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# Mahabharata Covers

(UPDATE 25th July:Download link for Mahabharat covers provided)

Inspired by Rafiq's post on Amar Chitra Katha and Arun's request to provide individual covers of Mahabharata series this post has been prepared specially for all ACK and comic lovers.
For the first time covers of all 42 issues are being posted in English except no.39 which is in Hindi because its English edition i couldn't locate up due to messing up of comics in my room.
The cover design was done mainly by 'Dilip Kadam' himself along with few covers by 'Ramesh Umrotkar'.Comic lovers can judge themselves that if these covers would have been designed by Pratap Mullick or Ram Waeerkar then what would have been the difference regarding the quality and attraction of the series.

Download Covers

Time to time IBH also used to publish digests containing 3 previously published stories in one volume known as 'Triveni Ank' or 'Tri-issue' with a different but single thick card cover.Have a look at some of such issues.

A quiz for enthusiast ACK lovers and those who have keen interest in acquiring knowledge about illustrators,artist and script writer of comics.Here are four pages taken from various issues of Amar Chitra Katha,you have to name the illustrator of each page by identifying the art style of that illustrator.Lets see how many readers can answer it correctly.






Rafiq Raja said...

Wonderful Zaheer bhai. My wish of witnessing the entire 42 albums cover is finally realized. I happen to have previewed around 30+... but never these many in one lot.

Going to take all the time to see and cherish each of these covers. By the way, I can only guess wild enough into the future, has this been done by Mulick or Waeerkar. Clearly, they would have been some masterpieces, for sure.

I will also answer the Trivia part after I review few of my collection. Much of them look very familiar, so don't want to mess up on the artists name :) I will confirm and post soon ;)


Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Welcome Rafiq Bhai,you along with Arun are the main inspiring force behind the current post.
Waiting for your answer :o)

kuldeepjain said...

hi CW..

I wish i could have given answer of your quiz..

but i know i donot have that knowledge..

some time i feel that you must be knowing that which compny INK the illustrator was using in his pen for this comics ? :)

about 'mahabharat'

when this series started publishing i was slight less enthusiastic.. reason that time i had read so many stories of Mahabharat in ACK and other comics set that i just thought ' aur kitna'... and that might be the reason i didnot read most of that.. secondly that time the TV culture and novel gripped me so didnot got chance to read them..

in school there was a question often asked that who wrote mahabharat.. the common answer was 'ved vyas' but as u can see from cover page it was bhagwan ganesh who is doing the writing work and ved vyas is narrating..

In 'Nandan' one story came like this.. Ved vyas was looking for some one who can write mahabharat as he tells the story.. some one suggested that only lord ganesh can do it.. when sri vyas approached his .. lord ganesh agreed but with a condition that he will write without any stop and he has to tell continuously..

sri vyas agreed but he also put his condition that lord ganes will write only when he understood the meaning ..

so sri vyas started and in between he tell something very tough to understand .. lord ganesh took some time to understand it and by that time sri vyas got the thinking of continuing part..

and that way writing of mahabharat finished..

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi zaheer bhai how ru?

very good cover of mahabharat.

bhai humne to ack bhut kam badhi hai to sorry.

pata nahi kisne banaye honge.

but one thing i can say old acks have very good illustration as compared to diamond comics illustration.

please also write one post about it.

Toonfactory said...

Zahir Bhai,

Another wonderful post...aapke khazaane se ek ke baad ek aise anmol jawaharat nikalte dekh kar dil ko jo sukoon milta hai use shabdon mein bayaan karna namumkin hai...

Artists ke baare mein baat karein, toh Mulick sahab humesha se mere favorite rahe hain...Triveni ankon mein Arjun Ki Kathaayein wale cover mein Waeerkar Saahab ka Tradiotional Andaaz bhi Laajawaab hai...

Aur kaafi Chuninda titles le kar ye quiz aapne rakhi hai...Main resist nahin kar paa raha apne jawaabon ko aapki kasauti par parakhne ki ichha ko...par mere khyaal se baaki bhaiyon ke Zor Aajmaayish ke baad Mujhe try karna chahiye...Inaam kya hai ;)

Aapne safaayi ke saath 2nd Picture ka title chhipa diya hai taaki artist ka naam dhoondhne mein sabko aur zyada sar khujana padey...haha

PS. Baaki bhaiyon dhyaan rahe 4th Page isn't by Pradeep Saathe,(though it looks like his work) Dhokha Mat Khana...

Silly Boy said...

Buddy thanks for so quickly fulfilling my request. Yet I am fully agree with you that if these covers were done by an artist of Pratap Mullick or Ram Waikeer stature they they would be gems. Anyway what had happened had happened. I have some rendom individual issues of ACK Mahabharta but some of them are part of Triveni series of Mahabharta where they used to publish three issues under single binding and some are coverless. Despite my best efforts I am not able to collect all the issues of Mahabharta individually and so I started contemplating buying the current complied edition but I was disappointed to know that they are providing the covers. Now you have provided the cover so at least I can have those covers on my computer screen. My collection will be complete now. I had also bought the complete 12 issue set of Mahabharta published by Dreamslands Publication. These books are pictoral books and has a big picture at the centre of the page on each page. They were also very popular among the children in the late 80s and childen who used to read ACKs also read these titles. The artist of this series this one Mr. Verma. He is also a very good cover artist who illustrated covers of many comics including those MCK, Raj Comics and Parampara Comics. He has also illustrated covers of many novels and pictures for stories published in the magazine like Sarita. His covers and pictures are a delight to watch. I bought the collection only because of his pictures and covers. I do not know whether you have come across his pictures or not but as and when I shall have a scanner I shall send you the covers of his Mahabharta. Munna Bhai on his blog recently posted scans covers of Mahabharta of IJCs. So now I have a variety of Mahabharta comic covers.
Now to quiz:-
The 4th panel is illustrated by Mr. Mohan Dass. ( He also used to illustrate Kapish). (Mr. Toonfactory are you listening.) Sometimes I also wonder why his drawing look so similar to Pardeep Sathe but there is a little difference between the two and only one who has read many comics of both the artists can differentiate. Nowadays one Mr. Ajay Bana who is current artist of Tinkle and his drawings are also very similar to Pardeep Sathe and if you do not read the name you would think that they are illustrated by Mr. Sathe. Currently, he is artist of Kalia the Crow and some factual features. Can both of you throw some light on this similarity.
As far as other panels are concerned I am recognizing them but not able to recall the names of the artists at the present moment. Will reply in due course.

Amit Pachauri (अमित पचौरी) said...

Thanx for such a Tremendous Post.
Its wonderful to see all the Mahabharat Series Covers collection.

The Artists are :

(1) C M Vitankar
(2) M N Nangare
(3) P B Kavadi
(4) Chandrakant D Rane

Awaiting for the Prize.
Once again thanx a lot for this marvellous post.

Toonfactory said...

@ Silly Boy - There is not 'a little' but 'a lot' of difference in Mr.Sathe's work and people who tried or are still trying to follow/mimic his style...we can have a detailed analysis of the art style and artists...may be sometime soon

Toonfactory said...

@ Silly Boy - The 'Verma' you are mentioning is a very famous painter who used to work on covers by almost all the big publishers...his style is a little toony with glowing colors (esp. pink cheeks)...I have many of his covers, might be meeting him soon when I visit Delhi next...He did too many covers for King Comics too which was a sister concern of Raj Comics...He also did illustrations for many magz & painted covers of Joke Books published by Pustak Mahal etc. Correct me if I am wrong...

Silly Boy said...

Toonfactory:-Alok Bhai you are absolutely right. I am talking about same 'Verma'. But I do not know his full name. Then Sir I am not as big an expert/analyst of comics as you and Zaheer Bhai are. I am just a Chhota-Mota fan with my chhoti-moti analysis. That is why I used words 'little'. Will look forward to hear more from you on the similarity point of view. Have you met Mr. Sathe in connection with your documentary.
Comic World:- It seem to me that Ist panel was drawn by C.M. Vitankar though I am not able to recall the names of other artists.

Silly Boy said...

Yesterday I found my oldest comic book. It is of the year 1966. The booked titled 'Out of my Mind'. It is a collection of cartoons of the same name by noted cartoonist Sudhir Dhar. These are not political cartoons but simple cartoons similar to those which are published in Mad or used to be published in 'Diwana'. ( Alok Bhai can you throw some light on Sudhir Dhar). Zaheer Bhai which is the oldest comic book which you have in your collection.

Silly Boy. said...

I mean Indian (comic) book.

Silly Boy said...

Aaj office of koi khass kam nahin hai iseliye itni bak-bak kar raha huin. Par baki log kahan gaye.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...


Your last few posts are simply mind-blowing. I have a lot to say about these. Trying hard to find some time. Currently busy to the hilt.

Keep it up buddy.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Ha ha ha...well,Kuldeep many thanks for the compliment,and thanks for sharing the interesting anecdotes about MB.
One illustrator of the quiz is a very famous name about which few times discussions have been done at the blog,about another one has also been discussed as his strips were used to publish in Illustrated Weekly,and the rest two are a bit lesser known.
Despite of having all the issues of MB i m still to read many of them as illustrations quality of that particular comic is among one of the prime factors behind my selection of comics to read,many of times i had chosen a comic to read only due to its art work and its reverse is also true.
MB despite of being a classic series has failed to gather much of my attentions mainly because of poor illustrations and inking,i still regret that why IBH didn't chose among their best artist for this classic series.

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: Hi,i am fine and hope same for you.
Yes,certainly ACK were having a better pool of illustrators as compared to other publications.
Do you mean to say to write a post on Diamond comics illustrator!

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Bahut shukriya Alok post ko pasand karne ka.
Aapki confidence bhari comment se ye zahir hota hai k aapko jawab malum hai,well,mai intezar karunga aapke jawab ka.
Aur haan,manna padega aapki cheel jaisi nazron ko jinhone ye taad liya k 2nd page ka title mita diya gaya hai jisse jawab aasani se na mil sake.

Comic World said...

S.B: You are welcome buddy.Well,i have also witnessed superb work of that Mr.'Verma' in various magazines such as 'Sarita,Manorma' etc but i don't have any more information about him,may be Alok can help us.

Comic World said...

Amit Pachauri: Welcome pal.Well,wait till tomorrow,will be disclosing answers tomorrow night.

Comic World said...

S.B: Arun,i may be having the oldest Indian comic of the year 1964-65(Indrajal comic)

Comic World said...

TPH: First of all let me welcome you from a long exile,how were you doing,you were/are being missed badly and i request you to come back with vengeance.
I knew it that someday your self-restrain would be giving up and you will appear most probably here only,so a warm welcome for you.Do come back.
Waiting to hear more from you along with your comments.

Toonfactory said...

Chaliye Zahir Bhai...Confidence to pakka nahin...magar phir bhi try karte hain...Ummeed hai aapki Kasauti par khare utarein...

1. Vitankar Sahab (Pakka hai)

2. Nangare Sahab (Mujhe poora naam yaad nahin but NM Ya MN Nangare)

3. Kavadi...

4. Chandrakant Rane...

Pachauri sahab ne bhi same replies kiye congratulations to him...

@ Silly Boy - Sudhir Dhar is one of my most fav. cartoonists...he used to draw social (some times political too) cartoons for The Pioneer. His style is simply superb, clean lines and funny expressions...I remember his cartoons on 5years Plans...His common man character is very different from Laxman's..This guy is middle aged and has a job, wears a half shirt most of the time...correct me if I am wrong.
But we can't consider a collection of pocket cartoons as a comic book, its a compilation not a comic book.
If you like Sudhir Dhar's cartoons, you should also check out VINS's cartoons in Readers Digest, VINS Alias Vijay Narayan Seth is one of the best Social Cartoonists from India...some of my most fav social cartoonists are - Mario, Suresh Savant, Sudhir Dhar & Vins...all of them draw Pocket Cartoons but their pocket cartoons can be more funnier than any comic book strip...

Old Man Mozz said...

Thanks Zaheer for the covers. Is there any chance to download the covers?

Deep said...

Hi Zaheer..

Very good covers of Mahabharta.

mujhe malum hi nahi tha ke ACK mai puri mahabharat print hue hai because un dino punjab mai ACK itni popular nahi thi jitni ki other publishers jese ki diamond i could not read them at that for me this one is very jankari bahri post. so thank u very-2 much.

BTW can u post these comics one by one so we can download it ?

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi i requested u to write on good - bed illustration in comic industry

Silly Boy. said...

Toonfactory:- Alok Bhai can we include the name of Mr. Alok Bhargav (Shrimati of Sarita fame) in your list of favourite social cartoonists. His cartoons generally appears in Delhi Press Magazines. Does Suresh Savant is the same 'Suresh' whose 'Pati Aur Patni' series used to appear in Grihshobha magazine a couple of years back.(Diffent from Bedi's Pati Aur Patni). His pati was a bald and fat man and his patni was also a fat lady. If that is so then tell me more about him. If that is not so tell me about both "Suresh". You did not answer my question whether you met Mr. Pardeep Sathe in connection with your documentary. Are you planning to include creators of magazine comics like Alok Bhargav and Pankaj Goswami in your documentary. The history of Indian comics is incomplete without them.

Toonfactory said...

@ Silly Boy - Nopes the Suresh Sawant I mentioned is an entirely different cartoonist. Well Alok Bhargaw & Pankaj Goswami were the people doing Comic Strips..not the Books, so including comic strip illustrators will be a difficult task..there are so many and you just can't include anybody and everybody...So our emphasis is more on the Artists whose works were serialized in a Comic Book/Book format. which again means I can't include pocket cartoon compilations in my docu. as it is about sequential art...Will be meeting Sathe Sahab soon, hopefully...Nanmun, Shrimaan Shrimati and many such strips have been there in Indian Magazines for a long-long time...then there are many other artists who have done massive work there in that format - Ram Babu Mathur, Neerad, Das, Mallik (remember his ChunChun in Champak?), Khalil Khaan etc. who are much bigger and have produced a massive bunch of comic strips...what we are looking for is a list that has the famous oldies and people who actually gave a new direction to the medium. We might cover all these guys for Chitrakatha 2...which will concentrate on these Cartoonists...after this conversation I am planning to do a post on my favorite political/social cartoonists soon...what say Bhaiyon???

Silly Boy said...

Toonfactory:- Alok Bhai tell me something about the work of said Suresh Sawant. Will you include Shehab (Chhotu-Lambu and Manglu Madari Bandar Bihari fame) and Bedi (Bankelal and Hawaldar Bahadur) fame in your documentary.

Toonfactory said...

@ Silly Boy - Sadly both Shehab ji & Bedi ji are no more with us...but yes definitely we are involving them in the form of their work in our Docu.

Comic World said...

Amit Pachauri & Toonfctory: Now its answer time guys and congrats to you both as your answers are correct and Amit being the first to give answers.
The answers are as follows:
1.C.M.Vitankar-issue is 'Jaiprakash Narayan.
2.M.N.Nangare-issue is 'Veer Hammeer'
3.P.B.Kavadi-issue is 'Nachiketa'
4.Chandrakant D.Rane-issue is 'Jatak Kathayein-Mushak Vyapari'

Comic World said...

Old Man Mozz: Yes,i will be providing the download link for the covers also soon.

Comic World said...

Deep: Welcome.ACK published whole series of 42 issues of Mahabharata which are worth collecting due to their classic value.
I will be trying to post all the issues in sequence.

Comic World said...

Md.Qasim: Fine,will be trying to post on the said issue.:o)

anurag.phantom said...

dear zaheer,


indscribe said...

Extraordinary work.

A question regarding Flash Gordon. Apart from Ming, Flash had also travelled in time and once goes to past where he meets a couple--a man named Naimu Hopatya and his female friend Sarit, who taught him lot of things like anti-gravity and inventions of ancient Egypt.

Also, he had an enemy who often travelled in time and had an aircraft. Names changed in Hindi and English versions.

In Hindi version this villain was Baron Dak Tula. I wonder if anybody has seen those comics and what were the names of comics and these characters in English.

Comic World said...

Anurag: Thanks Anurag but i have all MB issues both in Hindi/English.

Comic World said...

Indscribe: The Hindi name of that particular comic was 'Nafrat Ki Aag' and English version was named as "The Black Stinger" issue no.343,Baron Dak-Tula was the name of that villain in both the versions.
You can download the English version via this link.

मुनीश ( munish ) said...


Selvatico said...

Special greetings to the creator of comics world.
you're a genius.
the films of India are excellent.
Cornelio Ramirez Encarnacion author of selvatico and latin super hero.
I wish you much success.
good night

Anonymous said...

hi guys these pictures refresh my memories of childhood at that time i had all those book...but now only two books are left with me could someone please upload cbr format of this immortal legacy books waiting to download them

ankush malik said...


Hi , I am looking for Bengali /Bangla Amar Chitra Katha .....please help me

The Trancetripper said...

my email id is
could please mail me the links to the entire ACK mahabharata
I have been driven mad looking for this series
and also any hindi ACK's too
Thankin you in advance

Vinayak Rao said...

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