Wednesday, March 17, 2010

# Abid Ji Live & Sunday-170

As many of you must be already knowing but still it was not confirmed before but now it has been confirmed as you can hear from creator itself.Yes,'Bahadur' is all set to make a comeback after 20 years and this time from the pen of its original creator Abid Surti.
Today only AlokBhai(Chitrakatha fame) met this legendary comic creator and in this meet it was unfolded by Abid Ji that Bahadur is very soon to make its comeback probably for online reading where readers can read it for free or for a very nominal fee.
Abid Ji give some hints about his diversion from TOI and about the copyright issues for Bahadur,he is pretty confident that all rights are with him since he is the sole creator of it but its also thinkable that if this was the case then why TOI kept on publishing Bahadur even after unpleasant break-up with Abid Ji and despite his protests.
Lets hope for the best that Bahadur should be able to make a comeback soon.So here is Alok live with Abid Ji who talks about his new book and off course about revival of Bahadur.

After a long time Comic World has reverted back to Phantom by presenting a very recent Sunday strip No.170 which ran from 29th March to 20th Sept.2009.
Its a story dealing with 'teenager' Rex love life where he is caught between a indecision to whom to chose his lady love,Prince Alicia or Capt.Lara(his personal guard).Phantom doesn't have much role to play in this particular story except advising Rex about his decision.
Somehow KFS are still running the Phantom show after Lee Falk but surely that spirit and quality has never been there.Personally i am not a great endorser of these post-Falk strips but sometimes read them for a change and sometimes finds a strip which falls under 'not bad' category.

Download S-170


The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Wrote the longest comment of my life for this post which is just gotten deleted by a silly mistake of mine. Can't repeat writing it all again, hence putting it in short now.

During the last phase of his first run, the publishers were facing the difficulty in keeping the popularity intact of the bahadur, without much success though. Now the things have changed drastically, the comic loving generation has become a thing of history. All new indian comics are sub-standard and direct copies of Americal and other European characters. Even the originals (from which they are copying) have lost the element. The scenario is bleak. In such circumstances it would be too much to hope from the new series, if it actually comes to life. Even if it starts, I suspect it would be drastically different than the one we know about.

The phantom sunday 170 I read completely on sites providing it afresh every sunday, but it did not caught my attention as the story is weak and does not hold any surprises for the readers. What's more, our phantom is not having much to do other than being a silent spectator of the events that are taking place around him. Pretty ordinary story.

The original comment was still bigger than this. Aren't you happy to get a shorter version. :-)

Comic World said...

Yes,size does matters here...longer it is better it is..;)
No doubt that Bahadur doesn't holds that craze of yesteryears but still it would be refreshing and encouraging to see a comic character of those era back.Hope that Abid ji will develop Bahadur suiting to the modern era.
I am no longer in touch with these new post-Falk Phantom strips,only bumps on them whenever come across a Frew,and miss Falk very much after reading these.

Vedha said...

thanks to both of you - Prabath and zaheer.

hoping that we may see the bahadhur stories in the near future.

Vedha said...

by the way, thanks for the phantom download.

however bad it may be, a phantom is always a phantom.

Comic World said...

Vedha: Welcome Vedha.Pl give thanks to Alok also as he is one who met and shot this video with Abid Ji.
Yes,Phantom is always a Phantom thats why i somehow still go through these lifeless modern strips.

Vedha said...

sorry zaheer bahai.

actually this is the 2nd time i have missed alok sir's name.

initially when somebody else reported the demise of govind brammania, i gave credit to him without knowing that it was alok who gave away all the important news.

Now, this time again. but both of them were unintentional. sorry alok sir.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Its a brilliant interview. Just went through it today. Great work Alok.

The pain of getting cheated by times group on Bahadur issue is quite clearly visible in Abid Ji's voice.

Toonfactory said...

@ TPH, Vedha & Zahir Bhai - Thanks for the encouraging words.
I thought as I am working on my documentary projects (which is taking a little longer time)I should keep shooting some small interviews with all these legends whenever I meet them (Luckily I get chance to meet them casually) and share small snippets of these interviews as podcasts.

kk said...

Wonderful interview Alokbhai, unki saraltha aur Dev Anand jaisi garam joshiko dekh kar zee bhar gaya. Shayad Bahadur se zyaada Dabooji aur Doctor Chinchoo ko padh ne ke liye main betaab hoon.
Dabooji ka humour kaffi sophisticated hua karta tha.

Aap wakayi main bahut hi nekh kaam kar rahe hain.

kk said...

These Indian book house comics already released? In atleast this small way I should encourage IBH's efforts to record for posterity the work of a comic genius.

chaltaphirtapret said...

Zaheer Ji,
Please upload Daku Paan Singh's comics and his assistant Supari lal as this is the only character whose comics are not available at any blog. Zaheer Ji, You are our time machine. so please take us back to 1980's period again !!!
Vishal (Pret)

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