Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Movie Blog site

There is a good news for all those visitors/friends who have interest in Hindi Movies as i am planning to rejuvenate my movie blog site where information regarding Indian Hindi movies right from the beginning of silent era (1913) will be provided along with all other details such as complete information about the producer,director,music composer,cast,format of the movie.
Also total information about all songs of the movie pertaining information about singer,lyricist and music composer of the song will be provided along with filmographies of all eminent personalties of Indian cinema.
Although the Movie World was created before Comic World but at that time my Comic love took a steep rise and i went through comic world.Now when the comic world is established a bit the movie fan in me is again in unrest to do something creative/new in this area.
Invaluable suggestions/ideas from all movie lovers will be highly appreciated,i request all of you movie lovers/fans to please leave your feedback and suggestions to let me enable to entertain you in the most efficient way.


Indrajal Comics Club said...

go on.. I have more than 2000 songs to contribute ( all are between 1940 to 1970)..

Movie Buff said...

Sure..i will surely be needing help/suggestions from friends/contributor of your caliber.

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