Sunday, August 2, 2009

# Film Quiz:1

Friends a quiz based on Hindi movies is being presented here.Lets see how many can answer how many questions.
First 3 winners can request a comic of their choice which will posted here on their request(if available with me).

Q.1.This is a picture of very famous music composer,can you identify him.

Q.2.Can you identify the movie and the two other persons in this picture(whose faces are visible) apart from Amitabh.

Q.3.Name these movies of Amitabh Bachchan.




Q.4.Name the film and the heroines of the following pictures of Amitabh.







Q.5.Identify the personalities in this picture,all are very famous and prominent.

Q.6.Can you name the kids and other persons in this picture.


Rafiq Raja said...

Zaheer Bhai, Another vintage classic post from your stable.

I am clueless on most of the quiz points (and many I could recollect from old times, but can't say with righteous), so I will leave them to be answered by the Bollywood longtimers :)

Except the Q.5: which I am pretty confident about :

(from left to right)Sanjay Gandhi, Randhawa Singh (Dara's Brother), Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Dara Singh, and the young Big B.

Look at the size and height of Singh brothers.... the current WWE wrestlers would have to take note of these yesteryear giants :)


The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Good one. I would have loved to win this one(who wouldn't?) It has been a long time since I requested a comic post here.

I am no better than Rafiq on most accounts but let me have few (intelligent) guessess-

3 a. Bemisaal
3 b. Barsaat ki ek raat

4 a. Anand, Sumita Sanyal
4 b. Zanzeer or Abhimaan?

5. Correct answer already given by Rafiq.

Keep it up man.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

oooooo kuch pata nahee

Silly Boy. said...

Buddy a difficult test this time but let me try to answer some questions:-
2 - One of them is Sudhir - the legendry ganster of Indian films.
3(c) - Barsat ki ek Raat.
(c) Bandhe Haath
5 - I endorse answer of RR.
BTW there is no question no. 6.

Ashish said...

Answer to Q.7

Randheer Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
Rajeev Kapoor ( this one is a guess)

kuldeepjain said...

Q1...Naushad ( Tukka mara hai)

Q2.. Deewar.. Sudhir..Roshan

Q3..a- Barsat ki ek at,b- the great gambler, c-kala pathar

Q4.. a.anand.. sumita Sanyal
b. Zanjeer... jaya bhaduri
c. Bandhe hath ...mumtaz
d.. Nastik.. hema malini
e..... No idea

f. Desh Premi... hema malini

Q5...answered by Rafiqe raja

Q6.....answered by ashish

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks.Well,the quiz is not so easy for a non-Hindi cinema enthusiast hence your limitation can be easily understood.
Anyway absolutely correct answer for the
I was thinking that since most of the questions are related to Amitabh hence they wouldn't be proving much hard to answer but it seems they are a bit tough to answer.

Comic World said...

TPH: TPH few of your answers are correct,answers will be disclosed within a couple of days so that all others can at least give a try.
While preparing the quiz i was under impression that the questions are not much difficult and will be answered quite comfortably but here it seems reverse.

Comic World said...

S.B: Yours also few answers are correct.The mistake pointed by you has been rectified.

Comic World said...

Ashish: You haven't named all the persons in the picture hence the answer is incomplete.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Great try Kuldeep,i must say that you have answered one of the most difficult question but still answers are incomplete.
For the question no.1 here is a hint,that famous and super successful music composer is also appearing in one of the another picture in the same quiz.

Ashish said...

Are yaar jitna pata tha bata diya.

Pehle hi likh diya karo ki aadha answer nahin dena hai.

Vaise baaki ke logon mein se left waale shayad Shankar hain, shankar-jaikishan waale.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Ashish Bhai,answer ka matlab hi hota hai pura answer dena..anyway,aapki koshish bahut achi hai :o)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: The other person in 'Deewar' is not Roshan,i just confirmed as i was also under same impression,that is a another guy.

Anonymous said...

Isnt's shankar the shorter (And portlier) of the S-J duo. I thought the person on the left in the kapoor kids pic is Jaikishan (And ergo, the guy in the first question). And the rightmost guy in the kapoor pic is Shankar?

A very rate photo in any case-Vintage!....Sent my thoughts racing down the memory lane. Big thanks!

I only have to think of S-J (See their pic or anything associated with them - Even photos of Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Rafi or Mukesh) and automatically some of their signature tunes (And celebrated orchestration) start playing back in my head! Such has been their impact!!

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

What about giving some hints for unanswered/incorrectly answered question? Next step.

Comic World said...

Jyothiprakash: Welcome on CW,answers will be disclosed soon so till then keep your fingers crossed.
S-J were the first composer duo who made Hindi film music more glamorous and marketable,they created lots of classic tunes and were the most successful composer duo of the Indian cinema.
If Jaikishan hadn't passed away untimely in 1971 certainly we would have witnessed more classic tunes from them.

Comic World said...

TPH: Except question no.1 and 6 rest are comparatively easy as they all are related with big B.
About question no.1 already hint has been given and regarding Q.6,one of the kid of the picture was the hero of one of the most successful movie of Rajshri Productions.

Ashish said...

Theek hai Zaheer bhai dubara aisee galati nahin hogi.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Are bhai galti jaisi to koi baat nahi..quiz to abhi bhi unanswered padhi hai...try karo aur jeet lo :o)

मुनीश ( munish ) said...

mahaa mast pics ! waiting for THE answer !

Old Man Mozz said...

1) Jaikishan
2) Deewar, Sudhir & Raj Kishore
3a Barsaat ki ek raat
3b) The Great Gambler
3c) Kala Pathar

4a) Anand, Sumita Sanyal
4b) Zanjeer, Jaya Bhaduri
4c) Bandhe Haath, Mumtaz
4d) Naastik Hema Malini
4e) Gehri Chal, Hema Malini
4f) Desh Premee, Hema Malini

5) (L to R)Sanjay Gandhi, Randhawa Singh (Dara's Brother), Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Dara Singh, and Amitabh.

6) Rishi Kapoor is one of the kid and Sudhir Kumar (Dosti) and in the middle is Randhir Kapoor. The other two are Shankar Jaikishan.

I do not know all the answers - just compiling from what others have given and the rest of the answers which were not given earlier are my guesses.

Looking forward to the answers

Comic World said...

Answers Of Quiz: Here are the answers of Quiz No.1
1.This is the picture of Shankar of the 'Shankar-Jaikishan' duo.
2.Movie is Deewar and the other two persons are Sudhir(left) and RajKishore(right).
3.(a)Kasme Waade
(b)The Great Gambler
(c)Kaala Patthar
4.(a)Anand,Sunita Sanyal
(b)Ek Nazar,Jaya Bhaduri
(c)Bandhe Haath,Mumtaz
(d)Nastik,Hema Malini
(e)Gehri Chaal,Hema Malini
(f)Desh Premi,Hema Malini
5.(from L to R)Sanjay Gandhi,Randhawa,Rajiv Gandhi,Indira Gandhi,Dara Singh and Amitabh Bachchan
6.(from L to R)Jaikishan,Rishi Kapoor,Randheer Kapoor,Prem Kishan and Shankar.
Prem Kishan is son of Premnath and he played as Hero in Rajshri's superhit movie Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye(1977)
So,no body gave correct answer hence no body qualifies for a comic request,but many of you tried very fine and Old Man Mozz was very close to the answers including others too,so congrats to all of you.
Also,let me know if you have liked the idea of putting up quizes..if yes,i will be putting up more and refined questions.:o)

Old Man Mozz said...

Of course, the quiz concept is quite good...i vote to have more of it....but a bit simpler so all us lesser mortals can participate..

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