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# Samundri Daku

Indrajal comics no.51,'Samundri Daku' was posted by me on mega Indrajal comics blog "Indrajal on line" on 2nd May. 


But this was not an ordinary post where comic lovers can simply download comic,say formal thanks and forget about the post,rather they were forced to tickle their brains in order to download the comic as the download file was password protected,the password was hidden in a quiz and solution of the quiz was itself the d/l password.
Scans of 4 panels from different strips were taken and the d/l password was the solution of following equation:
D/L Password = (Strip No.1+Strip No.2+Strip No.3) X Strip No.4

These were those 4 panels from strips..

Panel 1.

Panel 2.

Panel 3.

Panel 4.

Comic lovers were asked to identify the strips by these panels,substitute the no. of strip in the given equation and evaluate the password in order to download the comic.
Till now no one succeeded in solving the quiz hence the unprotected copy of 'Samundri Daku' is being posted here from where comic lovers can download the comic without any brain-storming,but before that let's discuss something about Daku's(Dacoits) in general.
Dacoits,fraudsters,cheaters are persons who use their brains to rob/cheat money from innocent persons by using different-different tricks.Our comic fraternity is also not immune of such persons.
Recently a very shocking and sad incident took place where a person sold DVDs containing scans of Indrajal comics not for few hundreds rupees but for a couple of thousand Rupees(Rs.2000/- for 2 DVD to be exact),those scans which were the result of hard labor of comic bloggers such as TCP,Ajay Misra,TPH,PCB,CW and others.
These comic bloggers put a lot of effort in scanning/posting these e-comics with a common motive behind to share all these timeless,vintage and extinct comics with all comic lovers of all over world.
We all were blogging/sharing comics without any 'financial greed' or profit in return but this person stole/rob our hard work and sold it to a simple and innocent comic lover(Vishal) who is a new entrant to the world of e-comics on net as well as a new blogger.The victim is a co-blogger of Indrajal On Line blog.
Well,such robbers will be always there but its we who need to be careful from their trap,friends please note that all e-Indrajal comics are already available on net hence there is absolutely no need to BUY their SCANS these from any one.You can download these from numerous comic blog which are now posting IJCs in regional language too.
What's the most sad part of the incident is that 'seller' claims himself to be a ardent IJC lover collector and he sold those scans in order to make 'friends' as according to him he was doing nothing except making 'friend' by selling the scans!..really funny and shocking.
Anyway,presented herewith is the unprotected copy of 'Samundri Daku',download it,enjoy and pl.beware of any sort of Daku.

Download comic


Anonymous said...[3].jpg

chaltaphirtapret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for the unprotected version, CW.

And as for the dacoit is concerned, I hope he considers what others have been requesting him so often, and time again. He after all needs his image as a person at least saved, if not for his already damaged image of being the so called friendly IJC blogger.

Bengali Indrajal Comics said...

Thanks Comic world, thank you for unprotected "The River Pirates" in hindi.

This same story was published in a later issue as The "Phantom's Wrath" drawn by Wilson McCoy, I have this issue in Bengali but I never have "The River Pirates" in any Indian language.

So thanks again.

Comic World said...

BIC: Welcome BIC.This was the licensed version of Sunday 54,'The River Gang' which was published by Indrajal comics as issue No.51,later the original story bearing McCoy art work was published by Indrajal comics as 'The Phantom's Wrath',issue no.361.

Comic World said...

CPP: Vishal buddy in fact that person should apologize you first and return your hard earned money for cheating you in the name of making friend.After that he can apologize to all the bloggers and numerous contributors who worked hard to scan and post these comics for 'sharing' purpose only,,if has left with little shame.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Welcome Rafiq Bhai.Truly said,completely agree with you.

PBC said...

Sad, very sad! For some coins it was done. Is image as a person is cheaper than some coins?

Friends, if anyone faced same cheating and reading this post – please let us know.

Who are searching for IJC, but unable to find, can leave a comment at Indrajal Online. I’ll provide ABSOLUTLY FREE all posted IJC links.

AJAY said...

Hello Friends ! Really it is very shocking . When TCP first started his blog , he clearly wrote the object of this blog is not to cheat , steal but to share e- comics .
I really worked very hard , almost sent to more than 100 person DVDs /CDs containing all my scans on blank cds/ dvd ost +postage ( (say Rs100 ).

Even recently sent Black & White ( free of cost ), in portait format scans of Phantom on DVds which no body still had in India so far .

My simple question is that :
Is really that gentleman needs so much money ?
Why to take benefits of others fruits ?
Why to claim as simple person to take money from innoncent persons ?

As we request all others not to purchase scans as we did for only to share these timeless gems , seeling them is a crime .

Pl I request all bloggers to write in their blogs that these are freely available , no need to send money to anyone .

Regarding River Pirates , thanks a lot , Zaheer , nice comic.
I have scanned this in English recently so it will be coming soon on online too .


AJAY said...

Sorry , some spelling mistakes ocurred, just ignore them .

MaNdrAke dudE said...

Very sad news,specially as it done by a blogger and a Phantom Phan!!:(

Friends, if anyone faced same cheating and reading this post – please let us know.

I'm 2nd to Prabhat's this request to ALL Visitors...if you suffered same,please let us know....

kuldeepjain said...

when i was in school comic craze was on top of head. one of my class mate who was weak in study( so called nalayak, lafantu) used to bring comics in class.he once trapped me that he will share his comics with me if i give him my notes to copy. I agreed and took the comics ,gave him my notes but once i came back to my desk i stared feeling that some thing was wrong. I immediately went back gave him his comic back and got my notes back. he offered his comic without any exchange but i refuted.

I believe that was the good conscience what the comics developed in me that time .

now if this gentleman who thinks that just for the sake of some money he can take advantage of other people hard work then i donot think he got some good conscience which is one important quality of all the people who are in this or in any comic blog. this person is not welcomed here .Ajay Saheb i am really sorry for you and support you wholeheartedly.

Mr. Walker said...

@cw: thanks for the unprotected version..

& speaking of the dvds, i was really shocked when i heard made me angry..believe all the rest bloggers also got angry as we all give very hard work to put these ijcs in blogs..& it hurts more when the person himself is a blogger..

the person who did this shameful thing hasn't apologized to any of the fellow bloggers yet..such people only look for money & nothing else..

to all the visitors..pls avoid such kind of people..please dont pay for scans as all the scans are available online..there are many blogs..if one cant find it out, just mail to anyone of us like prabhat, sagnik, cw, or me..we all will help u out..its a request..

speaking of the blogger who did this thing..used others scans for buissness..his name will be reaveled, very shortly!

PBC said...

@kuldeepjain: Bravo! Such awareness is required in us.

I also neither like to USE nor liked to be used. There are many persons who in the name of helping - just try to use.

kk said...

Been away from the comic world. I dont know (and dont want to know who is the bhatka hua atma asking for money. :) Onto more cheerful news. I notice on Zee they had a serial called keshav pandit. Woh aapka favorite hi hain!

kk said...

@walker and everyone: no need to reveal more. The hints have been sadly all too clear. I may be wrong but somehow the person concerned has given me the impression that he was frustrated by issues in real life. This resulted in him lashing out at the lack of thankfullness from downloaders. Whatever it is, he belongs to your (and my!) community. More than humilation he probably needs serious introspection. And the awareness that you guys ARE family. :)

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