Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#Comic No.99:Jesus Christ


Jingle Bell*Jingle Bell*Jingle all the way............A very happy and merry Christmas to all of my visitors,friends,well wishers and comic lovers all over the world.

On this auspicious day a 100 page special ACK issue,Jesus Christ,is scanned/worked and posted for this special occasion.Its English version has already been posted at ACk Blog which can be obtained from here and Hindi version is made available through this post.Hope all of you enjoy it fully.

Download Comic

Well,the winner of the best Phantom cover of last post is 'The Jade Palace',though personally my vote went to 'The Secret Of Vacul Castle'.
The speciality of The Jade Palace is truly described by Rafiq Raja as:"The macho Phantom look, with the girl on shoulders, could you ask for anything more"

After Phantom its mandrake turn now,though Mandrake Indrajal covers doesn't offer that novelty which Phantom covers does.
Which of below Mandrake Indrajal cover do you rate best in your opinion.The pole is provided on the left side of the blog page,pls vote for your choice.


विनीता यशस्वी said...

Merry Christmas......

bahut achha

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, all 4 Mandrakes have already been posted :(

Comic World said...

Vinita Yashasvi: Thanks and a very happy and Merry X-Mas to you also.

Comic World said...

Anon: Yes,all have been already posted.If you have any demand pls tell so that i can post it.

The Phantom Head said...

downloading at the moment. its a perfect post for the occasion. thanks for big (100 page) efforts and now 100th comic is awaited eagerly.

The Comic Project said...

Merry Christmas and are at 99...awesome...waiting for #100

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks.It took more than 4 hours to scan,work,upload and post this special issue.Normally i prefer to scan/clean/upload and post a comic at one stretch but this one took a overnight as scanning and cleaning work finished till 1 am of 25th and the uploading work was done at 9.30 am of 25th only.
My wife bore it with patience and its due to her only that i was able to scan and post this 100 pager comic quickly.
So a majority of thanks should go to her..:o)..(seems am flattering her...yeah,i am ;o))

Comic World said...

TCP: Thanks and same to you.Yeah,100th post is on my mind now..lets see what i can do.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

chacha chaudhary comics @ my blog

Anjneya said...

I can't understand how to download these.
Only the cover page opens up and nothing happens.

Comic World said...

Anjneya: Srry the link was deleted,it has been restored again.You can download now.

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