Thursday, September 30, 2010

# Hum Hindustani

(Cartoon By:Sw.Jagdish Bharati)



PRET said...

Your noble message just come at a right time when all nation's eyes are glued on to TV screens/net for 3:30PM court verdict on 'Ayodhya',
I pray to everyone that stay away from dirty politics and opportunistic politicians and Please think about "Ram-Rahim Hospital" where everyone will gain.


Thanks a lot Zaheer Bhai for your 'Much Needed' message for whole nation at right time !

Silly Boy said...

I have not been able to comment on your three last posts due to some personal difficulties. Now let me comment on them one by one:-
Present Post:-
A very appropriate message by Jagdishji considering the present state of affairs of the nation.
Q: Why have to prefixed 'Sw' against Jagidishji name.
2. Provide me link of his latest cartoons as the one you provided that is no like or simply write the name of the site.
Last Post:-
You are quite right about your observations about Mansoor Khan. I like JJWS best. Though QSQT and AHAT were also good. But Josh is pathetic. Shall wait for more such posts.
Last to Last post:-
Fantasitc finds. That MCK is I think is the only or so far I know Hindi comic created by Indian artist based on an English classic. Please provide the name of writer(or adeptator) and artist.
Gudiya was the first book of comic/children's magazine genre that I read as a kid in 1985. Incidently the cover of the issue who upload on the site is the same first which I read.
It is indeed very sad news that Mr. Pradeep Sathe is no more. He was or in fact is my most favourite artist. The woman creators he created are a treat to one's eyes.
Last but not the least:- I knew at least two answers of your quiz but unfortunately as I said I could not send comment due to some personal difficulties.

Comic World said...

Pret: Thanks and welcome Azad Bhai.

Comic World said...
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Comic World said...

SB: 'Sw' is the abbreviation for Swami and its been used here as Jagdish ji likes to be called Swami Jagdish(probably he was a disciple of Osho).Jagdish ji don't post his work over any other site hence i am unable to provide its URL.
Thanks for finding last post interesting,i too will love to post more such articles in future but what i need thick and regular discussions/comments/reactions from similar liking movie lovers over such post as it will encourage me further to prepare such posts more.
About that Gullivar comic the writer name is not mentioned but i think he may be Bimal Chatterji.

Rahul said...

Nice cartoon...:)) i enjoyed it Jagdish ji is da best

Rahul said...

CW : sorry i am going offtopic..but Sirjee I hope u remmeber about posting Fauladi singh comics..:-)) lets have a atleast one week dedicated to Fauladi singh..after all it was the first science fiction comic in India..I am sure there are many who love fauladi singh.especially those written by Ashwini 'Ashu' and artwrok by Jugal kishore..Fauladi ruled in those days..

Rahul said...

Message for Sagar- Hello Sagar dear where are you?? its dusshera time...hope you are in ur hometown now and soon will be posting Fauladi singh comics as promised by you...:)) Eagerly waiting for you to reply..could you give me your e-mail id??

काजल कुमार Kajal Kumar said...

वाह ! आप लोग तो वाक़ई बहुत मेहनत से जुटे हैं. आपका काम आने वाले कल में किसी भी शोधार्थी के लिए सोने की खान साबित होगा. साधुवाद.

Comic World said...

धन्यवाद् काजल भाई.

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