Tuesday, April 30, 2013

# Gold Key:Vol.2

The second awaited volume of Hermes Press consisting of the remaining Nine comic books published by Western Publishing during 1962-66 under the banner Gold key is out now which thus conclude the restoration of the 17 classic Lee Falk's Phantom stories which were redrawn by Bill Lignante and written by Bill Harris and Lignante himself.


These comic book got much popularity due the attractive and superb hand painted cover work done by George Wilson which no doubt are the best among Phantom covers ever published.

This volume consists of these remaining Nine comic book
1.The Sixth Man
2.The Sleeping Giant
3.Blind Man's bluff
4.The Beast of Bengali
5.The Phantom's Chronicles
6.The Historian
7.The River Pirates
8.The Chain
9.The Samaris

along with their original hand painted cover published in glossy paper along the story too which remains the main reason for enthusiasts comic collectors to go for this comparatively costlier volume(Rs.2200/- plus) than its first part. 

 As i have also mentioned in my review of its first volume that these hard covered dust jacketed volumes are collectors delight considering the exorbitant price charged by old book sellers/vendors for the original vintage Gold Key comics which were having much inferior page quality and printing whereas these new restored volumes are far superior in printing and page quality.Another highlight of this volume is having the original desktop cover art page of the cover of Gold key issue no.13 along with its final product cover too.  
Therefore if you are serious Phantom fan or so called 'Phan' then there should be no reason left behind to not to have these volumes among your prestigious Phantom collection. 


AJAY said...

I purchased this volume too . I have all original Gold Key comics too . Its pages are not upto the mark as compared to original ones . Book has been published in China which we know quality . Though colors look very shiny but somewhere some printed matter looks very dull , not easy to read too .
Wonder why they have resorted to printing from China

Comic World said...

Ajay,yeah,i agree that printing of text panels is not that 'deep' enough but still for the sake of these beautiful covers on glossy shining pages this volume is worth taking specially for those who are not having the original Gold Key comics.

Raj Joshi said...

Download link? is it hidden in the post somewhere to find?

Comic World said...

Download link of what Raj Joshi Ji?its a post to review the book only.

HojO said...

These kind of reproductions from old colored pages usually not up-to-the-mark quality wise but yes,collectible editions no doubt!
Between Zaheer,it will be better if you change your posting pattern like posting the review of old Ijc stories etc,like old day...you can consider this suggestion! :)

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