Thursday, March 20, 2008

#Comic No.81:The Forsaken Cave

Update:A 3rd question has also been added to the quiz.Please check...
Was trying to post something from quite a few days but unable to choose what to post....was seriously trying to post something scanned by me but my laziness won and again here is a comic which is scanned by Ajay Misra,all thanks+credit to him.

As a tradition again a quiz is being presented;
Q1.Can you identify these famous Phantom illustrators according to their photos...




Q.2.What was the name and issue no. of that Indrajal comic which was illustrated jointly by Sy Barry and Bill Lignate.That very comic has been posted at one of our Indrajal blog.Can you name it!!!!

Q.3.Out of the three pages posted below there is something strikingly odd in one of the page,can you point out that 'odd' and the page no. containing it.!!!!




You can also download the higher resolution version of these 3 pages for better and closer viewing from Here

Friends many a time we seriously wish that apart from us and our parents some other person(s) would have lived a bit longer or stayed young throughout their life,isn't it!!!!

For example i myself have wished quite seriously that Lee Falk would have lived longer so that i could have enjoyed his masterpieces for a longer period of time...similarly there is a actor whose movies i like to enjoy very much during my childhood and wished that he would have stayed young throughout his life so that i could have enjoyed more of his movies as a young hero.
Similarly all of you might also having a similar feeling for some of the person(s),can you share your thoughts over why and which two persons you would have wished to live longer or/and would have stayed young throughout their life,other than yourself and your parents!!!!

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The Phantom Head said...

(1) i.Wilson McCoy
ii. Sy Barry
iii. Ray Moore

(2) IJC #13 'Samaris' was first illustrated by Bill Lignante and then redrawn by Sy Barry which was again published in indrajal as V21N19 and V21N20 'The witch queen's profecy'. Samaris was posted on TCP.

Comic World said...

TPH 1st answer is correct but 2nd one is not.
Queen Samaris,a Sunday story was the last of Bill Lignate's as a sole artist,he was stripped of being a sole illustrator from then because of showing Phantom eyes in this particular story.This story was never redrawn by Barry.
There is one another story which was drawn jointly by both Barry and Lignate,or rather precise to say mostly by Lignate as Barry was appointed as a watchdog over lignate to prevent him from distorting any of the Phantom's basic once again.

comic.crazy said...



Comic World said...

CC Many thanks for your wishes.... :o)

Prabhat said...

Hello CW!
May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,

All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have Gods best in everything.

Wishing u a Happy Birthday

Colonel Worobu said...

Happy Birthday CW!

adibud34 said...

Happy B'day, CW! I cannot answer the quiz at all - no idea at all! I kept trying to find something wrong with one of the pages, but couldn't find anything at all.

As far as the two people are concerned - I would really have liked Herge and John Lennon to have lived on!

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Many thanks for your warm wishes.

Comic World said...

Col.: Thanks Col.,where have you been from so many detailed comments!!!!

Comic World said...

Adibud34: Thanks for the wishes.Adi if you closely and minutely scan the pages you will be able to find some 'odd' or rather a 'mistake' which is strikingly odd.
I am happy that you shared your feelings on this topic also,can you throw more light on the names which you mentioned here.

Ruchi said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the comic.

I can't see anything odd in these pages. But, as a "return gift" would want to have the entire story :-)

- Ruchi.

Comic World said...

Ruchi: Thanks for wishes,there is something indeed 'odd' in one of the page.Please have a closer look. :o)

The Phantom Head said...

Why is everybody wishing you happy birthday again? We just celebrated your birthday last month. Please accept my best wishes too and wishing you a very happy and colourful holi.

"The stalking fury" was jointly illustrated by McCoy, Lingnant and one more but not barry.

About "the legend of valour", the question is incomplete. Odd in what sense? When one odd page is to be picked among few, then normally one has to select the page which is different from other pages. Is it the case here? Or you want to pick some odd thing which is against the phantom tradition? Make the question more clear.

The only odd things I could notice are that phantom is wearing skull marked ring in his left hand while normally he wears it in his right hand, but then this is not very odd. Also the same picture is on two pages. Secondly, in one of the picture on second page, he is sitting on skull throne and skull structure is not clearly visible. again not a noticeable odd.

Comic World said...

TPH: My B'day celebrated last month!!!!..when man!!!!
Thanks for Holi wishes,same to you too.
The odd is about Phantom outfit/tradition which you have picked page no.2 it has been shown that Phantom is wearing skull ring in his left hand,which is a odd thing as Phantom wears normally skull ring in his right hand,and we all know that atleast our Phantom(21st) is a right hander.
This is the first time in the whole history of Falk's stories,where a panel shows Phantom wearing skull ring in his left hand.
One can notice clearly that in page no.1 he is being shown wearing good mark ring in left hand whereas in page no. 2 he is wearing skull ring in left hand,which is indeed a odd thing.
Congrats you have got 2 answers correct,now only one question remains.
Regarding the 2nd question,if one examines the art style of 'that' comic closely,it can be easily recognized that it contains work of both Lignate and Barry.

The Phantom Head said...

Dear CW, the phantom in picture is 13th phantom holding a sword. He might have been a left hander which is not clear from these three pages. But reading the whole story it becomes clear that he was indeed a right hander. And therefore your pick is correct. :-)

adibud34 said...

Hi CW, well TPH got the answer right for your quiz..ha ha...

Well, to shed more light on the names - Herge because of Tintin. I love Tintin and hate the idea that "Alph Art" wasn't completed, also it would have been fun to see more Tintins.

John Lennon because of music. It was such a shame that that lunatic just killed him and got away with it... I would have so wanted to meet John Lennon....

BTW - a funny joke about that....there was this one gal from Kerala in my earlier university, to whom I told "I wish Lennon were alive today...I am such a huge Lennon fan" that dame was so happy, she thought I was talking about Lenin (which I absolutely was not!)I guess we were both disappointed to finally understand what each of us was talking about! :)

obelix said...

Hi CW, belated best wishes for your Birth Day. Good that you were born, or we net surfing comics lovers would have missed so much.

All our blessings go with you, man. Keep healthy and hearty and do keep on posting comics.

Comic World said...

TPH: Yeah,the story is about 13th Phantom,by mistake i referenced our 21st Phantom.Still Falk never described any Phantom being left handed and in this story the odd thing is that in one Panel Phantom is shown wearing good mark ring in left hand whereas in other panel he wears skull ring in left hand.
Regarding 2nd question Deepwood is also missing of the correct information,hence credits 'that' story only against Barry's name but one could easily recognize some of the Lignate work too on having a closer look on the illustrations.

Comic World said...

Adibud34: Nice comedy of errors..haa..haa..haa.. :o)
Obelix: Many thanks for your warm wishes.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual.

Do you have the un-edited BW version of "Journey to the emarald island" (IC V25, Nos. 1,2).
Could you please post it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday CW


Comic World said...

Anon: Mozz,Journey of Emerald has been posted by TPH,pls do check.
Raman: Thanks Raman.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday CW. May god bless you.

Anonymous said...

Nice one.
Could you please post the unedited BW version of the Phantom Story "Journey to the Emerald island"...


Simply Complicated said...

Hey CW, long time no new posts... Kya hua? Kahan hain aap?

Projetor said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello CW

long time no new post.... we are all waiting for some good comics .... pls

Comic World said...

Anon: Thanks....
Mozz: ICC is the suitable person to be asked for posting the B/W version of "Journey to Emerald Island".Please ask him to post it as he is having all the Phantom strips.
Simply Complicated: Thanks for your concern frnd..i was/am here only struggling with day to day life.
Anon: New post had been posted.Enjoy...

WildMagic said...

CW: In your comment on TCP's latest post you said that you understood how he felt and then you said something like, "..I've been thinking along those lines myself!"

Do I interpret it as meaning that you are thinking of a disappearing act as well? Don't even THINK of it. We love you too much already, so it is a bit late for that :)

And you said that these days people don't look forward eagerly to a new comic. Wrong again. We do look forward to the new comics everytime..that is why we check your blog every single day (and sometimes twice a day). Which reminds me..when is the next comic coming along? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see pages from 13th Phantom Story.
Can someone please please tell me what is the name of the comic and is it available anywhere for download.

Comic World said...

Anon: The title of this very comic is "The Legend Of Valour",its not yet posted on any blog.
You will be finding this comic on either of Indrajal blog,pls keep visiting here.
Also if you could leave a name or nick then it would be nice for me to address you.

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