Saturday, December 1, 2012

# Review of The Phantom:The Complete Sundays Vol.1

The long awaited publication from Hermes press 'The Phantom:The Complete Sundays:Volume One 1939-1942' has been released.This volume is first in the ambitious series of publication of all Sunday Strips in a magnanimous format by Hermes Press.
The Hermes Press publication has already been publishing Phantom Daily Strips in B/W format but in color this volume is first in its series.


This 208 page volume consists the first seven Sunday Strips spanning from the year 1939-42,viz:

1.The League Of Lost Men
2.The Precious Cargo Of Colonel Winn.
3.The Fire Goddess.
4.The Beachcomber.
5.The Saboteurs.
6.The Return Of The Sky Band.
7.The Imposter.

Each strip is presented in separate chapter in full color and published on glossy paper.

The volume also consists of informative introductory writeup by Thomas Adrea and concluding piece by Bob Griffin along with a brushing up mention of restoring of the Phantom Strips from various sources including mainly the 'tear up' sheets from the original newspapers collected by some of the dedicated Phantom collectors of US and Australia.

All seven stories in full color are a delight to read once again as these 'time-proof' Phantom stories could be read any number of times with the same joy and vigor.


Unlikely its B/W Daily Strips counterpart which was consisting of only Four widely spaced panels per page this volume is judiciously having befitting eight panels per page.

This 10"x13"x2" sized volume in landscape format is prized at $60 but available at online shopping sites such as Flipkart,Infibeam etc within the range of Rs.2000-3000/-. 
Though price seems a bit exorbitant for Indian Phantom fans but considering its hardbound format,glossy pages and retouched crispy and vibrant color scheme the prized volume is undoubtedly a collector item for hardcore and dedicated Phantom collectors.     


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