Monday, September 17, 2007

#Comic No.45:Iron Willed Saviour/Shaitano ka Dera:Part 3

The final part of the Iron Willed Saviour is presented.Enjoy....

Download Iron Willed Saviour:Part 3

Download Shaitano Ka Dera:Part 3


M Pattabiraman said...


Thanks for the 3rd part. Was awaiting eagerly for it. The format of just posting links and not the scans maybe easier for you. I am not sure if all visitors would agree but if they do they you could just post the links.


M Pattabiraman said...

Dear CW,

For reasons quite obvious may I request that "the LAST Bahadur, The snake charmer's bait?" be posted ? (Vol 27 #5)
The uninitiated may check ICC's last post+ comments.

Thanks :))

SATISH said...

Thanks mate ,for keeping the request and fulfilling it in good time.but iam not sure why you have not commented for the last few’s not only comics but also your good comments that we are addicted to,the way you quickly response to your viewers is highly encouraging.about the links---since your download system is quite good,i don’t foresee any problem if scans are missing.
Keep up the good only encourages me to demand more without any hesitation (as before),becauseyou are no stranger,i feel you to be one of us,one who experiences joy in our joy.
I proudly demand the following(hope you have these)
1. The river of fire(2 parts)--phantom
2. The scorpia gang(2 parts)-- phantom
3. The gang of imposters—bahadur
4. The fire birds(from the viewer’s choice)—bahadur
5. Partners in crime—mandrake
6. The hypnotic beast---- mandrake

I know it’s quite a list but iam sure all viewers will enjoy the above as and when they are posted, thanks to the cheerful, wonderful blog called COMIC WORLD.

sAg_NiK said...

#CW:Hi mate, as i see, u give only links!!
Plse don make CW like other 'free comic sites' where we see ONLY covers-n-link......RATHER,i love the conventional display of scans of each-n-every pages in ALL our comic-blogs !!

But, if time's the factor,then it's different :-()


The Phantom Head said...

#CG: Thanks for this fantastic story. I see no problems with Satish’s demand list but hey! 8 months and just 2 Flash stories? Please give him a chance too. Any of the following will do:

No. 403 The Angry Shark Boy (1982)
No. 282 The Savages of Arboria (1977)

# Col.: Need your support. By the way, do you come to know who your secret commander is?

Chandan said...

Fantastic posts.Keep up the good work.Looking forward to more on this fantastic blog.

Comic Guy said...

#Pattu:Let me verify that 'obvious reason'..if its true then the comic might be coming at CW;-)
#Satish:Thanks for your avid interest shown in CW.As far as silence of TCP/ICC is concerned i personally feel that they are just busy in their preferences and would hook back again as life sails favorably again.
Your comments and comic requests are always welcome as for me its more comfortable to post comics according to viewers choice rather than my wish.
Your demanded comics will also be finding their way on CW with due course of time just keep loving CW.
#Sagnik:I knew that this will be coming from you;-)...well,i too like to post the comics in classic way of posting all pages first followed by the download link..the reason behind postage of only links this time is naturally to save time as if i wouldn't be able to post this comic today then it might quite easily have taken away few more days to post this final part thus resulting in a annoying wait for my esteemed viewers and specially for Satish as he was quite eager to read the final part..isn't it Satish!!!:-)
#the Phantom Head:what i need is the more support for Flash and other heroes comics.
#Chandan:Now its your turn ready:-)

Comic Guy said...

While surfing through ebay site i came across with some interesting thing...check this link
The image for Indrajal no.147 is taken from CW,also i am quite sure the comics listed by seller are taken from Indrajal Blogs such as TCP/CW/ICC as there is a comic listed by the title 'Cry Baby'(Not an Indrajal but a story from Frew) in the comics list which i am almost sure taken from CW post no.41.
Though i may be wrong but its most obvious that somebody downloaded the comics from Indrajal Blogs and trying to make easy money.

Colonel Worobu said...

Phantom Head:

I do love Flash Gordon stories but I did not want to press CW to post them just for me alone. But if my vote is needed, you've got it! ;o)

Savages of arboria is great. I also love the one where they go to Atlantis and another favorite is the one where they go back in time and meet caligula (posted in Hindi at TCP, but no English scans).

CW, thanks for keeping the Indrajal flame going! Now that the TCP & ICC sites have been killed off by the nasty happenings, you and bala are the last hope for us to get our regular Indrajal fix. I hope this will be a lesson for people not to bite the hand that feeds them :(

sAg_NiK said...

CW said :"I knew that this will be coming from you ;-)"

Lolzz ;-))

Yes, i read in 'on-line' IJCs those i don have yet & then wait 4 "paper form"[u know what i mean :-)] .
Though i download some strips/other comics BUT for Indrajal ,it's different! I know i'll rarely go back to those down-loaded scans once i read them,what's the pt of huge-time-spending for downloading as a free-user ? ;-))

But, i understand that,those fans DON have the oppotunity of buying "IJCs in paper" is their only ONE option :-()

Simply Complicated said...

hey CG, good to see the third part of this post. but can you put up the scanned pages too... i am not able to download the comics as the sites are blocked by proxy. Scanned pages would be highly appreciated.

The Phantom Head said...

1>> A little query: is IJC #53 The Cry Baby (1967) the same as posted by CW at #41 or is it a different story?

2>> indrajals on ebay: There is absolutely no doubt that some cheap crook is doing this. I have seen this happening with asterix comics (available on some other blog) on ebay, so this is not absolutely unexpected. To counter this evildoing i suggest watermarking some of the scan pages per comics with CW blog address. Another thing we can do is to leave criticism of the seller at that site so the innocent buyer might be aware of the original source of the comics.

3>> I am highly enjoying your posts of Phantom/Mandrake comics. Please treat my demand for Flash as a simple hand raising exercise so that you can adjust the counter correctly for Flash (and Dale) lovers.

great going CW.

Satish said...

Thanks ,To Start With,For Commenting After Quite Sometime.
You Have Cast A Spell On Us,Not Only By Posting,But By Your Chosen Words Also.
Secondly,Thanks For Considering Me To Be One Of Your ‘Esteemed’ Viewers.
As Far As Scans Are Concerned,I Don’t Understand Why My Fellow Viewers Miss Them So Much.Iam Sure We Are More Interested In The Post Rather Than Anything Else, Specially When The Download System Is Quite Good. And In The Bargain We Are Acually Helping CW As It’s A Tedious Job To Do Both,Not That CW Will Mind Doing It.If It’s A Genuine Problem While Downloading For Someone Then I Feel It’s Okay.
I Just Thought The Guy Is Doing So Much For Us(This Is Not His Only Job),This Is One Of Those Things Which We Can Understand And Can Help. Dear Col.Worobu,What Are These Nasty Things We Are Talking About?I Would Like To Know.But Even If It Was Due To Some Spoilsport,TCP/ICC Have Robbed Some Genuine Comic Lovers Of Posts For No Fault Of Theirs. Again ,There Was No Mention Of Any Sort.
That Is Why I Respect CW As It Promptly Replies To Viewers And Makes Things Better Understood.I Knew There Would Be No Post Today(Last Post Being Just Yesterday)But Still I Sprang To ‘The Comments Section’ To Check Out CW’s Valuable Comments.
Even The Comics I Have Chosen(In My Last Comment),I Have Taken Care Of My Fellow Viewers,Iam Sure all viewers will Love Them As Much As I Will.But,Dear Viewers,Now It’s Upto Us To Keep The Flame Of CW Glowing By Our Sincere Comments And Regular Visits ,Even If It’s To Share Something Beyond Comics.This Is The Least We Can Do For This Die-Hard,Flambouyant,Ever Considerate Blog---Comic World

Comic Guy said...

#Col:I too will like to post more non Phantom/Mandrake Indrajals and for this i was looking for the support of the visitors.I hope now i can post more of Flash and other indrajal heroes.
#Simply complicated:Time was the only factor behind posting only the link.In future i will be posting in conventional manner except occasional speedy post consisting of links only.
Let me know your mail id and i will be mailing you the zip file of this comic.
#Phantom head:IJC no.53 is adaptation of the same story ('Cry Baby',posted as #41 on CW) but lettered and drawn by other artists whereas the original story consists art work by MCcoy and scripting by great Falk himself.
King Feature Syndicate use to franchise the license to various countries where they use to create basic story of Falk into comic strips/stories drawn and scripted by local artists/writers to suit according to the respective country culture and taste.Gold Key and Charlton comics use to publish mainly such 'Phantom comics' and IJC #53 is a translated version of one of those Gold Key/Charlton.
I think after clarification of things seller criticism would be a better idea where at least innocent buyer can come to know that these 'scans' are available on net absolutely free of cost.
#Satish:-) Thanks for your mind blowing appreciation and kind words.

Chandan said...

Why don't we start a poll for viewers concerning all the heroes?
Iam sure there will be pretty daylight between the selections.
And Im sure CW will have to divide the trophy between Phantom and Mandrake.
Anyway,Iam not selfish and not against anyone's wish.I don't mind CW posting a non-Phantom/non-Mandrake story in between.
But I sincerely hope to see a lot many Phantom,Mandrake and Bahadur stories on this 'Out of this World'comic blog.I don't know but the above three bring with them ,somekind of,a lot of attraction ---the first 2 being the biggest hits, big time.
To share with all of You,I had been a ardent fan of Indrajal Comics,particularly of Phantom ,Mandrake and Bahadur and I admit,I even enjoyed some stories Of Flash,Rip Kirby,Garth and Buzz Sawyer.But unfortunately my first love was Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha.Later on I realised that it was all infatuation.The reason I say this is because the day I realised what Indrajal comics meant for me,the guys had stopped publication of the same.
No matter what,nothing could bring them back.Now,a great event looks to bring back all those happy memories and lost ones, back,which could have been only imaginary,otherwise.The great event being "Comic World".I know what those comics meant(and mean to this day)for everyone.
Thanks Comic World,to allow us to dream and actually see it come true.

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I am facing a problem here. I managed to download part 2 and 3 but part 1 is giving me blank zip file. The link is
Thanks in advance for any help.

Comic Guy said...

#sng:There might be some problem particularly with your system as part 1 is being downloaded with pics.Anyway let me know your mail id and i will be mailing you the zip file.

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