Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1000 hits....

Well,well more than 1000 hits within less than a month..this is really inspirational.Its time now to say thanks to some motivators..When the 1st post was posted on 4th feb. it was nowhere in my mind tht it will touch 1000 hits within a shows the magic of indrajal comics,which we all love.
This blog site was started with a purpose behind to share the comics with all other Indrajalians as being a Indrajal lover i myself was in search of these timeless comics on net..other comics such as asterix,archies etc were easily available but cudn't find any site devoted to indrajal in 1st few attempts..later when TCP was discovered my joy find no bounds..yeah this was the thing which i was searching..after downloading the comics which i was not having a idea came to me that why not a similar site be started where i can share comics of my collection with all other Indrajalians so that all comic lover now can b able to access more comics from the two sites.However first i thought of to contribute scans to TCP itself but when i came to know through comments on TCP that there are contributors in waiting line then i dropped the idea as to be in que just for contributing comic seems to be a funny one.
Recently i was owning a PC and also subscribed for broadband..then after with many experiments,hit and trials finally managed to prepare blogs in required format for posting..and the show began..however experimenting is still going.
All this just started to share nostalgic feelings of childhood which then developed into sharing comics with other phantom,mandrake fans but to sustain the work smoothly one needs constant encouragement and inspiration from viewers..and this is provided through your comments which keeps the fire blazing within our viewers keep on commenting as your comments proves our work of some worth.


Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Thank You so much for sharing your collection of indrajals, there were so many I have not been able to get my hands on when I was reading them, but now I have access to an amazing collection.
I like this idea posting Indrajals on 2 different sites. Please keep up the good work as your time permits. I have been searching for the Indrajals from a long time.

ajnabi said...

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

atma said...

You are really doing a nice job.
Keep it up.

I read from your message there are other blogs with Astrix comics. Can you sent the links?

Thanks in advance.

ajnabi said...


just check out Blue Apple Comics(if haven't checked yet) at the following link and I'm sure you'll be surprised to get/download the comics treasury of very popular comic characters like superman, batman, spider man and so on....


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