Monday, December 20, 2010

# Bahadur Is Back and Inspector Azad

Good news for Bahadur lovers that this saffron kurta clad hero who once use to fight dacoits in ravines is back and now he will fight against terrorism equipped with sophisticated modern gadgets and weapons.


Instead of comic pages Bahadur's adventures will be now displayed on web pages at a weekly basis,which was revealed by his creator Abid Surti last week when his site on Bahadur was inaugrated.
As we all know that Bahadur was illustrated by late Govind Brahmania so following his legacy this new version of Bahadur will be illustrated by his son Pramod Brahmania whose illustrations looks quite promising.Have a look.

Initially all old stories of Surti-Brahmania combo,which were published by Indrajal comics, will be uploaded with a new retouch over the art then the new stories will be uploaded on a page per week basis.
The site( looks very gripping and attractive with all the background of Bahadur,just check it yourself.

Now the comic of this post which is a rare issue of Madhumuskan comics featuring Inspector Azad beautifully illustrated by great Pratap Mulick capturing all the rough and tough looks of the characters which the story demands,check out the rough features of Daku Dilawar Khan which are carved out artistically by the brush of Mulick Sb,and so are the nitty-gritty dialogues.Overall an very gripping comic,isn't it!

Download Comic


Rakul said...

Thanks for sharing "Bahadur's" online comic link... & also Thanks for Inspector Azad's comics.

Comic World said...

Rakul: Welcome.

Domain For Sale said...

I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!!

Comic World said...

DFS: Welcome and thanks.

The Devil said...

Thanks a lot mate.

DINAS said...

hey can u post an azad comics if u have where a criminal escapes from jail and as a revenge kidnaps meera..i have that comic , but it only has few pages with it...for a long time i dont know the ending. can u help?

Comic World said...

Dinas: I think i have that comic and also i have posted it,i will check and will put up the link here in the comment section if i have posted it already.

ankit said...

Thank you ! It's great to get Bahudur back.

shivkumar said...

Thanks, Jaheer Bhai,

Waise Bhai aajkal aap Khud ke Scanned Uploads nahin de rahe hai, kindly continue, We also need your help ... please .... Do continue

ashutosh sharma said...

Thanks Bro. .

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