Wednesday, September 22, 2010

# Gullivar Bauno Ke Desh Mein

Friends,why is so that these new comics fails to interconnect one as those old comics use to do a long way back,why we can't identify ourselves with the story line of these current comics,why these comic doesn't excites us though those old comics still recreate the magic of which we are fond of.
Recently came across with a latest set of Raj Comics which were quite costly,colorful printing,nice glossy pages,quite attractive cover designs.I started to read with a new ignited hope but couldn't read more than 9-10 pages as the soul of comic,the story miserably failed to attract me,this superhero concept,unnatural villains,unconvincing plot and excessive use of modern(imaginary) gadgets all was such that i am wandering into a alien land and watching a alien animated movie.
These surviving publication houses give a huge hue and cry over the declining comic business/culture in India but hardly they give a  thought over the quality of their product,they also fail to understand that what a common Indian comic reader want to read.
If these publication house can sense the nerve of a common comic reader then might be we can see another revamping period of comics.
For eg. lets read this comic 'Gulivar Bauno Ke Desh Me',though its a fantasy/fictional story but see its quality,illustrations and presentation..simply unmatched and close to common comic reader nerve. 

Download Comic

Recently when i visited my home town for Eid then as usual after getting time(actually after arrival of wife to 'Mayka') i began my comic hunt and this time find some good comics/magazines.Here are the cover of few.
The specialty of these comics are that these are the original edition priced at 1 Shillings,published by a Manchester(England) publication house under the title of 'World Adventure Library'.This publication also published Phantom and Mandrake comics which you can notice from the back cover scan of one of these comics.


Also got this comic which is the very first issue of another lesser known publication 'Sadhana Comics'.It was published in mid 80's and perhaps it was the first of the kind of 'pictorial' comics,i.e.,in which photographs were published along with comic balloons.
'Dada Ji'(Lehri Singh) of famous TV serial 'Hum Log' has worked in this comic along with other characters.This was the very 1st issue of this publication which ceased soon,though information about exact no. of comics published by it is not available with me.

Also got some vintage issues of Diamond Comics,cover of a couple of issues are presented for all of you.

Do anyone remember 'Gudia'?It was alike 'Chandamama'

Few more covers.......

Also got some 'Femina' of 60's and 70's along with many issues of 'The Illustrated Weekly Of India'.Here are some covers for you.

This particular issue of IW attracted me quite as it was having a snap of movie 'Dharamveer' as its front page though in some other context.

Anyone remember this famous '30 plus' ad of Jeetendra!!

Quiz Time:

Q.1.Name the model with Parveen Bobby in this ad.He has acted in a few Hindi movies but failed miserably.

Q.2.Can you recognize these actresses?



Friends,sad news,famous illustrator 'Pradeep Sathe' who drew 'Kaliya Kauwa' for 'Tinkle','Vikram','Inspector Manoj' for Manoj Chitra Katha and innumerable other characters is no more now,he passed away a couple of weeks before.More information about him will be posted in next post along with this comic as a tribute to him.


मोहम्मद कासिम said...


Pradeep Sathe ji ki death ka samachar sunkar dukh howa..

unhone Angara ko bhi illustrate kiya tha. kuch comics Gamraj ki bhi ki.

Anupam said...

Great Comics Zaheer Bhai,

So many delicious covers, especially Jughead and Monkey Mama. I love Archie comics a lot.

If possible scan the Vikram comics (Sun)

Comic World said...

Mohd.Qasim: कासिम भाई,जी हाँ,प्रदीप साठे जी ने 'अंगारा,गमराज,दारा' सहित कई सारे चरित्रों को जन्म दिया था.प्रदीप साठे जी के चित्रों में बेहद शालीनता और सफाई देखने को मिलती है.इनकी कमी निश्चय ही खलेगी.

Comic World said...

Anupam: Thanks and welcome Bro.,perhaps you have not gone through full post as it has been already mentioned in the post that Vikram comic is going to be posted next only.

kuldeepjain said...

1.Parveen Bobby and akbar khan
2. Sujata mehta (?)
3. sorry donot know

more later

Colonel Worobu said...

It is Parveen Babi, not bobby :o)

Funny to see roles reversed in the Dharam-Veer cover: Zeenie Baby fully covered, but Dharmendra wearing a mini skirt :o)

May I dare to ask for a scan of the Flash Gordon & Man from Uncle comics :o) ?

Comic World said...

Kuldeep Jain: Yes,its indeed Akbar Khan but rest answers are not correct.Try again...

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Welcome Col.,i know from quite some time i am concentrating on Hindi comics which are not your cup of tea.Yes,will be trying to post these English comics for you.

Rahul rattan said...

Hello dear comic bhai..could you pleasee post any fauladi singh digest?

you are doing a wonderful job I had almost lost all hope of seeing these comics once again but then i discovered this are doing a fantastic job sir..Hats off to u sir..

Rahul Rattan said...

Actress 2(a) is Sonu walia i think...2(b) i recognise the face cant recall the name..:-(

Comic World said...

RR: Welcome Rahul.No,its not Sonu Walia my friend,try again.I will be posting Fauladi Singh comics soon here or at CW community.

Rahul Rattan said...

I hv been trying to recall the other two faces..srry cant recall :-(( pls tell

Comic World said...

Rahul: The actress in pic no.2(a) is Anita Kanwar and 2(b) is Radha Seth.

rahul rattan said...

Ya Radha seth... but 2(a) Anita kanwar???? sir are u sure..i know we cant doubt u but its unbelievable.she doesnt look like her at all..Anita kanwar in a sensuous pose..?? when did it happen?

Comic World said...

Rahul: Yes,she is indeed Anita Kanwar.It happened in late 80's when she was labelled for serious type of non-glamorous roles and she decided to 'up'lift' her image by giving such poses for various filmy magazines.

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