Sunday, December 27, 2009

# New Year 2010 Post

Friends Happy Belated Christmas wishes and advance Happy New Year 2010 wishes to all of you.
I am happy that Comic Market has got a encouraging and warm welcome from all of you and i hope it will prove to serve that greater purpose for which it has been introduced and that can be achieved only when more and more comic collectors will participate in it and put comic trade offers.
Hence to make the process easy and smooth i ask comic collectors/lovers who wish to make offers on Comic Market to come forward and i will be granting them posting rights on Comic Market so that they can make their offers directly by posting on blog rather than my being a medium to do so.
Interested persons please let me know along with their mail id so that i can grant them authorship rights.

Well,the first comic of this post is 'The Missing Virus X',a Corrigan comic published in 1973 by AFI comics for New World Publication of Mumbai,a unknown Indian publication.I have no more information about this publication,its publications and character details.If anybody have more information about it then please share.
Highlights of this comic are superb illustrations with well depicted story,i have never read a better Corrigan story than this though my scope of Corrigan comics is limited to Indrajal comics only where its comics were so-so regarding quality.

Download Comic

In India Superman and Batman comics were introduced by Dolton Comics(Chennai) in 1982,which used to publish them bilingually(English/Hindi) fortnightly.I was a avid reader of Hindi Dolton comics during mid 80's but the word to word Hindi translation of the English version proved a setback for Hindi version and at a later stage Hindi version doesn't used to appeal me that much as it used to initially.
Here is the very first issue of Superman/Batman of Dolton Comics for all of you.

Download Comic

As we have discussed earlier many times that Manoj Chitra Katha were no doubt the best to produce comics with best attractive covers in initial phase with the help of brilliant cover artist C.M.Vitankar,though Vitankar also designed cover for Amar Chitra Katha but there the cover quality was much inferior if compared with those of MCK.The credit goes to Vitankar,no doubt,but along with him the layout and printing quality of MCK also deserve credit.
One such comic with brilliant cover by C.M.Vitankar is presented here for all of you.Its a hilarious comic with superb script by Bimal Chatterji and befitting illustrations by Jitendra Bedi or Bedi as popularly known.
Comic consists of three short stories all very entertaining and a joy to read.The base of these stories were stories from Alif Laila or Arabian Nights from where Bimal Chatterji might have drawn inspiration.I remember in my childhood,long before MCKs were started,my maternal uncle use to tell me the stories from Arabian Nights,and all the stories in this comic i have heard long back from him.

Download Comic

In a recent comic hunt i got hold of few Madhumuskans,a cover of few of them are here for all of you.Madhumuskan was also a successful product from a glorious publication house from Delhi.

Cover of this particular Madhumuskan i found much funny,hence scanned it for all of you.Its stories are also very entertaining.

Download MM

Chalte-chalte,few covers for you from Star comics,Tarzan and lesser known Nutan Chitra Katha.


Colonel Worobu said...

Ahh, a wonderful christmas present from CW. Thank you very much for the Corrigan issue!

Toonfactory said...

Lovely Post Zahir Bhai! AFI Comics darasal AFI Features walon ka comics publish karne ka adhoora prayaas tha...AFI used to distribute King Features Syndicate's characters in India...(they were the one who used to deliver strips for IJC too), They also came up with some superb Indian Characters like Inspector Aazad (Mr.Surti & Late Mulick Saab) but sadly AFI Comics didn't work out (they had a plan to capture the market IJC way) and they had to sell their stuff to various publishers like Madhu Muskan Comics (which also published AFI's Shuja)...

Please next post mein Dilavar Ka Bhoot post kijiye...Main besabri se intazaar karunga...

Toonfactory said...

PS. Jitendra Bedi ji ab humare beech nahin hain...ek saal pehle hi unka swargwaas ho gaya...

Rafiq Raja said...

Indeed a wonderful New Year post, with some rare comics like AFI & Dalton, Zaheer Bhai...

On AFI, Toonfactory has said it all. It was one of the failed attempts, had they been successful, then we would have seen a good competitor to IJC, albiet on a lesser scale.

As far as Dalton Comics, was concerned, it was another failed attempt by Chandamama publications to ignite the Superman/Batman characters into India. I don't know why they chose the Dalton Comics tag (They even called their office as Dalton Agencies, despite that one addressed to Chandamama Buildings). I guess they wanted to have their comic to rhyme closely with the DC brand... :)

And to top that, some vintage covers too.... since you named it as the New Year Post, I believe you won't be posting anything until Jan 1st.... so Here is me wishing to one and all, a Happy New Year 2010.

Let comics shower at your homes, and you be richer with more vintage collections.... :)


The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Nice bunch of comics for the new year.

The posted MM issue has a Shaktiman story which is a direct lift off from Superman concept. Even the pictures looked copied. Husain Zamin was a good artist who drew Nanha Jasoos Bablu and Kalamdas to perfection. Why he turned to copy tactics, I don't get any clue.

By the way the comic is from 1984, much earlier than the TV serial bearing the same name and similar concept (Mukesh Khanna Production). The serial had gained a bad name after few children got themselves injured trying to mimic the superhero stunts.

Why you are not increasing the resolution? Now most comics are being posted in upper side of 1400 px resolution with some of them reaching as far as 2000px+ size, but you are still hanging around 700-800 px width. :(

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: You are welcome Col.

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Thanks Alok for interesting information also.Its sad to know about failure of AFI comics plan,who knows if they would have succeeded then we may have witnessed much more interesting characters and comics.
Yes,sadly Mr.Bedi,a iconic stature illustrator,also departed to his heavenly abode a year back.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks for the wishes and same to you.
Rightly said about Dalton comics,i don't know much reasons behind the failure of English version of Superman/Batman but its Hindi version,surely,was lacking behind much-much in terms of Hindi transcription,which was merely a word to word Hindi translation of its counterpart English version without any thought given to catch the basic idea behind story and dialogs.
Many of times i felt irritated while reading those Hindi versions that how come Editor ignored this very important aspect of bilingual comics,perhaps this added much to failure of Hindi version.

Comic World said...

TPH: Yes,Shaktiman concept was a direct lift of Superman idea,
perhaps MM publication thought to encash the popularity of Superman.
Initially Shaktiman got a above average response and even a couple of full comic series on Shaktiman was also published by MM,but later on due to lack of novel ideas Shaktiman sank like dead ship.
May be Mukesh Khanna got inspiration to produce 'Shaktiman' serial from this very MM character only.
Till now was not paying much attention over these technical aspects such as picture size,pixel width etc,but now will be taking care to incorporate your suggestion for improvement.

Colonel Worobu said...

Hi CW,

The superman link seems to download madhumuskan hindi comic. Can you please check?

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Happy New Year in advance to you and all your readers. Nice post, especially Corrigan is nice gift to all Indrajal fans. The nostalgia of Indrajal attracts towards such lately introduced & less famous heroes in India.

AJAY said...

Hello ZAheer , posting of Ganja beta is a good one . Its cover looks really very good to see .


Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Yes,Col.,problem is there,will be soon rectifying it,seems by mistake linked MM with Dolton comics.

Comic World said...

PBC: Thanks and same to you Prabhat.Yes,its because of Indrajal that i became familiar with Corrigan.

Comic World said...

Ajay: You are welcome Ajay.

Toonfactory said...

Well Shaktimaan (Both the MM Version & TV Version) have some real funny behind-the-scenes stories...will be sharing soon

kk said...

Bahut khoob! Madhumuskaan ke liye khaas tor par shukriya!

I wanted to say, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" but then none of the regular here are Christians. I was scared what will those who teach us about what our culture is will think. So asked my wife, (who is a lawyer, really, no joke) to draft the follwoing .....

From me ("the Wishor") to you ("the Wishee")

Please accept without obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, politically correct, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the summer solstice holiday, practised within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice,with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all . I wish you a financially successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2010, but with due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures or sects, and having regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform or sexual preference of the Wishee.

By accepting this greeting you are bound by these terms that:-

This greeting is subject to further clarification or withdrawal. This greeting is freely transferable provided that no alteration shall be made to the original greeting and that the proprietary rights of the Wishor are acknowledged. This greeting implies no promise by the Wishor to actually implement any of the wishes. This greeting may not be enforceable in certain jurisdictions and/or the restrictions herein may not be binding upon certain Wishees in certain jurisdictions and is revocable at the sole discretion of the Wishor. This greeting is warranted to perform as reasonably may be expected within the usual application of good tidings, for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first.

The Wishor warrants this greeting only for the limited replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the Wishor.

Ashish said...

Happy New Year!!!

Abdul Qureshi said...

Zaheer Bhai: Thank you very much for posting Madhumuskan.
Happy New year in Advance..

Comic World said...

Toonfactory: Waiting for those behind the scene stories.

Comic World said...

KK: Ha..ha ha...purrfect way of greeting in this era of non-tolerance.

Comic World said...

Ashish: Thanks and same to you bro.

Comic World said...

Abdul Qureshi: Welcome and thanks for the wishes,same to you also bro.

Comic World said...

Col. & All: Link problem has been rectified,you can now download Dolton Comic.

Deep said...

Happy new year to all.

CHANDAN said...

never knew this pub'n existed...anyway,good post,CW.


Comic World said...

Deep: Thanks and same to you also.

Comic World said...

Chandan: Thanks and sme to you.Its good to see you here chandan after a long time.Pls keep coming.

Colonel Worobu said...

I am the first person to comment in your blog for 2010.

Happy New Year!!

Comic World said...

Col.Worobu: Yes,my pleasure,you indeed are.. congratulations on being first guest of Comic World of 2010.

CHANDAN said...

btw i didnt have a off today,some companies still run even on New Year's day but never mind ,still had a good day.


selvatico said...

happy new year 2010.
I wish you much more success.

Comic World said...

Chandan: Even my company was not having off on 1st Jan.

Comic World said...

Selvatico: Same to you and thanks.

kuldeepjain said...

Hello every one and Jaheer Bhai

Saheban aap sabko meri taraf se 2010 ki mubarakbad..

2 maheeno ke bad mai bharat se wapas lauta .. my this time india trip was not under good time but things are slowly back to normal..

I convery my thanks to Jaheer bhai and others who expressed their concerns in this 2 months trouble time of mine..

baharhal.. ALL IZZ WELL "

about the post..

has any one read " shaktiman Gidh grah me' back in good comics days..
this was a full fledged madhu muskan comics of Shaktiman and if I remember this was the only Shaktiman full comics I read. in this comics shaktiman was actually a scientist who got his super power when some lab experiment failed and some chemicals gave him these super powers..

But in Madhu Muskan Shaktiman was a Police inspector pretending to be coward and fearful..

hardly few story of shaktiman i liked in madhumuskan as mostly were inspired by Superman series comics..

I have never seen Shaktiman in TV but surely remembers the craze of this serial on kids..

and throuout my comics reading life i have read only two Hindi superman comics published in Dalton comics..

i still remember the story line of this 2 .. in first one .. 3 generation of superman fights a villan 'lux luther' .. Lux luther blasted some star and superman started aging.. in the same same book there were 2 batman story .. one was fight with joker and other was about a blid security officer..

in the second superman comic was some story with Superman vulnerability with metal 'krypton'

Superman and batman never apealed me as the hindi version was not that entertaining and second, that time all other comics were far better than dalton published comics..

in Better comics reference I want to highlight only madhumuskan here..

that time lots of comics came and gone but some comics left a lasting impression till today and madhumuskan was one among them..

In MM there was a time when story line , characterization all were good and it all started deterirating once TV hit the homes..

the covers of Madhumuskan you posted Jaheer is a mixed combination of good days to fading phase of MM.

later in MM pages are filled with english comic strip such as Tim Taylor, spiderman, Gidh manav and others..

story of dady jee , chustram sustram etc were copied from Archie comics ( same as shaktiman with superman)

and then we all know this good comics went to oblivion..

Ek bat jo samaj me nahi aaye ki why we were not able to florish one good comics name so far in India.... in USA there is Marvel comics.. Spiderman , Phantom Astrix , Tintin , Archie are still having presence in world market but our comics character are no more in india even..( Couple of days back i was reading one article in TOI on this )

chacha choudhary, tinkle digest, ACK etc to dukano me dikh jati hai ( mostly english one ) but hardly any one knows MCK, Fauladi sing , Parag or Dimond comics.. donot even think of Nutan, prabhat or Trishul comics..

More on this later..

chalte chalte..

dosto aap logo ne 3 idiots dekhi ya nahi.. agai nahi to jarur dekhe.. muddat ke bad ek achi picture dekhne ko mili hai..

have a very good time in this 2010 and let hope we will get lot of good comics sharing this year..

Comic World said...

Kuldeep Jain: Part 1:
A very warm welcome Kuldeep and best wishes for new year,hope this year brings lot of happiness and prosperity.You were being missed badly here as well as on our comic community.
I have read very few full-fledged Shaktiman comics,perhaps not many of its were published.I remember 'Giddh Grah' and a another comic,name of which i am forgetting,in which Shaktiman travels to sun to store solar energy carrying a instrument with him for absorbing sun's energy and in way he was scorched by sun's heat but somehow he succeeds to collect and return.
Shaktiman was a very loose Indianized adaptation of Superman with not much thought process involved in its conception,because of which it was soon dropped down the chart of MM and was eventually was been written by S.M.Anwar(hope m recalling name correctly) and illustrated by Hussain Zamin.Initially Shaktiman arose curiosity but later on due its weak script i lost interest in it.
I was a avid fan of Superman but Dolton-superman never appealed me that much mostly because of its poor Hindi transcription which was merely a word-word Hindi translation of its English script and because of which most of the stories went above my head.At the tender age of 10-12 Superman use to fascinate me very much due to his super power concept,which i use to fantasize for fulfillment of my desires.In1986 Australasia cricket cup,Pakistan defeated India of the famous last ball sixer by 'Javed Miandad' and after that Pak psychologically dominated India and success rate of India against Pak fell drastically.Whenever i saw India being defeated by Pakistan,which was quite regular those times,in cricket matches i use to be very much annoyed and a continuous failure of India against Pak triggered frustration in me, during many such low down mood after a cricket match i use to fantasize that somehow i could get superman powers and after that i will play for India and will see that how come Pakistan could again defeat us.
Many such nights i dreamt of playing matches against Pak and hitting sixes on every ball which i faced,many of times match was held up because of shortage of balls in stadium due to my super-power shots because of which balls goes on disappearing out of the stadium after every shot.How pleased i use to feel after wrapping up Pakistan innings in mere10 balls,taking wicket on every ball because of super-fast bowling,how satisfied i felt when Imran Khan,Wasim Akram and Abdul Qadir watched helplessly their balls being disappeared after hitting my bat,how glad i felt after bagging up Man Of The Match,Man Of The Series,Best Batsman,Best Bowler,Best Fielder and all other awards in each of the match/series which i played and how big hearted i felt after declaring that in order to give chance to other team members to win Man Of the Match and other awards i won't be accepting any award from now onwards same like Lata Mangeshkar when she declared not to consider her candidature for nominations for Filmfare Awards in order to give chance to other female singers to win that prestigious award.
Batman was not among one of my favorites but i use to read its comics whenever got a chance until now when after going through DC comics i began liking him.Apart from Superman,Batman another notable characters of Dolton comics were Green Arrow and Green Lantern,Kuldeep you might wonder but whenever i imagined Alphanse,face of Green Arrow always came to my mind(it still comes),i don't know why!
About Madhumuskan,Harish Sudan no doubt copied Archie for Daddy Ji but i have doubts on Sustram-Chustram being copied from Archie!!

Comic World said...

Kuldeep Jain: Part 2:
Since in India comics are considered only as children reading material hence due to change in taste of children because of TV,Video,Mobile and internet culture the comic industry was bound to suffer setback,not alike European countries where comics are not merely limited to children only rather there is classification of comics such as for adults,teenager and children.We the adults still like comics and are in position to relive our passion but there might be many such adults whose passion for comics have been suppressed due to daily life struggle,hence reduction in demands of comic.
And..chalte-chalte,yes,3 idiots is a good movie,don't miss it and above it,for readers like us,don't miss any of Chetan Bhagat novel,they are much better.

kuldeepjain said...

not the superman or batman but it was 'fauldi singh' comics which made me to fantasize a lot..but not for Cricket. i used to dream that i too have an island like Dr Jogh.. a force of Robot and computers and fullfilling my commands with " Jo Agya swami"
and I am making India no 1 in science , defence with my inventions..

then magic ring, magic lamp, jadui chadi ( wand) also used to make think world problem, friends problem i would be able to solve if I had any..

But thanks to the comics again that i got the lesson that not day dremaing but it is hard work which makes the thing work.

Comics really gave us lots of valubale lesson and all this post of yours re-interates the good message.. Keep going..

faisal said...

zahir bhai aapka bahut bahut shukriya shehab ji ke bare main maloomat dene ke liye...main unka bahut bada fan hun aur main uki banayi jo bhi cheez milti hai ..le leta hun...maine unke baare main jaane ki kafi koshish ki thi magar kuch pata nahi chala...kya aap mujhe shakeel anwar siddiqi ji ke baare main kuch bata sakte hain.. :)

nostalgia said...

jahir bhai. aapka blog bahut achaa hai.
kya aap dolton aur IBH comics ki batman aur superman comics ki list ya soft copy upload kar sakte hain.

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