required software from net,and if you are missing the comic book reader software then you can also download it from net,its link is given itself in one of my comment in this very post.
Nevertheless,in future i will try to post the scans of all pages rather than only download link whenever i can.
You also must be aware till now that healthy,colorful and deep discussions over comics and comics related topics do keep my interest intact in posting comics and inviting readers for comic discussions,but i see that practically no one is interested in taking part in discussions except a few,which discourages my enthusiasm,thats why i wrote to be unsure of going so long.
But if readers like you are there to share their inputs with such interest and enthusiasm then it sure will boost up my interest.
There are few magazines like Frew publication of Australia which publish these strips in the form of whole comic,the strip scans are taken from there,though there are such hardcore fans too who have scans of the original newspaper strips.
Yes,i love long comments with thoughtful theme and you certainly have the art of conveying your thoughts in lucid way.

Rafiq Raja said...

Dar Comic World,

Wish you a Happy New Year too... and Congrats for achieving the 100th post... :) I am not even half way through to that yet in my blog.

Mandrake, Fantomen, you have them all as a New Year Gift.... :)

By the way, isn't your site actually a generating a couple of Pop-Ups, it will be good if you could disable it, unless that is imminent for keeping your blog alive in terms of financial aspects.

Rafiq Raja

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Many thanks and same wishes to you and your family also.Well,your are also providing nice and necessary information about comics at your blog,hence what measures is quality not quantity.
There aren't any inherited pop-ups associated with the site,they might be some spywares or malicious programs infecting your browser/pc.So please take care to remove them from your pc/browser as i didn't faced any such problem yet,nor it had been reported by anyone else.

AJAY said...

Dear Zaheer ,
Congrats on your 100th post . Could not see due to system problem at home .


Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks friend.

Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

Comic World said...

Anon: You are most welcome.It would be better if you have left a name.Keep coming.

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Anonymous said...

Mandrake links have been deleted. Can someone correct them?

Thanks in advance.

Comic World said...

Anon: Will be fixing soon,pl wait.

जितेन्द्र माथुर said...

Very nice review Hasan Bhai. The rom-com part of Ghajini is a lift from an old Bollywood movie - Sajan (1969).

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