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# Kishore Kumar

UPDATE(5th August):Answers of Previous Quiz has been disclosed at comments section of previous post,pls check it for answers

Today is 80th birthday of our favorite singer 'Kishore Kumar' or Kishore Da as he was popularly known in the industry.
Kishore Kumar was born on 4th August 1929 in 'Khandwa' of Madhya Pradesh,he was the younger brother of famous 'Ashok Kumar' and 'Anup Kumar'.
Much has been written over him and his life so won't be writing more on him except presenting few rare pictures of him and off course a short quiz on him.

Q.1.What was the real name of Kishore Kumar.

Q.2.Can anyone tell total how many songs(filmy and non-filmy and including in all languages) did Kishore Kumar sang.Variation of plus-minus 200 songs will be acceptable.

Q.3.How many times did Kishore Kumar wed and name his wifes.

Q.4.When was the below mentioned movie released.

Q.5.Identify the famous actress who is with Kishore Kumar in the following picture.

Prize for the quiz is same as it was in the previous quiz,i.e.first 3 winners can send their request for a comic post of their choice(if available with me).


मुनीश ( munish ) said...

Whoever wins ,i've enjoyed the most! Marvellous yaar! What a jazbaa ! Great !

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Happy belated Birthday Kishore Da!
CW, think, answers of your questions are
1.Abhas Kumar Ganguly
2. According to the book METHOD IN MADNESS, by Derek Bose (an unoffical but recognized biography on Kishore Kumar), Kishoreda recorded 2,905 songs in his 42 year career.
He is reported to have song 2,648 Hindi songs, 154 in Bengali, 8 in Gujarati, 4 in Bhojpuri, 3 each in Marathi and Oriya, and 1 song each in Assamese, English, Punjabi, Kannada and Malayalam.
Apart from these, he also recorded 80 non-film songs: 67 in Bengali and 13 in Hindi.
So total: 2,905 songs
3. He was married 4 times:
*Ruma Guha Thakurta aka Ruma Ghosh (1950 to 1958).
*Madhubala (1960 to 23rd Feb, 1969)
*Yogeeta Bali (1976 to August 4, 1978)
*Leena Chandavarkar (1980 until his death).
4. This Film was not released.
5. Sulakshana pandit

Madhubala said...

1) Abhas Ganguly
2) 3000+
3) Ruma, ME, Yogeeta Bali, Leena C.(what a waste!)
4) 1961 (Different Name? Maybe Jhumroo)
5) ?? cant tell

What a great quiz, Another first for me!

Thank you

Old Man Mozz said...

Good quiz, I think Prabhat has cracked most of the questions correctly. I only knew two answers - the first one and the 3rd one.

Toonfactory said...

I think Prabhat Bhai has already answered everything correctly.

I would like to add - Suhana Geet was one of the many Kishore Da movies which never saw the light of day, others were- Pyaar Ajnabi Hai, Band Master Chik Chik Boom, Rukti Ka Naam Khatara (he actually registered the name but never made the film)...

kuldeepjain said...


Prabhat looks to be a winner and i have already discussed with him that if he will share the prize with us or not ?

his answer is awaited..

if yes then then no problem but if No then ' 2 bate hongee ......"

that was a great quiz..i am fan of Kishore and all our legend singers but surely i am not good for this quiz..

Kishore kumar Chalti ka nam hadi is my favourite movie and i even made MP3 disck of this movie and lisen in my car stereo..

when kishore kumar passed away 'doordarshn ' showed this movie... i still remember that with this movie telecast we saw highest number of ' rukawat ke liye khed hai' and the remaining part of the movie was even telecasted after 8:40 News ( first time ever that year)

the TV presenter was Anjali Sinha , an active politician of Delhi.. ( samachor ke bad dekhiye is feature film ka shesh bhag)

by any chance has any one seen kishore kumar movie 'Badti ka nam dhadi'

one of the most hilarious movie i have seen ...

in that movie even his son Amit kumar also acted with him..

it was back in 1983-84 i saw this movie.. hope one day i will get it for my collection..

Toonfactory said...

@ Kuldeep - Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi is just superbly funny. With K.N.Singh and his Dadhi, Kishore with his Dadhi and a very young Bappi Lahiri (he was introduced with this movie) along with a Dadhiyal Amit Kumar! LOL...It was a hilarious movie with a twist in the Climax!
Remember the cameos that Director Kishore Kumar keeps on making in various places...

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

It seems I'm late and most of the questions have already been answered.

This is a brilliant post, indeed! Vintage photographs of Kishore Da. Let them coming.

Comic World said...

Munish: Thanks Munish Bhai for encouragement.Please keep coming.

Comic World said...

PBC: Prabhat you have hit bull's eye,congrats you are the lone winner of this quiz,please forward your comic request.
Kishor Da's real name was Aabhas Kumar Ganguly,he changed his name as it sounded like 'Abbas' and there was already one Abbas(Khawaja Ahmad Abbas)present in industry,hence to maintain distinctiveness he renamed himself as Kishore Kumar.
His songs statistics put up by you is absolutely correct,he sang a total of 2905 songs.
His first marriage was with 'Ruma Guha' on 16th February 1951 and last with 'Leena Chandawarkar' on 14th March 1981.
Amazing to see that you recognized 'Sulakshana Pandit' which was not so easy in any case.
Once again heartiest congrats for being winner of this quiz.

Comic World said...

Madhubala: Welcome on Comic World 'maddy' and thanks for encouraging words,do keep coming.

Comic World said...

OMM: Thanks Mozz.

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Alok,apart from Suhana Geet,Pyar Ajnabi Hai,Band Master Chik Chik Boom there are few more incomplete films of him such as Maa,Neela Aasman,Chattan,Hanste Rehna,Dinu Ka Dinanath & Jamuna Ke Teer.
You know incidentally 'Pyar Ajnabi Hai' was started by Kishor Kumar only to get closeness of Leena Chandawarkar,there was no story or screenplay ready in advance of this movie,on that very day of shooting Kishore Da use to prepare script on daily basis and shooting was done for that day.Luckily when Leena accepted Kishore Da's proposal,from the very next day film was stopped,after Kishore Da revealed the true motive behind producing the movie.:o)

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Yes,Prabhat is having all answers correct.
'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi' is also one of my favorite movie and its songs..uff...how melodious..specially 'Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si.." Madhubala's rain laden unmatched beauty has been truly caught in that song.

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks and Welcome buddy.

kuldeepjain said...

congrats Prabhat

Silly Boy. said...

Good efforts. Keep it buddy. It would be nice if you can share with us the information of source of these picture/photographs especially the advertisement of Suhana Geet. Is the book Method in Madness is available nowadays?
A little quiz from my side:-
1.What is the similarity between the following film personalities:-
1. Manoj Kumar 2. Sawan Kumar and 3Prakash Mehra.
2. On which actor the song sung by Kishore Kumar was picturized for the first time after Dev Anand & Kishoreda himself?

Anonymous said...

and i thought this was a comic blog....some comical person's blog, eh!

Comic World said...

S.B: Thanks.Well,the source of these pictures are the old magazines/books with me on movies.You can ask Prabhat about availability of that book.
Well,the answers of your questions in my view is that all three of them had written lyrics for their films and also mostly directed the movies under their own banner only.
Answer of 2nd question in my view is 'Kishor Sahu' in film 'Rimjhim'(1949).

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

@ CW: Thanks!

Russian alphabet ‘A’ stands for ‘AA’ and ‘A’ both. Old habit, half life spent in Russia. :)

Sulakshana Pandit: Actually there were limited female singers in that period. I saw her films in childhood and have collection of her songs.

About comics: I’d like to see such comics which would be enjoyed by all. Maddy, Alok, Rafiq, Old Man Mozz like friends who are very actively participating in quiz will like certainly like.

Pls post COVER TO COVER new scans (if possible in good quality) any 3 Eng 'Indrajal Comics' from #2 to 31 which is not available cover to cover. If any difficulties, then can increase interval. I can send you list of Indrajal which are under scanning up to #100 to avoid duplication.

@ Silly Boy: Think CW has cracked your questions. Do you need book ‘Method in Madness’ or ‘Method and Madness’? Pls send details, I’ll try to find.

Comic World said...

PBC: Prabhat i am having mostly Hindi Indrajals from no.2 to no.31 which you mentioned and that also quite a few missing their covers,so can post Hindi ones if you wish.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

CW: Hindi is my mother tongue; feel more comfortable than any languages. However English will serve friends worldwide. So pls wait, I’ll send you a desired new scan list up to #100 and some particular numbers up to #300. I’m sure you can find some in your great collection.

Comic World said...

PBC: Sure Prabhat,will wait.

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...






Lalit oberoi said...

Excellent post comic-guy ... well done .. one request lease, can you bring comic version of shahenshah .. however i was having it when it publish first 20 years before .. but lost that priceless issue .. can you please soft version of that comis ?? or if already published .. can you give me link ??

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