Saturday, July 26, 2008

#Comic No.90:Luteron Ka Shadyantra

First TCP (though he's back but not in form),then TPH,then ICC and now Anupam....The shutters are being pulled down regularly due to lack of appreciation/motivation via comments.
Comments do provide fuel of motivation and inject fresh enthusiasm in the blogger,which inspires him/her to keep posting comics at a regular interval for a longer period of time.
Comic scanning/posting is a toll taking effort,which a comic blogger takes backed by various reasons.For me the reason,primarily,is to generate nostalgic flashback and then to share these rare comics with other comic lovers who don't have easy/free access to their physical copies.
My get going power is also driven by the oil of appreciative/thoughts sharing comments,scarcity of which often hinders the frequency of posting.Due to same reason from a long time i haven't scanned a Indrajal from my collection and serving the readers/visitors only with the contributions from other comic lovers.I don't know how long could i continue with contributions only,lets wait and watch.....
Anyway presented here is another gem,again contributed by our well known 'Anurag' (all thanks+credit to him) friends enjoy it with or without feedback of comments.

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Colonel Worobu said...

Right now we have MTM, Prabhat and CW still posting. Although I don't understand Hindi I still do appreciate the efforts that all of you guys have made. Thank you and I hope the other bloggers come back.

Übermann said...

Yes, you said it correctly.. appreciation really inspite and motivate...

I must confess, I am not the regular visitor of comics blogs due to other burdens of life :) in spite of that I try to visit the nostalgic moments located somewhere in distant neurons of my brain which your comic pushes to my conscious mind :)

you all are doing a fantastic job... keep it up..

dArA said...

These VINAGE ijcs r ALWAYS something special,,,IF ONE "SERIOUS" Fan try 2 analyse closely these EARLY Ijcs(& compare these wid UNEDITED Strips/LATER Ijc versions),,,WILL FIND "MANY FLAWS" like badly edited/poor coloring/abrupt begining or end ETC ETC,,,but STILL,,THESE R GEMS TO US(at lst me) & few montha back, when I got hard copies of a few pretty rare IJCs like #26,27,28,34 etc etcwid covers intact,I WAS LIKE ON D TOP,,,allthough I ALREDY HAD THOSE in strip-versions!!:O))

Frankly speaking,I don collect these early IJC-Physical copies for COMICS ONLY but rather,,those '60s original vintage pages/ads etc ATTRACT ME 2 HUGE XTENT!!!

HOPE one day,IJC will revive,,lets hope!! :-))

Pur said...

First of all thanks to you and Anurag for providing this wondeful Hindi IJC..

Second thing,
I know the comment posted on comics are really less compared to number of download....but it has still not dried out and and will never dried out. May be its not coming in the form of writing but m sure whenever reader reads it, he must be thanking you all..
So never think abt quitting or any thing else..We want your scan ...
This time try to scan and upload.

Again Thanks to you and Anurag.

At last,

Dreams that flow from a determined heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter


Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Welcome back Col.,i hope you must have enjoyed nicely the English version of this comic posted before at TCP.

Comic World said...

Ubermann: Very nicely said,yes,the same reason is also behind my urge for posting comic.
Its not the volume of comments for which i am looking for,only few comments about serious comic discussion and nostalgic inputs will provide my required dose of motivation.

Comic World said...

Dara: Rightly said about the vintage IJCs,these may not be technically excellent,even their coloring is manual along with heavy editing but still they do possess a lot of attraction associated with them,may be due to classic cover art,vintage ads and being the very early issues of Indrajal Comics.

Comic World said...

Purvesh: Thanks and welcome Purvesh.Quitting is not in mind at the moment as whenever i feel to post i am posting and will post,but naturally the lack of feedback/comments use to affect the frequency of posting,for which only our readers/visitors can help me.

ManojComic said...

Do you guys also have intrest in "Manoj chitra Katha"? There is a new blog specially for this.

ManojComic said...

Do you guys also have intrest in "Manoj chitra Katha"? There is a new blog specially for this.

Amit Pachauri said...

Its been more than a year since I started viewing Indrajal comics blogs. Its a great nostalgic trip to yesteryears. I eagerly checks yours & other blogs for new posts. Though its seldom that I write any comments, but our heartfelt appreciation & goodwill is always with you for bringing back our childhood days. Please keep the oil in your lamp of efforts always to the brim, so that you can put more light on our far away childhood days.
Thnax a lot,

Amit Pachauri

Lil' dude said...

I love Luteron Ka Shadyantra !! he is one of my all time favorite comic aritsts along with Jack Davis, Jack Kirby and Yoshitaka Amano!

Colonel Worobu said...

I am not sure if I have seen "Luteron Ka Nayantara" posted in English anywhere. What is the issue numbe for this?

There was a comic called "Soapdash Lootere" posted at TCP but it is not the same as this one. There was also a "Caligula ka nayantara" posted at TCP, which is "Appollo's chariot".

Comic World said...

Amit Pachauri: Thanks and welcome Amit.Pls keep visiting along with your suggestions/demands/criticism/inputs.etc..etc

Comic World said...

Lill Dude: Welcome dude.

Comic World said...

Col.: Its English version is # 9 "Thugs in Denkali",posted at TCP on 17 Sep 06'.Pls do check it.

Colonel Worobu said...

Thanks CW. I believe I have the issue, albeit without cover, which is why I failed to recognize this I think.

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot CW for not having folded shop and still continuing on. I'm sorry for not having being more frequent these days, but these days my dissertation proposal is eating me up, and also for some reason your blog is not accessible to me all the time. Many times a popup opens and then both the popup and your blog window are canceled out by my antivirus. I dunno why that happens - is there some kind of software in your blog?

Comic World said...

Adibud: Try to open the site with another browser than you normally use.When i use to open the blog with Internet explorer then a pop-up window opens but when i switched over to Mozila fire fox the problem is solved.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful post. i am eagerly waiting for the IJCnos. 4 & 20 complete from cover to cover.

ravi gokhale said...

Am enjoying your recent postings CW. Have been used to reading Marathi and English IJs and reading it in Hindi gives a diff perspective.Thanks for a diff experience.
Good quality scans as well.
Many thanks.

Ravi Gokhale

Comic World said...

Rakesh: I am also hoping to see these rare IJC soon at any of Indrajal blog.
Ravi Gokhle: Welcome Ravi.All thanks and credit goes to Anurag for good quality scans.

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