Tuesday, February 15, 2011

# Winner Of Anniversary Quiz

Friends the time limit for quiz of 4th Anniversary post has ended yesterday and its time now to declare the name of winner along with answers but before that let me put up the Hindi covers of Volume 20 of Indrajal comics which were supposed to be posted in previous post but were left behind due to shortage of time.

Download Vol.20 Covers

Now coming up to the quiz which was asked in previous post,here are the questions along with answers.

Diamond comics used to publish Filmi Chitra Katha in which a film story was presented in comic format using B/W(sometimes color too) stills taken from that very movie.Apart from Diamond comic one other publication house ventured into that genre.
(a)  Name that publication house and  
(b) Name that movie of which comic was published for the very first time in color  by Diamond comics publication
Ans. (a) Tulsi comics
Identify these two famous personalties:
Answers:Archana Joglekar,Vishwanath Pratap Singh

(a) What is the similarity between Dabu,Dhabbuji and Phantom?
Ans. All these were strips originally which were later published in comics form by Diamond comics.

(b) (i) Manglu Madari and Bandar Bihari(created by Shehaab) were initially two separate characters.(TRUE/FALSE)
(ii) Which of the following characters were NOT created by Shehaab:
     Chhotu-Lambu,Chimpu,Chaman Charlie,Chitera,Manglu Madari,Gunakar.
(iii) Name the odd person out:
      H.I.Pasha,Hussain Zamin,Qaisar Sultana,Ansar Akhtar,Ibrahim Asrarvi
(iv) Shehaab did designed some covers for Indrajal comics(TRUE/FALSE)
(v)  Which of these illustrator possess striking resemblance in working style with Shehaab
      Alok Bhargava,Khalil Khan,Neerad
Ans.(b)(i) TRUE
(ii) 'Chitera' and 'Gunakar' were not created by Shehaab
(iii) Hussain Zamin,as all other are writers.
 (iv) TRUE
(v) Neerad
Identify the no.(Sunday/Daily) of this Phantom strip

 Ans:Sunday 128,Queen Amaza Mate
Identify this hero who is so fond of Indrajal comic.

Ans:Shatrughan Sinha

Famous writer of Bal Pocket Books S.C.Bedi also created a comic character,name the character and the comic publication in which that character was published.

Ans:Gagan,Raj comics

(i) A character appeared in Manoj comics used to resemble film star Dharmendra.Name the character and its illustrator.
(ii) Famous illustrator Jagdish Bharati created a character duo on the backdrop of 1857 first war of Independence.Name those two characters.
(iii) Who was very first Indian superhero comic character and who was its creator.

Ans:(i) Sagar of Sagar-Saleem illustrated by Hussain Zaamin
(iii) Bharat Kumar,Jagdish

Identify these personalities related with Indian comics



Abid Surti


Anupam Sinha


Anant Pai


 Dilip kadam



Hussain Zaamin

(i) Name the writer who created Nagraj.

Ans:Parshuram Sharma

(ii) Who was the writer of Amar-Akbar series of Manoj Chitra Katha/comics.

Ans:Ansar Akhtar

(iii) Identify these illustrators




Raam Waaeerkar 


Sukhwant Kalsi

Identify the illustrators of these comic pages
Ans:Umesh Burande

Ans:Jitendera Bedi


Ans:Bharat Makwana

Name that post on this blog 
(i) Which has got the maximum no. of comments till 3rd Feb.2011

Ans:Sunday,June 7,2009 - #Bal Pocket Books & Popular Novels - 204 comments

(ii) Which has got minimum no. of comment till 3rd Feb.2011

Ans:Tuesday,February 13, 2007 -The Legendary Composer:O.P.Nayyar - 0 comments

There is one odd name in each question and rest names have some similarity with each other which that odd name doesn't have,name that odd name out:
(i) Ray Moore,Sy Barry,Fred Fredricks,Olesen/Williams,Ryan,De Paul
Ans:De Paul;all other are illustrators of Phantom strip whereas De Paul is writer.

(ii) Raj Kapoor,Bobby Deol,Amitabh Bachchan
Ans:Amitabh Bachchan;other had their fathers as actors too.

(iii) Premnath,Mithun Chakravorty,Bobby Deol,Shatrughan Sinha
Ans:Shatrughan Sinha;others(Bobby Deol,Premnath and Mithun) have acted in a film having a same title 'Badal'
(iv) Van Putr Shalu,Minni,Daddy Ji,Mashinilal-Afeemilaal,Sustram-Chustram
Ans:Mashinilal-Afeemilal;all others were character of Madhumuskan

(v) Pratap Mulick,Raam waaerkar,Dilip Kadam,Shankar,Harvinder Mankad,Bimal Chatterji
Ans:Bimal Chatterji;rest others were illustrators whereas Chatterji was writer.

For a answer to be correct all parts/sub parts of that question has to be correct and on this basis Kishore Karkare has got maximum correct answers(Q.no.3,4,5 and 10) which are FOUR in no.,congrats to Kishore Karkare.
Many answers of the questions were itself there in this blog itself in its previous posts as searched by KK for which i appreciate his keen observation.
He is the winner of 4 hard copies of comics.I request him to mail his address to me so that his prize could be sent to him.


kuldeepjain said...

congratulations KK.. you surely deserve it...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic & incredible indrajal vol.20 covers ! maja aa gaya dost ! i am totally amazed to see indrajal comics in such a wonderful sequence , dost mere yeh sab ab bhi milti hain kya ? apne kahan se li hain yeh sab
Main to dang rah gaya hun. sabhi covers ek se bad kar ek hain , jitni bhi tarif ki jaye kam hai
'chaudail ka chakkar' nein to kayi yadein hi taja kar di hain . dost , kya apke paas aur bhi vol. series ke covers hain ? Marvelous covers (jitna bhi dekh lo ji hi nahin bharta)

uuuummmmaaaa :)


Comic World said...

Kapil: Thanks and welcome.Yes,i have covers of all Volume Nos.,previously i has posted covers of Vol.No.26 also.

kuldeepjain said...

hey jaheer..

Ques-2 III.. odd one out..Husain Jamin

u say that he was not a writer ? but who was then writing 'filmi reporter kalamdas" and "jasus Dumdum" in madhumuskan ?

i belive Sri Jamin only.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep: Kuldeep Bhai i am not sure about Jasoos Dumdum but Kalamdas was used to written by H.I.Pasha who was the editor of the filmy magazine 'Movie Jagat' of the same publication house.

Anonymous said...

oh wah bhaji, ab samajh aaya ki sari indrajal kahan par simat gayi hain, oh ji, vol.26 ke cover bhi download kar liye aur usi post mein dekha ki sari indrajal to apke kabje mein hain ji , sachmuch mein bahut hi jyada irshya hui aur jabardast jalan bhi hui . Tauba tauba itni sari indrajal ek hi chat ke nichey ! bada hi sukhad aur dukhad nazara , khushi bhi hui aur dukh bhi hua, bhai mere sachimuchi keh raha hun agar aane wale dino mein agar apke ghar se sabhi indrajal lapta ho jayein to samaj lena ki yeh sab mera hi kiya dhara hai
Sawdhan , main apki sabhi indrajal par humla karne aa raha hun , bas ek sharat par ruk sakta hun agar aap aur bahut sare indrajal ke covers post karein vol.20 ke covers ki hi tarah, varna ......... :)

TIGER said...

Comic World

Your every post is just like a anniversary post!There is a majestic touch in your every post. well well well well well ! Now what can i say about this 'unique n class apart' post containing stunning covers of legendary indrajal comics! Just one glimpse of these unmatchable covers is enough to tell that why & why Indrajal ruled for so many years (still ruling in our hearts). And i strongly believe that hindi titles are much more appealing than english one ! what you say comic world ?

Comic World said...

Kapil: कपिल भाई अपने दिल की भावनाओं को इतने साफ़ तरीके से पेश करने के लिए मैं आपकी तारीफ़ करता हूँ और मैं सचमुच डर गया हूँ इसलिए बाकी के इंद्रजाल कवर्स को भी जल्द ही आपकी पेशेनज़र करूँगा.

Comic World said...

Tiger: Thanks for kind words Tiger,yeah,Hindi Indrajals are my favorite also and their covers being cherry on cake.
Its the magic of Phantom/Mandrake which make Indrajal comics so stunning and attractive.

Anonymous said...

Apke is bahumulya madmast gift ke liye thanks ek bahut hi chota shabad hai, isliye thanks nahin kahonga bas apko dua deta hun in cover ko prastut karne ke liye, yeh sabi covers wali kathayein maine padi hui hain , in covers ko varshon baad phir se dekha aur wahi purane suhane din phir se tarotajja ho gaye
Nayab tohfa hai yeh

Rohit Jaiswal

Comic World said...

Rohit Jaiswal: Shukriya Rohit Ji,aapka swagat hai.

KK said...

Thank you Comic World!! Appreciate your kindness. I have sent an email to you with the mailing address.

Looking forward to getting hold of these when I visit India this June....

-Kishore Karkera (KK)

Anonymous said...

अल्लख निरंजन , अल्लख निरंजन

बच्चा ! भिक्षांत देई ! भिक्षांत देई!
हे कॉमिक वर्ल्ड रूपी बालक ! हम तुम्हारे दर पर तब तक धरना दे कर बेठे हैं जब तक की आप हमें इंद्रजाल vol 21 से vol 25 तक के हिंदी covers नहीं दे देते , रोज तुम्हारे दर पर आयेंगे , हाथ फैलायेंगे , हम तुम्हे शिवरात्रि तक का समय देते हैं बच्चा , भगवान् शिव आपकी सभी मनोकामना पूर्ण करेंगे अगर शिवरात्रि के शुभ अवसर पर इंद्रजाल के COVERS आप हमें भेंट करोगे , अन्यथा भगवान् शिव के आशीर्वाद से होगा इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स लुटने का जोरदार आक्रमण
भुहा हा हा हा


phalguni said...

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.thank you ....

Comic World said...

KK: Welcome,your comics shall be reaching to you soon.

Anonymous said...

zaheer bhai..heartiest congratulations for the 4th anniversery..wishing that this journey continues for many more years.i posted once before also but it did not appear here...this quiz was very informative..thanks a lot


Mr. Walker said...

great post zaheer bhai..really loved to read it & got to know many things(including movies)..& really amazed that even shatrughna sinha used to read this ijcs!!..thanks..& congrats for ur 4th year anniversaary..

Colonel Worobu said...

Dear CW,

Congrats on your 4th anniversary! Thank you for all your contributions.

vijay said...

I cannot hold my breath so here is GREAT NEWS, After the success of comic book fair COMIC CON , i came to know after long process TIMES OF INDIA going to relaunch their old comics indrajal very soon in future ,they are planning to publish indrajal comics from no 1 VETAL KI MEKHALA to no 50, first at trial basis both hindi n english language.........!!

After long time iam having all my missing indrajal....!!

If this news is true than many many thanks to TIMES OF INDIA..!!

Lets keep our finger cross..!!

Anonymous said...

oh tere munh vich gud shakkar vijay jawana
je eh indrajal vali gal sach hai tan main tan bula dun bakre udan dun tote
oh sohniya makhna vijay jawana , koi hor khush khabri vi tan suna oye balle balle balle balle

KAMDEV said...


FOLLOW THIS SITE FOR GARTH'S VERY VERY VERY HOT STRIPS . Don't you guys believe ? ok. take a look and then tell


Comic World said...

Saurabh Sharma: Thanks and welcome my friend.

Comic World said...

Walker: Thanks Bro.

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Thanks and welcome Col.

Comic World said...

Vijay: Vijay from where you got these news?Can you mention its source so that it can be verified.

Indian Comics said...

आखिरकार लम्बी बात-चीत के बाद आबिद जी की आज्ञा से आप ने यह कॉमिक्स (दौड़) ब्लॉग पर publish कर ही दी.यह कॉमिक्स मेरे पास around पिछले २ सालो से है .अब शायद आबिद जी इस पर re work नहीं करना चाहते हैं.जैसा की बहादुर की comcis के साथ है . जिसको जल्द ही आबिद जी दोबारा publish कर रहे हैं .इस कॉमिक्स को ब्लॉग पर लाने में मेरा थोड़ा बहुत हाथ ज़रूर रहा है .लेकिन इस कॉमिक्स को आज़ाद के fans तक पहुचने का असली श्रय मे ज़हीर भाई को देना चाहूँगा.

भारतीय नागरिक - Indian Citizen said...

mazaa aa gaya dost....
wah wah wahhhh

phalguni said...

there used to be a X-series,horror comics published by raj comics.the illustrations was done by Jolly sinha,although it looked like anupam sinha work.some comics i remember are-MASUM SHAITAN,BHOOT BACCHA...do you have any idea about that??

Anonymous said...

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check mine :-)


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