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# Review of the Phantom:'The Gold Key Years:Volume 1'

Friends its the month of February and we have just celebrated the 5th anniversary of Comic World few days back.The indents at my finger tips caused by rigorous and continuous typing for the anniversary post haven't been fully recovered and i am back with another post within a span of 3 days driven by some special cause.

All of you must be well aware of that Phantom's very first strip 'The Singh Brotherhood' appeared in newspapers on 17th Feb. 1936,hence February could be termed as Phantom's month and Comic World would be celebrating this month by posting different-different features/comics relating to Phantom in general.

To start with here is the review of 'The Gold Key years:Volume 1' published by Hermes Press Publication.You must be knowing that Hermes Press is the publication which has recently brought out the 3 volumes of Phantom Daily strips and planning to publish all Gold key,King,Charlton and Sundays too.

The 'Gold Key' was the publishing banner of K.K.Publications of US which published 17 comic books of Phantom based on Lee Falk original strips(except issue no.11,12 and 13) illustrated by Bill Lignate and script by Bill Haris(from issue no.1-10) and Bill Lignate(issue no.11-17) within the period spanning from Nov.1962 to July 1966.

In this series Hermes Press has published the first 8 stories of Gold Key in its 1st Volume followed by a 2nd volume consisting of remaining nine stories out of a total 17 Gold Key stories.

This deluxe dust-jacketed hardcover 256 page volume(7.5"x10"x1.25") with end-papers  consists of eight initial Gold key stories published in full color on glossy pages which makes to look out these stories more attractive and readable.

The USP of this volume is no doubt the painted covers by famed artist George Wilson which appear very artistic and beautiful on thick glossy pages.All eight covers have been reproduced and placed at the beginning of each individual story which are no doubt a collector's delight if compared to the quality of the original individual Gold Key numbers.

George Wilson's painted covers for Gold key can be considered as the best Phantom covers by any publication without any doubt.These mesmerizing covers depicts and portrays the mystic & mysterious aura of the Phantom which haven't been yet captured by any other Phantom cover artist.


The volume unfolds by a brief insight and history of Gold Key volumes by Ed Rhodes followed by eight stories.

Indian Phantom researchers and enthusiasts often put up the point that Phantom painted covers by Indrajal comics illustrator late G.Brahamania are also not less than Wilson's prized covers but one has to accept the fact that George Wilson's work is far-far superior than any other painted cover Phantom artist which can be easily verified by analyzing and comparing his work with the rest others.

Having a cover price of $49.99 this volume can be procured through online shopping shops such as flipkart,infibeam etc at a price of around Rs.2000/-(Two Thousand) which seems to be little higher but for hardcore Phantom phans its really a prized and collectible issue which in my opinion hardcore as well as normal Phantom fans shouldn't afford to miss. 


VISHAL said...

क्या इत्तिफाक है जाहीर भाई , फरवरी के महीने में ही आपके ब्लॉग का जन्म हुआ और इसी महीने महानायक वेताल का जन्म हुआ ! और ऊपर से आपका यह ऐलान की यह पूरा महिना ही 'वेतालमय' होगा ! यह तो वेताल के करोड़ों दीवानों को मदहोश कर देने के लिए काफी है की आप पूरा महीना वेताल से सम्बंधित कुछ न कुछ पोस्ट करेंगे , मजा आ गया आपको अपने रंग में आते देख ,
आपने जो वेताल पुस्तक की चर्चा की है , इसकी तो मुझे कोई जानकारी नहीं थी ! इसी वर्ष मैं भी इसे खरीदूंगा , भाई एक पुरानी इंद्रजाल का अंक २००० में खरीदने से कहीं अच्छा है की एक चमचमाती हुई ग्लोसी पन्नों वाला यह 'वेताल ग्रन्थ' ख़रीदा जाये जिसमें एक से बढ कर एक वेताल कथाएँ हैं , बहुत ही शुक्रिया इस अनमोल जानकारी देने के लिए

PBC said...

Agree, it looks costly, however at current rs-usd rate, it'll cost approx 40USD for Indian fans only.

Comic World said...

Vishal: शुक्रिया विशाल भाई | दरअसल यह मुझे भी हाल में ही ध्यान में आया की क्यों न फरवरी महीने में जोकि वेताल के जन्म का माह है उसमे वेताल से ही सम्बंधित कुछ न कुछ निरंतर पोस्ट किया जाये | जहाँ तक इस पुस्तक की बात है तो यह निसंदेह ही संग्रह योग्य है |

Comic World said...

PBC: Yes it do look costly but considering its quality and fame of Gold key Phantom covers its undoubtedly a issue worth to be collected.

AJAY said...


I have all 17 Original gold keys with me . Original carry their own value but considering the current rates , even Hardbound set is a good bargain & for collection purpose , these look excellent .
Even same publishers will be publishing King & Charlatan comics too .

Wonder if some publishers publish All early Phantom Indrajal in same format .

I have already placed order for this one on flipkart , may be getting most likely this week only .

Comic World said...

Ajay; Yeah,no doubt the original vintage comics carry their own value but printing and paper quality wise this volume could be considered far better than the original individual comics which are being sold at exorbitant price.
It would be nice if some publisher could come up with similar plans for Indrajal comics as it will bring an end to super-volatile Indrajal market regarding early issues.
I think you should rather have placed order on infibeam as on flipkart this volume is priced at Rs.2109/- whereas on Infibeam its being sold at Rs.2000/-.

Krishna said...

I have already bought this- the quality is excellent to say the least!

Comic World said...

Krishna: True.

sarathi19 said...

Kuch Aur Bhi Upload karo Bhai .

Roz yeh site baar-baar khulti hai, Aur har baar 10 Februry ki 'Chautha Putra' dekh kar namm hoti hai !!

(Bolo Wah Wah)

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