Sunday, April 12, 2009

#Comic No.119 & Sholay Ka Tadka

Sorry for delay in posting friends.My net was down from almost last two weeks,it got revived a few days back only.After that my departmental cricket tournament was/is going on due to which i was a bit busy hence the delay.
Due to net disorder i was out of touch with the recent happenings in the blog world,tried to catch what i missed up.Its really shameful on the act of some 'PM' by posting direct links of comics at his blog,though in cyber world many such hidden/unknown theft are a common thing but these cannot be left without any objection if brought into notice.

That PM calls it a act of bringing all comics together in one roof but for this he can provide links of original sources(blogs) rather than putting direct links.This is a simple and straight example of cyber theft/stealing which can not be tolerated,he alleges us(bloggers) for infringing copyright but forgetting in the course that we are taking pains to scan/upload/compressing for the sake of only sharing,these lost gems otherwise,and nothing else and he simply is lifting and putting direct d/l at his blog thus enjoying at the cost of our hard toll.

Through comments over various blogs its clearly hinted that there is needle of suspicion over a famous and old blogger for being PM.I don't know how much truth is in it but i can only present my view and opinion,and in my view i don't see any benefit which that old blogger can derive by creating fake blog and identity,also such low/cheap and 'ordinary' act doesn't seems to be his creation.He is a quite respectable and talented personality in blog world, i also respect and admire him much and doesn't see any logic in him being behind this cowardly act.

I seriously hope and wish that he comes out to be innocent and is not behind any such act,i also hope that soon he will be wiping out all this fake stains on his image.
Anyway the quiz and winner of last post,many of you guessed correctly about the reason behind the last post which was the April fool's day joke.Persons who guessed it correctly are Rafiq Raja,Ajay,Sameer,Mohd.Qasim,Prabhat,Vijay Sappati,Silly Boy,Anonymous and Indra.
The winner was selected by a random method and he is 'Mohd. Qasim'.I request Qasim to provide his mail id through his blogger account/comment so that i can mail him the details of comics.
Now the comic for this post,its again contributed by Ajay for which due appreciation and thanks goes to him.This comic(Forbidden Beach) is a reprint version of 'The Dare Devils' (IJC-287).

Download Comic

Friends and specially Indian movie lover would be well aware of the movie Sholay(1975),there is no need to repeat that this movie has reached to a cult status.I have seen this movie umpteen times and still love to see whenever its aired and i find time. Well,not many of movie lovers will be aware of that the original intended climax of Sholay was other than present one.
The original climax was changed on the objection of sensor board,who find the original climax much gory and violent,hence a new climax was filmed and added to the movie.
In original climax Gabbar Singh was killed by Thakur who then broke down into arms of Veeru after taking his revenge.

Many among us must have not got a chance to see the original climax so for them presented here is the original climax scene of Sholay along with a other scene (killing of Sachin) which was edited in the final version.

(courtesy: unknown site for image)

Original Climax of Sholay

Unedited Scene of Sachin's Killing

Can anyone answer the following quiz on Sholay!!
1.What was Gabbar Singh's father name in Sholay?
2.Mausi(Leela Mishra) of Sholay was offered the role of heroine in 1940's which she eventually refused to do.Can anyone point out what was the reason behind her refusal.
3.What was the no. of that bike on which Veeru-Jai sang "Yeh Dosti Ham nahi todenge..."
4.Who played the role of Thakur's elder daughter in law?
5.What was the name of Ahmad's (Sachin) maternal uncle in Sholay?


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Well the naming of the jpg files has caused the comic to be haphazardly ordered.

I unzipped the file and renamed the file and the zipped it back to a .cbr file.

Now it is fine.

Quizmaster said...

Quiz :
Why DiD Gabbar's mother Gave him a hard SLAP after he was born ?

Srikanth said...

CW - thank you. Sholay is my all time favorite movie. I even bought the commemorative book. You might know this already, but the movie was not shot in Chambal but at Ram nagar between Bangalore and Mysore! I have been there too. Thanks for the fond memories.

Thanks also for the Illustrated Weeklies. I started reading them when I was eight or so. That is how I was introduced to The Phantom. I also used to follow Beetle Bailey and Dennis the Menace. The magazine went into a decline during Pritish Nandy's era. The nadir was when they converted it into a tabloid because may be they thought it was too big. I heard he bought rights to the magazine from ToI but never released an issue.

kuldeep said...

Gabbar singh Father NAme: hari singh

Bike No: MYB 3347

Rafiq Raja said...

Let me log my comment straight-away Will comment about the comic later... By the way welcome back Zaheer.... was missing your advt. post trend up recently.


Indrajal Comics Club said...

hari singh is the answer of first question

Ashish said...

1. Hari Singh
2. Something related with doing a seen with another person.
3. MYB 3047
4. ummm....
5. Aapka apna, ah ah ah..., Mukaitullah


Indrajal Comics Club said...

interesting quiz
i have tried to give some of them

1 hari singh (when the court calls, gabbar singh vald harisingh

2 ????

3 MYB 3047

4 Geeta siddharth

5 jagdeep?/surma bhopali

Iman said...

Thanks for 'Forbidden Beach'!
Zaheer: I need one help- I could not download #312 Kung-fu Kings from Chandoba's site (as the link is down). I contacted him via e-mail and he suggested me to appraoch you as it is your contribution. Can you help me in this regard?

Comic World said...

Venkit: It usually happens when the numbering digits is not regular.I didn't checked it before or would have been rectified it.

Comic World said...

Quizmaster: You tell the answer.

Comic World said...

Srikanth: You are welcome,i am glad to find that you enjoyed those posts.
Yeah,the movie was shot in Ramnagaram near Banglore not in chambal.I wonder what made you to think that movie was shot at chambal.
Information about IWI is also interesting, obviously Pritish Nandi tenure was not that much productive.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Hello Zaheer,

Thanks for your wonderful posting.I believe you have not uploaded any Madhumuskan form a long time, I am waiting for Madhumuskan. I hope you will upload it soon.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: 1st answer is correct,are you sure about 2nd answer!

Comic World said...

Rafiq Bhai: Thanks Rafiq Bhai,its because of esteemed visitors like you that i use to draw up inspiration for posting.
Pls keep coming along with your boosting comments.

Comic World said...

ICC: Yes,correct.

Comic World said...

Ashish: It seems you are also a keen movie have got most of the correct answers.:o)

Comic World said...

ICC: 1 unanswered and 1 are correct.:o)

Comic World said...

Iman: Welcome Iman.Pls let me know your mail id and i will be mailing scans to you or will be mailing the link after uploading the comic.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome Abdul,yeah,a MM is due for posting.I hope it will be coming soon.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Your comments are my motivation factor,keep them coming fast and thick.

adibud34 said...

Hi CW, good to see another post from you! I echo your sentiments, I hope the PM character is someone entirely different, and not someone from the established blogger union. I don't really see how the old blogger would benefit from any of this - it seems very unlikely of him or anyone else! I think PM is a fake id, but it's probably somebody else!

About the Sholay quiz...oops, the questions are too hardcore for me! If you have a quiz on some Akshay Kumar or Sunil Shetty movie from the 90's, then I can probably answer those questions easier! :D

Comic World said...

Adibud34: I second your thoughts.
Sholay had affected all class and generations by having same impact over all.Its surprising how you remained 'untouched' of this effect.:o)

Iman said...

Thanks zaheer:
My id is:

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

आदाब जहीर भाई. ये पढकर बहुत अच्छा लगा."
The winner was selected by a random method and he is 'Mohd. Qasim'".

मैने आज तक कोई इनाम नही जीता.........

मुझे नयी पोस्ट क idea भी मिल गय.

मेरी मेल आई डी. है.

देर से जवाब देने के लि ए माफ कर्ना.

???? कही ये भी तो april fool ही नही???

Silly Boy. said...

Very good and different post buddy. I had seen the different climax somewhere but killing of Sachin scene is new to me. Got some old Indrajal yesterday but unfortunately some of them do not have covers. I shall mail you their names it would be nice on your if you can provide their number/vol. no. & issue no. Your blog not only re-kindles my passion for comics but also my passion for collecting newspaper strips. In the last year of 90s Hindustan Times used to carry daily stip of Phantom and Mandrake. They were the last jems from the pen of Lee Falk. Though I was not aware of this fact at that time. I used to collect along-with other strips published by Hindustan Times. I used to cut the whole cartoon page(they used to carry the cartoon strips to the whole length of page) and cut the superfluous news or other items from that page and then keept it carefully in a file. That was the time when I was a student and unemployed and could manage to buy newspaper only. Indrajal had already been stopped and I could not find time and money to buy the old ones. Else! I could buy one or two. Those newspaper strips was the only medium for me to read Betal (yes Betal) and Mandrake. On every Sunday evening I used to go to a nearby park and re-read the already read strips one by one.Those moments were like a pleasant beautiful drizzle in my sun-burnt life. At those wonderful moments it never occurred to me that there are other fantastic people like you you are collecting not out any compulsion but just out of their sheer passion. Then one day out of frustration with life due to my struggle in life which at that time seems to unending to me I tore my treasure. Oh! It seemed to me after some moments that I tore some part of my body itself. Only some strips are left which I did not keep in the file and they kept lying there in the pile of papers- neglected and unattended. Then from January 2008 I came to your blog and as I mentioned earlier it re-kindled my passion for comics. I started searching for old comics and was able to procure above 1000 comics (1112 exactly till date)out of which around 650-700 are old (now rate ) comics including around 125 Indrajal Comics.(An drop in comparison to your ocean). As I told you earlier that due to some problem I cannot download the comics but still I visit your blog and other blogs just to share my passion and thoughts for comics with you and others and used to quench my thirst for reading comics through the one-two comics I can get my hand on. But you can find comics not the newspaper strips. I tried to find out newspaper which carry Phantom or Mandrake strips. Some of them carry the same but they are new lifeless ones not but ones by Sir Lee Falk. Then suddenly it came to my mind that I still have some with me. I tried to find out in the piles of my papers but could not find them. On my enquiry it was revealed to me that they are already sold to a raddiwala. Painful more painful. So now I am here lost my treasure of newspaper strips. I seek your apology for such a long comment but then I have tell somebody about my loss and with that 'somebody' who has the same love and passion for comics/strips as I have. BTW nowadays for consoling myself I am collecting Bettle Bailey strips.

deep said...

hey friends, good work from all of u.can i post link for an fauladi singh comics here?

Comic World said...

Iman: Here is the active download link for # 312(Kungfu K Ustad)

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Prize mubarak ho,i will be mailing you the details of comics intended for you.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi i want only hindi comics which is available on ur blog but in .zip format. i could not download the same.

Iman said...

Zaheer, Thanks for doing it for me.

deep said...

hi, i scanned some fauladi singh comics and wat to share them. how can i? please help.

Comic World said...

Silly Boy: First of all thanks for such a long comment.Your 'dil se' nikli comments are a real pleasure to read as you share you deep and intense feelings for comics,which are reflection of my feelings.
Congrats for finding IJCs,no matter with or without cover as nowdays it has got very hard to find any IJC in the market.Send me the titles of issues and i will be trying to follow up with their issue nos.
Its very unfortunate to know that your strips got destroyed due to circumstances,really its very painful to get across with any such circumstances.
My very first interaction with comics was in the comic form itself, in fact at that time i was unaware of existence of strips.I don't remember how i bumped on IJCs and got addicted as for a kid of 6 years its little difficult to understand deep Phantom mystery straight away.
Wow,1112 comics and 650-700 old comics!!!its really a treasure man,you are marching slowly but steadily and solidly.Keep it up.
Phantom strips still use to be published in Indian Express newspaper but they are lifeless one and i failed after trying hard to create out any sort of attachment/inclination with those.
The pen of Mr.Lee Falk was/is unmatched in every respect and his magic can't be recreated back.I find present Phantom stories alien and can't identify with them at all.
It would be nice if you could mail me the details of your comics as i would love to know about them.
And last but not least,pls be attached with CW like this only where you can feel free to share any sort of your comics related thoughts,no matter how lengthy they be...!

Comic World said...

Deep: Deep you can send the download link to me after uploading the scans to any server site or just send me the scans and i will be uploading them and posting the link.
Feel free to discuss any sort of problem at my mail id

Comic World said...

Iman: You are welcome buddy.

Rajiv said...

Dear Comic World -- how about scanning and posting some more of the Diamond Mandrake comic books. There are not many of these posted anywhere.

Comic World said...

Rajiv: Good idea.Lets see up to what extent i can implement it.

Rajiv said...

Thanks so much!

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

all comics lovers are welcome

Simply Complicated said...

Hey buddy, sorry, have been out of touch for quite some time. Good to see that you keep posting regularly. Keep it up...

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

Sabse Bade Sitare, Sabse Badi Kahani--SHOLAY &

Sabse bada Blogger--Comic World.

You are unbeatable dear, u r ultimate. Do we have Madhu muskaans here?

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai

Please upload Madhumuskan

Comic World said...

Simply Complicated: You are being missed buddy.Welcome again,pls be in touch.

Comic World said...

Munish: Many thanks for such kind words.Yes,you can find quite a few Madhumuskans here,just click Madhumuskan in labels.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Abdul Bhai,will be trying for sure.

Ashish said...

Ye Sholey ka tadka kuchh jiyaadah hi lamba nahin khinch gayaa?

Are aage bhi to bolo ( I mean new post) :-)

kk said...

Arrey o samba!

Jee Sarkar!

Yeh Comic World ke vaasi kaun si chakki ka ataa khaate hain jo inko comics ke prati itna pyar hain?

Patta nahin sarkar. Aaj kal woh cricket main jadda vaisht lagte hain. :)

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai

Kahna ho, no new post now a days?

Busy with some other work?

जितेन्द्र माथुर said...

हसन भाई,

आपकी ज़र्रानवाज़ी जो आपने मुझे इस बेशकीमती पोस्ट पर बुलाया । आपके कितना गहरा शोध किया है और कितनी मेहनत और लगन से इस पोस्ट का सृजन किया है, यह मैं बखूबी समझ सकता हूँ । आपकी तारीफ के लिए मेरे पास मुनासिब अलफाज नहीं हैं । बहुत अच्छा लगा पढ़कर ।


Comic World said...

Many thanks Jitendra Bhai for such kind and encouraging words.I m really honored.

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