Saturday, July 19, 2008

#Comic No.88:Narbhakshako Ki Chunauti

This is again a contribution from Anurag,so all thanks and credits goes to him only.It is the Hindi version of Sunday strip No.29 "The Rope People",which spanned from 17-6-51 to 04-11-51.

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Sir said...

thanks for the comics ......

Pur said...

Thnks to u and Anurag....

Hindi IJC are my fav8..

Pls keep posting Hiundi IJC..


Comic World said...

Sir: Welcome Sir

Comic World said...

Purvesh: Welcome and same here.Can i know how many physical Hindi IJC you are having currently!!

Pur said...

CW: At present i dont have any physical IJC..I used to have in my childhood days...and mostly I used to read frm library..
But I had downloaded all most all Hindi IJC available on net. You all are making my childhood memories fresh...

PS: I think u have forgotten me...I m the one...who earlier used to insist u to give HIndi Version with every English...but frm few months I was not active...Sorry for tht..


Comic World said...

Purvesh: I also used to read IJC mainly by purchasing 2nd hand and renting from libraries as at that i was not in position to buy them.
You might be commenting previously by another name thats why i was unable to recognise.
Its always a joy to came aross with a Hindi IJC lover.Pls keep visiting and commenting.

gaurav said...

thanx for the comics

i would like to ask you if u remember a series called comics-2000 published by manoj comics.Please upload it if you have it

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