Friday, August 8, 2008

#Comic No.92:Laal Haveli Ka Rehasya

At last after a long time i got inspired enough to scan a comic myself,mainly because of the comic itself,"Laal Haveli Ka Rehasya",the very first Bahadur comic and a real classic one to read on.
Though i was having its English version scans but didn't read it yet till i recently got its Hindi version physically,just in order to preserve the moments associated with its Hindi version.
Today when i went through the comic all nostalgic moments associated with this comic,such as the impact of the scenes like Bahadur preparing a gun with bicycle pipes,scary closeup of Shamsher,red brick house of Bahadur,Vishal showing a mad woman to Bahadur during his brainwash session,bullets piercing down the villagers body...etc, reeled down my mind.
In late 70's and early 80's dacoity theme was very much vibrant and popular,a indigenous comic hero tackling down with dacoits was a instant hit mainly because of the theme and screenplay supported beautifully by a effective and descriptive art work capturing the essence of village fully.

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Colonel Worobu said...

I claim first spot again :o)

Deb said...

Thanks, CW. Yes, this is the first Bahadur. A very touching story told in true filmi style. Reminded me of Sholay.

Sir said...

thanks for the book

Comic World said...

Col.: Congrats,you are first again.

Comic World said...

Deb: Yeah,the story is a bot dramatic written in a typical filmy style.

Comic World said...

Sir: Welcome.

The Phantom Head said...

Some of the best posts on blogs are those both scanned and posted by CW himself. This looks in tradition to those.

But somehow a file size of 20 megs plus seems discouraging for those comic lovers who are still on dialup or even on b/b only having a basic account. Can something be done regarding this?

About the comic, the cover really looks great. Don't remember the story though. It's nice that you are posting some Hindi Indrajals. Anurag is contributing some old gems but I always look at indrajals of later part of seventies with special attachment. I am sure you'll come up with more and more Hindi ones from this era and from early eightees.

Thanks for the post.

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks TPH.Indrajals from the late 70's and early 80's are the one close to my heart as that was the time when i was growing up with these comics.
File size of 20 megs plus was provided keeping in mind a higher resolution of pages in order to enjoy the comic fully.
Lower resolution file size can also be provided if visitors are facing problems due to limited bandwidth.
By the way when are we going to see a comic on TPH....!

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for the comic, its great to have bhadur first issue.great work.


Abdul Qureshi said...

Thanks for your time and effort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks my friend

Comic World said...

Sameer: Welcome Sameer.
Abdul Qureshi: Welcome pal.
Anon: Welcome,pls also leave a name.

Bikash said...

thanx a lot for this upload

Comic World said...

V(B)ikash: Welcome.

The Comic Project said...

Excellent stuff CW. I know some like high-res images but the standard quality (with a page size of about 800x1100) prints well.

Comic World said...

TCP: Welcome TCP.Comic as big as this one suits well in a bigger canvas(resolution).

Aby said...

Thanx a lot Zaheer bro for this one. This one will be the first one from Bahadur series that I am reading. The story summary in FB is compelling me to read this.

Also, regarding File size, you can use RIOT software to reduce the file size without compromising the quality. Please continue uploading as that's the only way comics will be preserved for longer time.

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