Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anybody can comment

A Happy Valentine Day to all my friends and blog viewers,today is Valentine Day and i too got a few messages.Srry friends i was not aware of tht in blog settnigs comment restriction mode was active so tht only registered blog user can comment but now the settings have been changed and anyone can comment on the posts.your comments are waited eagerly...watching india-lanka ODI,india lost 2 wickets for 43 runs and r in nineth over..lets see do they agn repeat the rajkot story or can manage this time.well friends so atlast india manage to win this one...congrats all of u too


atma said...

Good work here,

If you can increase the page size. It will be good.
Also if you can provde .cbr files.

You must have been looing at comic project. If you can publish comics not published there it will be double advantage.

Efforts are worth appreciations.
Best of luck and keep going.

Comic World said...

Thanks Atma for ur comments.well increasing page size means more page space and more time to upload/post,but if page size is really small to read thn the pain cud b taken.lets see wat our other indrajalians say.....and ya i will b posting only those comics which r not there on TCP

bigfoot said...

hi comic world - itz a very good start .. congratulations..

can you mail the list of comics that you have and perhaps we can mail our preference which will allow you to decide the comics that should be posted first.. i prefer comics in english though i am sure there are people out there with other language preference.. in short if you post a list of comics and poll the users, it will be posting on demand :)

thanks and once again congratulations on a wonderful start

Comic World said...

Thnx Bigfoot for ur comments/suggestions.well i will b posting covers of comics for viewers choice,in which indrajalians may choose their comic for the week.There r already few covers posted, u can choose ur comic from them,let me know and it will b right there.

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