Saturday, September 29, 2007

#Comic No.48:The Trials of Valour/Hatyaro Ka Tandav:Part 1

The answers of the quiz asked in previous post are as follows:
Q.1.Which Phantom married a Indian maiden?
Ans.1.The 11th Phantom married a Indian maiden.There is confusion about the 3rd Phantom being married to daughter of Indian Maharaja hence the correct answer is 11th Phantom.
Which Phantom married daughter of a Mangol King?
Ans.2. 9th Phantom
What was the reason behind sacking of Bill Lignate (Phantom illustrator,"Phantom and Queen Samaris" fame) by Lee Falk?
Ans.3.Because he showed the eyes of Phantom in the comic 'Phantom and Queen Samaris'.
At what age our Phantom first met Diana Palmer?
Ans.4.Phantom met at the age of 12 to Diana (Here the age of Phantom is asked not of Diana's.In Indrajal #317 the age of Diana's is mentioned as 8 years rather than Phantom's)
Which Phantom did had 4 sons?
Ans.8th Phantom.
In which month and year was the first issue of Indrajal Comics published?
Ans.6.March 1964
How many issues were published under Volume 26 by Indrajal Comics?
Ans.7.Total 41 issues.
Which two issues of Indrajal Comics were not published due to Industrial strike?
Ans.8.Two issues namely no.123 and 124.
Total how many issues were published by Indrajal Comics excluding 2 left out issues due to Industrial strike?
Ans.9.Total 803 issues.
What was the issue no. of Indrajal Comics in which Jumba Story was unfolded?
Ans.10.In issue no.245,'The Phantom and the Beast'.(The #IJC 49 deals with the adventure of Rex,though mentions something about Jumba but at a very brief note,the full story about this elephant appears in IJC No.245)

So TPH you got the most no. of correct answers:-) ..Now your prize..which comic you wants to be posted next (As 51st comic post as the next post would be 2nd part of present comic and after that would be Golden Jubilee issue)!!!
Visitors do you like the idea of fulfilling the request of quiz winner on priority basis!!!!..if yes then you could also be the next winner as here follows the next quiz:

Quiz No.2
Q.1.Which famous artist designed 'The Phantom Head' alias 'Vetal Shikhar' alias 'Vetal Mastak'?
Q.2.What is the name of Rex's mother?
Q.3.Eden is home of a last surviving member of a species. Name it.
Q.4.After whose name the cave monster Hzz's baby was named by Phantom.
Q.5.What is the name of Diana's pilot who picks her up from the plain of phantom-head and drops her off in town?
Q.6.Which tribe build the Tree House or Hawamahal?
Q.7.What is the name of Col. Weeks' daughter?
Q.8.Name the Strongest Phantom ever... According to the chornicles he was strong enough to uproot entire tree.
Q.9.Tirangi people use to worship their chief, by what name did they call their chief as.
Q.10.Diana had a first cousin. They were raised as brother and sister.What is his name and profession?

So my esteemed visitors answer these simple questions and get a comic posted of your choice;o)
Wants to test your brain with more questions....ok,just follow this link Phantom Quiz
and let me also know how much you scored:o)
This comic was requested by an avid Indrajal fan and a lill bit impatient visitor Ajit/ Ajit/Ayan are you glad now:-)

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Hatyaro ka Tandav:Part 1

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Satish said...

Nice comic.
And thanks for turning up.
Congrats to TPH for standing first.
As far the comics of my choice are concerned,I think I will be stranded because Iam very poor and I judged myself from your questions.I don't have any comics with me which I can open and look for answers even.Nevetheless I'll give it a try.
Dear TPH(the knowleageable),can you demand something which you,I and others will enjoy?Now that you have a well-earned chance to demand something big.Please request CW to pick one from my list.
Also made a quite a few trips to your blog(TPH) but didn't find your comments.
Thanks,CW/Quiz Master for entertaining us all the way.

Comic Guy said...

Dear Satish i can sense a tinge of disappointment and despair from your comment which i can easily understand might have resulted from your great devotion and attachment which you sustain with this blog as where there are great expectations and enthusiasm such feeling may creep sometime.
Its not so that the chances of your requested comics to appear on the blog would be diminished or got 'delayed' if you somehow wouldn't manage to win the quiz....
Dear Friend the quiz is introduced just to add more flavor and spice to the blog it won't at all serve any purpose to negate the requests of other non-participating visitors.
So just be relaxed and flood this blog with your 'Dil Se nikli' feelings,requests and comments without any hesitations or reservations.

SATISH said...

Thanks,CW,for your kind words.Actually I got a good head on my shoulders,but sometimes I deviate and act otherwise.
That's because I am infatuated to your blog.You guessed it right.

The Phantom Head said...

Comic Guy:Thanks for announcing me as winner. Will tell you my choice well in time. Some of your decisions/answers are tempting me to go for a debate but... let it go. I won it :-))

I liked the idea very much (as long as I win) ;-). Let the people earn their story of choice. But what's the matter this time? Most of the questions appearing from those titles which I don't have anymore (tirangi, treehouse, rex mother, HZZ baby etc.)

Since no elaborate rules have been laid by you so far, I propose some:
(1) All answers must appear in a single post.
(2) In case of two persons giving correct answer for same question, the person whose answer appear first, gets the credit.
(3) Sagnik and pattu should be permanently banned from answering. ;-)

Here are my answers for quiz-2:
Q #1. Michael angelo.
Q #3. Name of whom? Member or species? Well, dinosaur (stegosaurus) named stagy.
Q #5. Capt. McComber.
Q #7. Caroline.
Q #8. 9th phantom.

Satish: Dear satish, this is the first time that I am getting a chance. You have experienced the joy of seeing your choice being delivered. Please let me have this one. I was planning to post a Mandrake comic on my blog this time, but since CG is going to put him to his magical works for next two posts, I am giving another phantom one. Enjoy that one. Meanwhile, I was a bit busy with my work and also on my hunt for Indrajals. If everything goes well, I might be hitting a goldmine within two - three days.

Comic Guy said...

#Satish:Let the emotions vent out freely without any adultness dam,as this is minimum expected from kids which we all would love to become again.We all should recall that same mind frame while reading these comics which we use to have when we first read these comics as kids.
#Vetal Shikhar:Any debate/clarity/suggestion is always welcome as that would only add to the variety and interest of blog output.
Most of the questions for the quiz no.1 were taken from a research article which was published in Frew in attempt to trace down the Phantom History and family chain so there is no question about their genuineness though i am not having any proof of the answers if i am asked for therefore now the questions of quiz no.2 are taken from our Indrajal Comics of which atleast i could be able to provide proof if such need arises.
Anybody who has been a regular member of Indrajal Comics blogs such as TCP,CW,ICC and MTM can easily answer most of the questions irrespective of having physically those comic in paper form or not.
Yeah i agree with your suggested rules and also with that 'Sagnik' should be banned from answering...about Pattu i am not aware of his such 'talent':0)

sAg_NiK said...

#TPH/Cg: Lolzzzzzzzzzz ;-)

U can't ban me frm answering! may b my prize'll b baned ... :-((

But,am HONORED 4 pple amazed with my Comic-Knowledge ;-))

I only ask u pple,HOW CUD I FORGET them??? ..../Rajju-admi(frm beng.)/Rex/Lisindra/Ninth Phantom/surya-chandra-k-putra/Don OR Carola ??????

Tell me u guys,'though' i SKIPED those correct ans. already given by TPH & give others in incorrect-order,CAN'T i deserve a prize of the 'Sultana Comic' that "this lazy" CG promised in his LAST VC 'decades ago'!!!!!!!!


sAg_NiK said...

And 4 this Mandrake's very special 4 me as, IT'S one of THOSE EARLY Mandrakes i collected in my early-days of IJC-hunt in 2005......don aware abt TCP or such possibilties NEITHER that one day i'll collect more copies ,i was totally thrilled !!

Those were the days !! May b was very 'poor' then, BUT xcitement was much much deeper than nowdays 'Crorepati'level!

Enjoy !!

M Pattabiraman said...

I think we could say that Sagnik should be judge and not a participant :)
In anycase I think one thing is clear: we all marvel at Sagnik's knowlegde of IJCs!

As for me. I love IJCs but I dont remember much of what happend! So silence upon my part means that I dont know the answers!

Thanks for the comic!


sAg_NiK said...

I'm ashmed!

As i check my collectn (& now see, TPH already deliverd!)......

Sorry Miss, how can i FORGET ur sweet face with those pimples (;-)) ??.....BUT as long-time-no-see ,i messed with ur name :-(

......u r NOT carol'a' BUT charming Carol'ine'!

P.S.-"Carola" also another hottie, but nasty as well ....deadly queen of 'Kula-ku'....but worth to appear in dreams ;-)


Chandan said...

Fantastic comics.Keep the good work going.Always a pleasure to visit your blog.
Dear CW,when am I going to see one of my hot favourites THE MISSING PRINCE?I know Iam after you like a leech for this one but I promise I'll keep my demands shut for quite sometime,as I have been literally begging for this one.

sAg_NiK said...

Hi all frnds,

Recently i Inked some B/W 'Mandrake strips'
....have a look on some samples i published today at this BLOG:

Lemme know,how u feel :-)

The Phantom Head said...

No one has raised any serious objection to the quiz system so far. So I assume everyone is comfortable with the format. There is nothing wrong really with this system. As I said earlier, let people work a little for their choices to be delivered. You correctly mentioned that most answers are available in the comics already posted (collectively) on comics blogs. Even a 5 minute web search can greatly help. Then it becomes a matter of answering first only.

Comic Guy said...

#Sagnik:'Sultana Daku' will also be coming as soon as this 'Demand Flood' subdues a bit.
#Chandan:Be patient:-)

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