Thursday, August 14, 2008

#Comic No.93:Madhumuskan No.113

(Image courtesy:Comic Crazee)

First of all a very happy independence day to all my fellow Indians.Sixty one year back we won our freedom from British rule but still we are not in full peace and freedom,we are waiting for the day to come when we will be free from unemployment,corruption,inflation,terrorism,communalism and dirty politics ..etc...etc. But how this can be achieved...does the solution lies in 'Rang De Basanti' theory.!!!

Anyway presented here is a vintage issue of Madhumuskan,a real classic one containing many
exiting characters such as Chustram-Sustram,Popat-Chaupat and Vanputra Shalu.

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The Comic Project said...

is this me first? yes

The Phantom Head said...

Congratulations and best wishes on IDay.

Nice post. Madhumuskan used to be a great comic magazine.

Colonel Worobu said...

TCP, you win this round. Me 3rd!

Best wishes to everyone on ID. Hope to see an English Indrajal from CW soon :o)


Comic World said...

TPH: A very warm welcome on CW,yes,you are indeed the first.

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks and same to you.Yeah,Madhumsukan humor was great in its simplicity,also it was having a balance taste of text stories and comic articles.

Comic World said...

Col.: Thanks and same to you.Col. a English comic is next on cards.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Thanks for such a lovely Madhumuskan, waiting for more.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Welcome,more will be coming subsequently.

Chandan said...

lets share a bit of sport amidst comics......
We all know where Hockey stands today(imagine the sport supposedly our national sport,,,come on)...
Cricket was supposed to be invented by the British and mastered by India,,,,well,well....
pls gimme a break.

What is happening is utter complacency,inconsistency and foul body language to match it.
We got pacers who dont bowl pace,spinners who cant spin and fielders,well...everyone knows that.
Do the basics right and the results will be taken care of....this is precisely waht separates Aussies from other countries.
My dear friends,remember one thing.....Each team has equal potential/ability....but a matter of time who uses it.

"We are rewarded not for having brains but for using them".....
Old Jungle Saying(did anyone use it?,,,,i dont know)

Hats off to Abhinav...he has made us proud.

deep said...

hey im a die hard fan of fauladi singh pl's post above mentioned comics of fauladi singh

deep said...

and i have some fauladi singh comics. cruntly scanning them. so pl's wait and upload ur's.

Comic World said...

Deep: It would be very nice if you could contribute old Fauladi Singh's comics here.
Waiting eagerly for them.

Bikash said...

great great who is the original uploader

thanx a lot to him

Comic World said...

Bikash: Obviously CW is the original uploader.

indscribe said...

I am a proud owner of 50 Fauladi Singh comics.

Rightly, I am away from my hometown else I could have also posted them.

Thanks for Madhu Muskan. I loved the following characters most:

Sust Ram Chust Ram
Daku Pan Singh-Supari
Bharat Kumar
Jasoos Chakram and Chirkut
Daddy Ji
Paupat Chaupat
followed by
Minnie and all others

Comic World said...

Indscribe: Welcome Pal.It would be very nice if you could contribute scans of old Fauladi Singh's comics for all of us.
Can you let us know more about your collection.

kuldeep said...

Hi Indscribe..

50 Fauladi singh comics.. I am ready to commit crime of stealing in your house..

please let me know your address..


i will earnestly request you to pl scan and send to all of us..

Friends about Madhu Muskan..

it has so many phases of ups and down..

1. in the beginning color pages and regular character.

2. Black and white pages..

3 and if i remember correctly from issue 332 again color ..

they also started giving foreign comic strip in madhu muskan and then the time came when the story line started fading.. and i can confirm by all means that was the time when TV was starting in India..

i can recall all the old stories , humour from the various character.

any one remembers " yum yum, chapar chapar, Gurrrrr,

dadiji famous dialaogue " aisa khurapati puttar aur kadak dady hey bhagwan maine kya gunah kiya tha "

artist Jagdish of Poput chaupat fame also introduced similar type of character e.g. Manku Jhanku ( manoj comic) mashinilal afimilala( manoj againand they were simply superb.

in the above characters i recall i read only two comic of each in manoj..

i can write more and more but stop here with last line..

my appreciation and respect to you all who has the same old comic spirit which is difficult to get today.. hats off to you friends..

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Nice nostalgic description of Madhumuskan..i would also like to add something.
In very early phase Madhumuskan use to have all pages in two colors only,later first and last two pages were colored and finally whole comic was in color.
Jagdish and Harish M.Sudan were the main protagonist of the comic very well supported by writer H.I.Pasha and illustrator Hussain Zamin.
H.I.Pasha's stories were quite enjoyable,Jasoos Bablu was his brainchild along with Filmy Reporter Kalamdas
On a later stage features like "Kathasagar" were also introduced but they didn't proved successful.
Editors also toyed with the idea of providing a combination of various foreign strips but that was also not proved to be a great success.At a time strips like "Spiderman","Superman","Archies","Donald Duck" etc used to appear in Madhumuskan.
Parting of Jagdish from Madhumuskan was the major blow towards its decline as he was the creator of the majority of popular characters of the comic i.e."Paupat-Chaupat,Sustram-Chustram,
Vanputra Shalu,Bharat Kumar,Bhootnath Aur Jadui Tulika
Harish Sudan,who was also the editor of magazine tried to resurrect it but in vain and during the final stages Madhumuskan was only reprinting the previous Jagdish's features.

Abdul Qureshi said...

Please post some more Madhumuskan.
Thanks in advance

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Colonel Worobu said...

So CW, where have you been? It has been so long since we heard from you :o)


deep said...


indscribe said...

Kuldeep bhai

I will try to get them scanned. I live in Bhopal and the comics are now in my ancestral house in Lucknow.

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