Thursday, March 6, 2008

#Comic No.80:Gold Or Death

Update(11 March):Another new comic has been posted at ACK.Enjoy it....

A new comic has been posted at ACK at the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri,so comic lovers please do check it.

Friends it seems to collaborate 1000 persons for printing of colored IJC is a too much ask..but here is one more novel idea and thats of printing of Mandrake Strips.
Friends here is a golden chance to getting Mandrake Sunday+Daily strip on paper...the whole idea is like that a master laser print out of each strip will be taken which will cost at most Rs.3/- per page and after that the xerox from the master laser print out can be taken out according to the no. of takers.
Now suppose if there are only 10 takers then to get a xerox print of say 30 page comic will cost around Rs.24 per person (yes,Rs.Twenty Four only) as to get a 30 page laser printout will cost Rs.30X3=90 and per person it will cost 90/10=9 plus Rs.15 for getting xerox of those 30 pages.Hence the total cost per person comes to be 9+15=24 Rs.only(excluding binding cost).
The cost would be reduced further as the no. of takers increases.
If somebody can suggest any other cheaper option he/she is most welcome to please come forward.
So friends let us know how many of you are wishing to have Mandrake strips on paper,for further details you can contact Mr.Ajay Misra at or me at

Now as a tradition again a quiz is being presented but this time only one question is being put up:
Question:Anyone of you can tell that what was the title of the Hindi version of the very first issue of Indrajal Comic "The Belt"

An Appeal
Here is an appeal to those Indrajal Comics collectors who have also been collecting its Hindi issues,can any one of you please provide the cover scans of the very early issues of Hindi version of Indrajal Comics...preferably the first 100 issues(from issue no.1-100),any cover scan of these issues will be highly appreciated.Thanks.

"Gold or Death" is once again contributed by our familiar contributor Achala,all credit+thanks to her.English version scans from Achala was not having cover and ad pages,hence English cover scan is taken from Ajay's contribution,Hindi cover and ad pages scan are from CW.

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comic60 said...

Thanx for the comic. Hope im first to comment :)

Ajay said...

CW , the name of first Phantom story was Vetal Mekhla . Vineeth has a list of containing handwritten only in which mostly Hindi names are there .

The Phantom Head said...

Ajay: What does Mekhla means?

Can we have a copy of those names in Hindi? I would like to add all hindi titles in IOB.

CW: Tell you something, I had already downloaded this comic from Achala's mediafire folder as that is a public folder. Also downloaded Buz Sawyer story from there but its resolution was even smaller so could not enjoy.

Comic World said...

Comic60: Welcome,yes you are indeed the 1st.Congrats.

Comic World said...

Ajay: It seems we have to ban a expert like you from taking part in the quizzes.. :o)

Comic World said...

TPH: TPH Mekhla means a belt which is tied on waist similar as 'Kardhani'
I intend to put up all the scans of Hindi covers too for this i need cover scans of earlier issues,..see if some body can help.

Ajay said...

TPH : I will request Vineeth to give me zerox of it ,therafter I will scan the list & send to all of you . Meaning of Mekhla has been correctly told by CW , you can see this being put in by Kings & queeens in old movies

Anonymous said...


WildMagic said...

Ehhh...I am a bit confused. Does this mean that the plan of printing phantom IJCs is scrapped? :((


bahadur said...

Iam sorry but iam disappointed ,iam with u..Wildmagic.In fact u,i and Obelix were the only ones who showed interest in that.Anyway lets leave the matter to that.
Ajay,CW....great idea,i hope there are many takers.
Achala,great effort.Nice post.
This story was later republished as CHALLENGE OF THE HIJACKERS.

Comic World said...

Rakesh: Welcome and thanks for the explanation.
Wildmagic: The Indrajal idea hasn't been dropped,the only thing is that when sufficient takers could combine then only it could be materialized.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks Achala and CW. I rememebr reading this story a long while ago. Great to be able to do so again.

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

CW, It was really a joke about my quitting! pl. visit my blog for a detailed clarification! I will see if I have any hindi covers, and will scan and send you....

Indrajal Comics Club said...

cw and ajay, the cost u have given is quite high!!! infact, almost double the cost.. what i have printed for phantom's strips,
i printed all master prints by laser printer for rs 2

Comic World said...

GC: Welcome and thanks.
SCT: I was expecting the same which has been proved true now,so happy lots a comments you have got now :o)

Comic World said...

ICC: That was a rough estimate,will be trying to find still some cheaper option.
If you have got printed a page at Rs.2 then a 30 comic would had been cost you Rs.60/-(excluding binding charges) which is far costlier than Rs.24/- per comic.
Xerox rates are 50 Paisa per page which are more or less fixed,if some how any cheaper option can be found out for a laser page print then the total cost involved can be brought down.So if you have any better idea then you are most welcome to please come forward and help us all.

bahadur said...

It is a great idea to print all these mandrake/phantom strips.But if u ask me,I wud definitely opt for coloured indrajals than b/w strips.SO viewers,pls give it a thought.
Its difficult but if 1000 get together then it might become a possibility to print all those colourful ics once again.Obelix,Wildmagic,I know u are with me.

dArA said...

ICC wrote:

i printed all master prints by laser printer for rs 2.0

ICC, you forgot,you told me that the 2 rs/page is for when TOTAL pages is <3,000 pages...when it's above 3,000(NOT reqr individual count ,but total i.e. INCLD. as many persons)...the rate of master lesser print drops to 1.5/ yourself ahd mentioned in your blog as well!

Considering this,the cost of 500 pages of Master Lesser Print-out (for at least 7 persons each = 3,500 pages) wud be ONLY 500*1.5 = 750/- each!!!

WHILE, even if 10 pple r interested in ONLY the XEROX of original lesser print ,it wud be 500* 0.8 =400/- each for 500 pages!

So,as one can see, for 500 Mandrake B/W pages ,fans have to shade ONLY EXTRA 350 bucks...which is very small considering the SUPERB "QUALITY" of Master Lesser Print-out Compare to their realtively ordinary XEROX counter part!!

dArA said...

In short:

[1]"ALL" Master Lesser Print-out of 500 Mandrake B/W pages = 750/- ONLY!!(for minimum 7 persons i.e. total 3,500 pages).

[2]"ALL" Xerox ONLY of Master Lesser -Print of 500 Mandrake B/W pages = 400/- !!(for minimum 10 persons ).

It wud be better to go for Lesser over xerox's mere 400 extra bucks...

ravi gokhale said...

Sounds interesting. Keep me informed about your project about printing comics. By the way as you know several TCP download links have been deleted since last year. He had quite a collection of old indrajals. Has anyone got those missing links/downloads? Is it possible to email them.
Sorry I am not a viz with computers like you guys, what I mean is I would like to have some of the downloads and whats the best way to get it with little help from you folks?
Ravi Gokhale

Ruchi said...

Thanks CW, Achala for this nice comoc. I remember reading it earlier in some other IJC blog. This is the artwork that I like best in the Phantom series.

Ravi has pointed to a very relevant issue. Although the digital format is the most enduring one, how can we ensure that the files do not get deleted on the host servers due to either inactivity of the account or even the host service closing shop.

- Ruchi.

ravi gokhale said...

Hi Guys
Back again. CW forgot 2tellU how jealous i felt when you showed off your stacks of indrajals and i was gonna post a nasty comment however I was in Basra, Iraq where the net access was very slow and blog sites were often filtered by the Ministry of Defence server, hence couldnt. Anyway please look after them. You may have to get professional advice about anti-termite treatment and storage etc and that goes for you all comic lovers. They should be treated like antiques you know.
Anyway I was wondering if any1 of you got the missing TCP links on several indrajals which has been mysteriously deleted. Am looking for some old comics such as Human Beast (Storey of Baldy-Taklya) and Pharoh Phantom, one of the classics.
Also I have been wondering after Sameer threatened to quit. You see the problem for a common guy like me is trying to visit all the sites, try and look at the goodies, may be download a few and try and post comments. I am sure you all would have experienced it yourself. Most readers will find it difficult to visit all sites plus every one has their own preferences about postings hence may not be able to leave feedbacks/comments to all posts.As a result the blogger who has taken great pains to post a comic is bound to feel a bit pipped/hurt/anguished if very few comments are forthcoming.
To get around it and make life a bit easier for all of us, may I suggest if i may that if you all consider posting stuff in turns rather than at once. ie IJC posts on first Sat or Sun of the month, followed by cw in the 2nd week and then may be dArA, Sameer and so on and so forth. Obviously you are all busy guys and you can always swap if you need. I do appreciate that it taketh away the spontaneity of posting stuff as I think you are all artists of some sorts and you do have your own temperaments and tantrums, not to mention your jobs, families to care for and what not.
So in summary have you considered posting stuff in turns rather than all at once so as to attract even no. of punters visiting your sites an perhaps making more contributory feedbacks etc.
It can be demoralising if one blog is attracting more visitors than others and this may even things out a bit.
I may be taliking total rubbish so apologies in advance but i dont want any one of you to quit as you are all doing a smashing job and i admire you for that hence this suggestion.

Dr Ravi Gokhale
Merseyside, UK

Comic World said...

Ravi: Its a bit hard work to send the comic file via email as the files are quite large hence will have to break them into relatively small files and then can mail you.
By the way if you can let me know the comics posted by TCP of which links has been deleted,then i will be posting those comics on CW along with download link,this can help you and also other comic lover too who are in search of those comics.
Thanks for your advice in context of comic keeping,since when my few comics has been damaged by rats,after that i take utmost care of them.Luckily rats didn't damaged up any of unique IJC.
Your idea of posting comic in turn is a novel one,lets see if it can be materialized as it will need mutual cooperation and understanding between all bloggers.

Comic World said...

Ruchi: Welcome.I don't think this comic has been posted earlier at any blog,you might have read its reprinted version.

Achala said...

TPH: Thanks for pointing out the Buz story was in the public folder. I didn't realise it was there. It's a scan I don't like myself b'coz I screwed up the compression. I intend to re-scan it sometime, maybe next month, coz I'm not keeping well now. Will send you the link once it's done.

Bahadur, Grouchy, Ruchi: Thank you.

Colonel Worobu said...

Achala : Thank you for the comic scans :o)

CW : Thank you for including the cover & ad pages! Muchos gracias.


O.I.C. said...

a female scanner, rare!

Achala said...

Col. W: You're welcome. :)

Anonymous said...


bahadur said...

CW,where are u?
10 days without a comic,have u taken leave of your "senses"..oops "comics"?
Come on, be back soon.
U seem to have clearly forgotten my request too.

bahadur said...

Dear CW,wish u many many happy returns of the day.May u live long and continue celebrating your birthdays on the blog.
It has been a pleasure and a privilege to travel with u thus far and from your side,u have tried ur best to give us joy throughout by posting some wonderful gems on this blog.
Hope this year brings in a lot of good tidings for u,ur family and friends.May this year be the HARBINGER of many a good thing in the future.


Comic World said...

Bahadur Many thanks for your sweet wishes.i also hope same as you.

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