Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phantom: where are you............

A ship carrying innocent passengers is hijacked by pirates(Yess...Piracy is still alive and kicking,and i use to think that it had extincted a long before).
Pirates asks for a ransom of
2.5 million dollars and give a ultimatum of 48 hours which is going to end today. Whole govt. machinery is simply watching and can't do anything,relatives and victims(in which few Indians are also there) families are pressurising and pleading to govt. to do something.

A unknown masked man appears from nowhere and thrashes out the invincible pirates one by one,saves the passengers and ship and humbly dissolves in the thick fog after the action,everybody wonders who was he but the jungle people knew that he was none other than Phantom....Phantom the arch enemy of Pirates, Phantom:The Ghost Who Walks, Phantom:Who is nemesis to evil,cruelty and injustice in general and to piracy in particular!

This is what i wish to happen,this is what all Phantom fans wishes to happen..!!!A perfect plot for Phantom to jump in...isn't it guys!!!!!


mister alf said...

Welcome back CW! Good to see you posting again.
Good Phantom plot, of course, but if only it could be so in the real world. The world needs people of action and courage. Modern day pirates have no fear. Unfortunately innocent people get caught up and hurt in these events.

Abdul Qureshi said...

I wish the same. Hope you are well, you posted after a long time.

Deb said...

Welcome back, CW! It's been a long time.

You are right, my friend. I too wish Phantom was real. Even Mandrake, Flash & Bahadur for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Exactly I was thinking the same when I read about Somalian pirates in newspapers in last few days. It is a perfect plot for phantom.I wish he could be real or someone like him.but it is very rare to have so many qualities in one person along with such great humbleness. Hats off to Phantom, the only superhero in his world who works silently without expecting any reward or recognition and not even a thank from anybody.

Comic World said...

mister alf: Thanks Alf.Yeah,sometimes i wish that Phantom might have existed in reality as i use to believe in my childhood days.

Comic World said...

Abdul: Thanks Abdul,yeah was busy in day to day life.

Comic World said...

Deb: Same here Deb.

Comic World said...

Rohit: Phantom is above all because he doesn't have any super powers and still he performs perfectly..a ideal hero for anybody.

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