Sunday, May 15, 2011

# Nostalgic Dive

It always feel nice to go through the film magazines of bygone era as it feels like a journey through time machine in that bright past(for movies past was always brighter)era of films which was cleaner,much adorable and comparatively more appreciative.
To view the photos of those movies in making which we have cherished and enjoyed gives a feel as we are present on the sets itself,to view the photographs of actor/actress/character artists of those times feels like having a trip right into the lives of these stars,to view/read about the happenings of those times seems to bring back that gone era live in front of eyes.
This post is among one of such posts which tries to bring back the memories of that passed phase of Indian movies through these vintage magazines.

From the advent of talkie era of Hindi movies film journalism was quite prominent,
profitable and popular profession as then it was the only medium through which the cine crazy Indian fans can know about their idol stars. 
'FilmIndia' was the first magazine which introduced and established the power of the mighty pen of film journalism,razor sharp pen of its editor Baburao Patel raised the film journalism to those new heights where filmy reporters were dealt with utmost respect and importance by film stars,producers and directors.They were respectfully invited in every major event may it be muhurt,premier or shooting coverage.
After FilmIndia this popularity trend was carried further by Times Of India publication,
Filmfare,which was launched in 1952 but like FilmIndia Filmfare didn't tried to dominate film world aggressively and rather confided with the film world and soon become a trusted and prime film magazine of the Film Industry.
Its film correspondents(reporters) use to have good relations with stars and were shared with all major happenings in their public and personal lives which were published within a friendly manner without having any intentions to malign the images of stars in a unhealthy way.These film magazines use to focus on artistic side of the stars/artists rather than digging and selling dirt from their personal lives.
It was only in 70's when magazines like 'Stardust' find a easy shortcut to popularity and business by preying the personal dark sides of stars,they became successful too as the 'scoops and sensational news' from personal lives of stars fed to the curiosity of their fans in a tasty and spicy manner.

Anyway,this particular issue is of 1963 whose cover has been posted above and we will go through some of the highlights of that issue.

Kamaal Amrohi's ambitious movie 'Pakeezah' was being shot and the above image is from one such shooting schedule in which Kamaal is directing his actress-wife Meena Kumari.

Ace comedian of 60's Rajendranath is sharing something abut him which you also will like to read.

How about this 'Lux' soap ad of Tanuja!...Lux have the history of engaging almost all popular actresses of Hindi cinema.More about those Lux ads in forthcoming posts.

Banyan tree and head of Kapoor family of Bollywood,Prithviraj Kapoor is taking about his memorable roles,don't you like to read!!..and yeah also don't forget to read the review of 'Bin Badal Barsat'.

In late 50's United producers association along with Filmfare magazine organized a talent hunt contest for aspiring actor/actress.A crazy Dilip Kumar fan and water boring tube well mechanic assistant of Phagwara(Punjab) applied for the contest and as the lady luck smiled on him he was selected and soon found the road to success and stardom in the Industry.
He was none other than Dharam Singh Deol better known as Dharmendra whose center-spread picture you are witnessing above(sorry for the cropped image as it was bigger than my scanner glass).

In last how about this 'Dalda' ad!..i hope you mustn't have forgot Dalda vanaspati.

If you have liked such kind of posts then kindly let me know so that i can get proper encouragement to prepare better and more such kind of posts from old vintage magazines of my collection.


Comic Phanka said...

Thanks for sharing these nostalgic photos. You are LIVE TIME MACHINE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Please keep up good work. I would really apreciate more vintage interviews and film reviews.


Comic World said...

Comic Phanka: Welcome CP and thanks for appreciation.Well,i was wondering whether such kind of posts will be appreciated or not but now i am quite a bit relaxed after such comments.

Comic World said...

Sanjay: Welcome Sanjay on Comic World.I am really into some serious planning to put up more such vintage interviews,articles,major happenings,film reviews etc right from the golden era of Hindi moviee,i.e,1950's-60's.Pl be tuned.

Anonymous said...

I think you should concentrate on your subject of the blog that is COMIC

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

This is great post, Reading the old data and articles from magazine is real nostalgia, this is awesome. Please bring more from 70's and 80's. Much Thanks Brother .. :)

Comic World said...

Anon: Welcome and thanks for your interest and suggestion.
Well,comic and movies are among my favorite hobbies/likings,and i like to share/discuss/write on both topics,from last three years i was concentrating solely on comics and now due to changing preferences i am dwelling more into movies for the time being but it doesn't mean that comics can be neglected.Very soon comic post will also be coming.

Comic World said...

Anon: Welcome and thanks,it would have been nice if you would have left a name.More similar posts from period of 50-60's and 70-80's will be coming soon.Pl keep visiting.

Santhalika said...

धन्य है वह धरती जिस पर आप के जैसे माटी के लाल पैदा होते हैं.कॉमिक्स युग के इस कलयुग में ऐसी समाजसेवा मैंने कहीं नहीं देखी..........मेरा तो दिल भर आया ...वैसे आप के पास नवम्बर 1975 की फिल्म fare हो तो ज़रूर पोस्ट करो.मुहे उसकी ज़रुरत है .;)

Comic World said...

Indian Comics: धन्यवाद उस्मान भाई.मेरे भाई यह समाज सेवा नहीं बल्कि इस घोर भौतिकतावादी युग में कम से कम शौक और रुचियों को बाज़ारू होने से बचाने की कोशिश भर है,वरना अगर 'कलयुगी सेल्समैनों' का बस चले तो इस पर भी बिक्री का लेबल लगा दें.मैं आपकी वांछनीय पत्रिका पोस्ट करने की अवश्य कोशिश करूँगा अगर मेरे पास उपलब्ध हुई तो.

Unknown said...

क्षमा करियेगा ज़हीर भाई अपने इन्टरनेट कनेक्शन में कुछ गड़बड़ी होने के कारण सबसे पहले यहाँ कमेन्ट नहीं कर पाया. आपकी पोस्ट हमेशा की तरह लाज़वाब है. राजेन्द्रनाथ और पृथ्वीराज कपूर के पन्ने पढ़ के आनंद आ गया. धर्मेन्द्र का ये पोस्टर जो की मैंने सेव कर लिया है मेरी माता जी ज़रूर मुझसे बहुत खुश होंगी (वो धर्मेन्द्र की बहुत बड़ी प्रशंशक हैं और मुझसे हमेशा बोलती रहती हैं की फिल्मों के बारे में इतना लिखते और पढ़ते रहते हो. कभी मेरे धरम के बारे में भी कुछ लिखो ). आशा करता हूँ आप आगे भी इसी तरह के पोस्ट लाते रहेंगे.

Comic World said...

AKF: आपका स्वागत है आनंद भाई.धरम मेरे भी पसंदीदा कलाकारों में से एक है,मैं खुद काफी अरसे से इनपर कुछ लिखने का सोच रहा था,उम्मीद है जल्द ही इनपर कुछ अलग सी सामग्री के साथ हाज़िर होऊंगा.

amit chaudhry said...

Zaheer Bhai, Excellent post. aapka blog ke traffic feed pe jo ajeeb ajeeb se location aate hain woh meri wajah se hooti hain. Anywhere in the world i keep a point to keep checeking your blog. I might not comment asoften i life to but i really admnire your dediciation and interest. Please keep it up.

Comic World said...

Amit Chaudhry: Welcome and thanks for appreciation.This blog is still alive because of admirers like you.

भारतीय नागरिक said...

धर्मेन्द्र दुनिया के सुन्दरतम पुरुषों में से एक हैं... बेहतरीन कलाकार.. सत्यकाम, फागुन और सैकड़ों किस किस का नाम लूं. कितने ही बेहतरीन गाने उन पर फिल्माये गये. और सुहागा रफी साहब की पुरकशिश आवाज....

Comic World said...

भारतीय नागरिक: जी बिलकुल,धर्मेद्र न सिर्फ सुन्दर जिस्म के मालिक हैं बल्कि बेहद खूबसूरत दिल और जज्बातों के मालिक भी है,इनकी बातचीत और व्यव्हार से हिन्दुस्तानी मिटटी की सोंधी सुगंध फूटती है.
रफ़ी साहब की सोने जैसी आवाज़ और परदे पर धरम की अदाकारी के साथ न जाने कितने न भूल सकने वाले नग्मे मुलव्विज़ हैं....इस मौजूं पर एक तफ्सीली लेख शायद मुस्तकबिल की पोस्ट्स में.

AbhishekMathur1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AbhishekMathur1 said...

Thank You So much from the bottom of my heart that you shared these classic cover and pics of Meena Kumari Ji, with us... Thank you ever so much.

Comic World said...

Abhishek Mathur: Welcome and thanks.

Tashmi Vyas said...

Please sharw the full article on Meena Kumariji

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