Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naveen Nischol

Few days back veteran actor Naveen Nischol passed away due to heart attack when he was traveling with his friend Randhir Kapoor from Mumbai to Pune.A lot of have been printed and said about him as obituary in print media,so instead of repeating what have already been said about him i am posting a interview of him which appeared in a magazine after success of his very first movie 'Sawan Bhadon'(1970).

I hope those Hindi cine lovers who are fond of reading about actors of yesteryears and old film magazines fill find it interesting same as i am fond of reading old filmy magazines of bygone era.

I would really love to see if more of film bloggers(such as Vinayak bhai,Beth and others) may put up similar kind of articles,interviews,reviews etc from cine magazines of their collection.
Have a look on some more features from this 1971 magazine consisting a pre-release poster of 'Pyar Ki Kahani' and review of 'Sara Akash'

I am planning to post more such film and non-film based features and article from various old filmy and non filmy magazines such as The Illustrated Weekly and Dhramyug etc,if you people endorse the idea then let me know so that i can know that there is a readership liking the similar idea.

Now,can anyone name the actor and his wife who is being married(real life marriage not for any film shoot)in the following image.


bala said...

Neelu Kapur, sister of Shekhar Kapur.


Comic World said...

Bala: Good try Bala but wrong answer.

Anand S said...

Seems like Vinod Khanna!!!

Sumit said...

Dilip Kumar and Saira BAnu..

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

The woman looks like Saira Banu. So the man should be Yusuf Khan, unless she had a husband before him.

Kajal Kumar's Cartoons काजल कुमार के कार्टून said...

I liked him. He was a soft actor.

Comic World said...

Venkit: She is not Saira Banu rather she is mother of one of the fine actor of todays.

Comic World said...

Kajal Kumar: Kajal Bhai welcome to CW,yeah,NN was a soft and fine actor,i liked his performance in 'Buddha Mil Gaya,Dharma,Victoria No.203,Dhundh,Hanste Zakhm,Desh Premi and Khosla Ka Ghonsla'

Unknown said...

Definitely its a big loss for hindi film industry. He was one of those actors who haven't got the status they deserved despite having the great ability to act.

Comic World said...

AKF: Anand Bhai,Naveen Nischol was mostly remembered as a chocolaty and soft hero and it was reflected in his character roles too,he opened his inning well on TV by 'Dekh Bhai Dekh' and was a frequent appearing face on small screen.
I enjoyed his character in 'Khosla Ka Ghosla' too,he will be remembered as a simple Hero with moderate success.

Vinayak Razdan said...

Thanks Zaheer Bhai! I do plan to post old articles in future. But I am going to concentrate on early years of Hindi cinema.

P.S. Is that Mithun da and Yogita Bali?

bala said...

Vinod Khanna & Geetanjali.

This time I know I am right.

Could not get the quiz properly in the first time.

Geetanjali became second wife of Naveen Nischal after divorce from Vinod Khanna.

Mother of Rahul & Akshaya Khanna


KK said...

I like Bala's last answer.. it does look like Vinod Khanna.. and the wife was indeed Gitanjali.. but Navin Nischol had a very colrful life... is we can go by what is said in the papers... he went through multiple marriages and live-in relationships .. and his last wife (Gitanjali) hanged herself.. for which he was put in jail.. I know I know.. we should leave these gory details out.. and focus on the good things.. movies etc.. but I guess this post actually made me go do some research on Navin... so thanks.

TIGER said...

Well Comic Bhai, what would you like to say about this 'choclaty & soft' late actor's role in movie Aastha in which the way he handled Rekha so wildly which really raised the oommmppphh factor :)
I havn't seen before Naveen Nishchal playing this kind of voluptuous role in any other movie :))

Comic World said...

Vinayak Razdan: Vinayak Bhai i am anxious to have a look on those articles from your side.
No,they are not Mithun and Yogita.

Comic World said...

Bala: Absolutely right Bala they indeed are Vinod Khanna and his first wife Geetanjali.
Yeah,Vinod married Kavita Daftari after divorcing Geetanjali and returning from Osho Ashram whereas Geetanjali married Naveen Nischol and end up committing suicide.
Vinod Khanna have three sons in all,two(Rahul,Akshay Khanna)from Geetanjali and one from Kavita who is also going to make his debut in films.

Comic World said...

KK: True,Naveen Nischol have lived a colorful life,infact in early 70's when hippy culture was on its boom and was affecting Indian film industry in many ways then Naveen along with Parveen Babi,Kabeer Bedi,Mahesh Bhatt was among major followers of carefree life and so called live-in relationship but Naveen Nischol was smart enough not to make his life style open in public so that his image of a chocolaty and soft hero shouldn't suffer.

Comic World said...

Tiger: Tiger bro,'Astha' was a semi-porn movie from the maker,Basu Bhattacharya,who was always keen on portraying dark and unsocial aspects of marriages,before 'Astha' he was somewhat thinkable in 'Avishkar and Anubhav' but in Astha he detracted totally in unconvinced domain by portraying Rekha as a high class pros and/or of perverted mentality.
I remember in 1997 after release of Astha Mr.Basu Bhattacharya in one interview justifying the story idea by quoting that during his visit to a shoe showroom he actually witnessed a middle class woman,who being unable to buy a costly pair of sandals,falls (un)voluntarily in trap of pros business.
This incident may be true for a exceptional case but it certainly not represent the middle class majority,also suppose if that would have happened then the erotic and exotic scenes between Rekha and Naveen Nischol were beyond any logical explanation except the perverted and high kick fantasy.
These scenes were passed by censors due to the hue and cry by the likes of Mahesh Bhatts who at those times were criticizing censor board like anything and were advocating free censorship.

kuldeep kaushik said...

Soory for reading late taht NN is no More ..He was very good actor ...The Film that he played the best role in his Entire Reel Life i think that was ..."HASTE ZAKHAM"....I saw this movie so many time ...and the second film
"Victoria No.203"...he was not in the lead role in 203 but he played well in that film also .....its sad that Industry lost a good Actor ...So sad ...i think last film was shoot by his "KHOSLA KA GHOSLA"....!

Comic World said...

KK: His last film was 'Break Ke Baad' released in 2010.

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