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#Comic No.79:Escapade In Kalahari & Quiz

Friends a very thoughtful idea has been put forward by Chandan,as we all know that its very hard to find Indrajals below no.300 so why not all of us collaborate together and get all those of below 300 printed!!!!..more the nos. of persons lesser will be the cost per head.
Scans of almost all the issues ranging from No.1 to No.300 are available with us so why not we combine and get printed all those!!!!..Sameer,a printing engineer can throw more light on the feasibility of the project,i request him to come forward and lets know about the factual aspects of this project.But for making him to take interest in the project first there should be ample no. of takers so that the cost per head should be in economical range.
I request and appeal all 'real' Indrajal lover to come forward and lets know their point of view about this project as day by day chances of getting early issues 'original' copies are getting diminished and i am afraid that this is perhaps the last and most economical chance of making us enable to put our hand on the physical copies of the issues below No.300.

Now the comic,infact its the first Bruce Lee comic on CW.Though i enjoyed very much the movies of this martial arts legend but some how couldn't find much interesting the paper version adventures of this legend.Anyway its again a contribution from our familiar contributor Achala...again all credit with thanks goes against her name.
The cover page is scanned by CW as the cover in the link was having some blurred edges and some misalignment.

Download Comic

Again a quiz is presented,perhaps the last quiz was a bit easy thats why ICC made it so this time a bit tough one is presented as now instead of a full page only a couple of panels of a comic page of each hero are being put here.You have to identify the name and issue no. of the comic.
Prizes!!!!.....yes,prize is the posting of a comic of the winners choice.....So come on all of you,try your knowledge.






WildMagic said...

Wow...I THINK I might be the first one to comment on this post, yaahooo!!!

CW, I like the idea about the printing. I am waiting for more details from Sameer.

And its great to read a Bruce Lee indrajal. I didn't even know that existed.


Prabhat said...

Hello CW!
Answers of your 2nd question is
V22N27 (1985)- The Massacre at Sitapur

dArA said...

MORE the 'real' fans understand the great chance to collect these lost gems,MORE will b the chances for print-out!!

Hope it'll happen... :-)

Btwn,for quiz:

1.Mandrake - Messenger of Death(Ijc #195 )
2.Bahadur - Masscare at Sitapur(Vo.22 No.27)
4.Flash - Adventure of Venusport(Vol.20 No.25)

dArA said...


a change
1. Mandrake -The Death Knell( Vol.22 No.47)

other 2 r correct..

2.Bahadur - Masscare at Sitapur(Vo.22 No.27)
4.Flash - Adventure of Venusport(Vol.20 No.25)

Comic World said...

Wildmagic: Yes,you are indeed the first one to comment on this post.
The printing idea can be materialized only if there are sufficient takers so that the cost/head could be maintained economical.
Indrajal did published few Bruce Lee comics but these comics got only a moderate success.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Welcome to the quiz arena.
Where are the answers of rest 3 question!!Only 1 answer can't make you winner.. :o)

Comic World said...

Dara: To be a winner all question should be answered,and they should be answered correctly...
Where is the winner of the last quiz!!!..ICC where are you....questions are waiting for you.

Prabhat said...

I know! Don't know the number of 1st question, but it was the reproduction of number 144 (1971)-The Mysterious Eight.

dArA said...

To be a winner all question .... should be answered correctly

No NEED to mention it buddy!!
IT'S THE RULE of EVERY quiz....I don know the ans of 3rd Q n thus cudn't make one but those 3 I asnswered r obviously correct ones!

The Phantom Head said...

Dear CW, I am now ablt to see indian languages correctly in all browsers. Just use the following link:

My long due prize post? Any unposted buz sawyer will do preferably in hindi. Thanks.

bahadur said...

iam sorry,i cant make any headway into this but my guesses wud be none mentioned so far...
i wud have answered Plant Attack,Kunfukings and mysterious eight for Flash,Bahadur and Mandrake resp.
Iam disappointed at the response of printing scans.Just imagine,iam sure there are no less than 2000 indrajal fans around the world,but the time has come to make this dream come true.
I hope someday somewhere a wave of my feelings takes shape into forming what cud have been just imagined.
INDRAJAL FANS,where are u?
CW....thanks for making my feelings public and also for the wonderful quiz.Great effort,keep it up.

obelix said...

Hi CW,
The idea of printing comics sounds great. I have a question, though. Will it be possible to distribute/post to fans outside the country(like myself) as well?

The Phantom Head said...

बहुत चर्चे हैं इस गली के

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Good try man..but where are the rest 3 answers!!

Comic World said...

TPH: Thanks for the link,i downloaded the plug in add ones for typing in various Indian languages but my Firefox still doesn't displays Hindi font i have to follow some other step in that link for this!!

Comic World said...

Bahadur: Yeah,there may be hundreds of fan but are they really interested in having vintage Indrajal comics in their hands!!!
Lets hope and wait for the best.

Comic World said...

Obelix: If this project come to realism then the comics will be posted to all of its contributor provided he/she bears the respective shipping charges.

obelix said...

CW, can I ask you(or someone else?) more about the printed Indrajaals and the probable price? Probably it would be better to send an email rater than discuss here. Where can I mail?

Comic World said...

Obelix: The cost/head can be decided then only once the no. of contributors are finalized.
For more details you can mail me at

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Dear CW, we have already discussed the printing pf our IJCS along with Chandoba. See, the main cost in any printing job is in two parts: 1) fixed cost & 2) variable cost.

The fixed cost is the processing and initial plates etc.. and paper and printing cost i changes as per no. of copies. for example, on one plate, we can print aroung 4 pages of an IJC and on one sheet of paper, 8 pages of IJC. i.e. to print a comic of 28 pages, we require 7 plates and 3 1/2 sheets of paper. the cost ofprinting 7 plates is 17500/- fixed + 8 rs. paper per, if we print 1 comic, it will cost us 17500+8= 17508! if we print 1000, it will cost 17500+8000 = 25500 (rs.25.5/-)
per comic for 2000 comics, the printing for next 1000 is only rs. 500 per plate, so the cost becomes:
17500 + 3500 + 16000 = rs. 18/- per comic..... so more the no. of prints, lesser is the cost. Indrajals were printed in numbers of 10 lakh copies, hence the price after all consideraqtions was rs. 1/- and 2/-!!! i think i have tried to explain as easily.... Thanks!

Ajay said...

Answer to phantom comics is curse of sacred image , originally printed as two headed bull # 234. original I have already scanned & send to you all soon

Comic World said...

SCT: Sameer thanks for making the things clear.So now all of you can easily estimate yourself the cost/per copy according to the no. of contributors.To get a copy at Rs.25.5 around 1000 persons are needed and so on.

Comic World said...

Ajay: Yes,you got the right what you want to be posted of your choice.. :o)

Ruchi said...

Thanks for this. Can't say I enjoy Bruce Lee comics :-( In the non-mainstream genre, I prefer Rip Kirby and Kerry Drake.

In any case, thanks CW and Achala.

- Ruchi.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Sometime back ICC had printed all news paperstrips into a bound book. There were not any takesrs for that when Sameer came forward and the idea was dropped.

If then cost per IJC can be kept down to Rs. 25 then I am willing to shell out Rs. 7500 for the 1st 300 Ijcs. Printing a newspaper strips sounds like a good idea. But printing a scanned book..
Will it come out nicely? Could Sameer please enlighten.

All said I strongly doubt there would be 1000 takers. Maybe if we give this idea wider publicity we stand a better chance.

Another option is why go into the trouble ourselves why not approach TOI itself?

Comic World said...

Ruchi: Welcome Ruchi.
GC: Some persons have already tried out by taking color prints from the scanned images and in their words the quality was better than original considering the paper and print quality.
Yes,its difficult to collect 1000 peoples for the project,TOI was also approached in past by some but they paid no heed but we can try once more to convince them but the problem lies how to manage/coordinate this convincing exercise and how to find the 'right' link to be can't be done be a couple of persons,few more have to come forward to take pain too.

adibud34 said...

Thanks CW for everything! I visited your blog after quite a while, and wow! You've posted so many cool comics! Thanks so much for them all! I couldn't play any of the quizzes, but will do so for your future quizzes!

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