Friday, November 20, 2009

# Tarzan with Strip

Friends here is another Tarzan comic along with its strip version for comparison purpose contributed by a dear friend,ardent comic lover and collector Mister Alf for which all credit and thanks to him only.

Download Comic

You can also download its strip version for reference/comparison purpose from here.
Download Strip

Mister Alf has a considerable collection of these Tarzan comics and strips,let him know if you like these and wish for more from his collection.

Friends do you remember vinyl Long Play audio records!!!A long disc like records which were played(rotated) on gramophone by stylus arrangement.Many childhood memories are associated with these vinyl rotating discs.We will be discussing more and in detail about them in coming posts.

Can anyone tell about the format of these Diamond Comics and did anyone of you read them!If yes then can you throw some light on these type of Diamond Comics.


Rafiq Raja said...

Dear CW,

Zaheer Bhai, thanks much for the Tarzan comic. The strip link is also pointing to the same file, with a slight name change. I ended up downloading same file again and again :)

Pls correct it, and also ask mr.alf to get some more of his collection for all of us over here.

By the way, remember these old Gramaphone discs, which my father used to save for a long time, before the gramaphone went out of business, and eventually the disks found their way to raddiwala. Looking forward for your posts on them.

As far as Diamond goes, remember having read all the series mentioned in the post, but looking back at it now, it looks all the more childish. may be more ardent followers of diamond could add some interesting facts about them.

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you so very much Zaheer! You have made me very happy today! :o)

kk said...

I remember listening to Nazia Hussain's "Disco Diwane" and "Aap Jaisa Koi" on gramaphone recordings that my friend's father had.
My father had a cassette recorder. There were some "boring" classical recordings, one Abba (remember them?) and Sholay cassette.I lost count of the no of times I played "Mehbooba Mehbooba" or for that matter lisped that song using the mike. :)

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Rafiq Bhai,thanks for pointing out the error,it has been rectified,you can download the strip now.
Yes,Mr.Alf will certainly upload more strips/comics for you.
Rafiq Bhai,those discs now have become the talk of the past but the nostalgia attached with them can't be ignored,which will be shared with you in next posts.
I have asked about the format of those Diamond Comics which i think not much comic lovers may be aware of,will also be discussing about them in next post.

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Welcome Col.,all credit goes to Mr.Alf.

Comic World said...

KK: Thanks for sharing your memories.Well,audio/video cassettes are also nostalgic elements,will be discussing about them also in future.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

I went the Rafiq way and downloaded the same comic one from mediafire and another from rs.

I never had any opportunity to tune in to LPs or disks. So not much nostalgia about them but the covers do look classy.

For diamonds, I feel the same as Rafiq.

Comic World said...

TPH: TPH that error has been rectified,you can d/l strip now.
The specialty of this LPS were their impressive jackets,recently i got an opportunity to come across with few LPS in a junk market,and i took a few of them due to their classy cover jackets.Will be posting more such attractive jackets in next post.

Toonfactory said...

Are these Diamond Mini Comics which were launched in 1989??? the size was almost one third if not quarter to that of actual Diamond Comics??

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Correct Alok,these indeed are mini Diamond Comics having size of 1/3rd than of actual Diamond Comics.

Old Man Mozz said...

Thank you Zaheerbhai for the post and also thanks to Mr. Alf for sharing with us his collection.

Regarding LPs, I have personally never really heard one but connoisseurs apparently rave about the quality of LPs. However they are hard to maintain as they tend to have a lot of scratches especially on a well played record....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for colour version.

These strips were created by Russ Manning. One can download complete set available in 6 parts from

Comic World said...

Old Man Mozz: Welcome Mozz.Though during my childhood cassettes were the main source of audio recordings but i came across with LPs through my uncle who was having a decent collection of LPs,there only i use to hear/watch the playing of LPs.

Comic World said...

Anon: Thanks for information.

rahul said...

These Diamond comics were launched as "mini Comics' during the summer of 94-95 with a catchy price tag. Size was same as the He Man mini comics

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