Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Viewers Choice 1

Here the covers of 4 comics which are under consideration for posting this month.Now its upon the viewers which one they want to b posted 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th..let me know the order and they will b posted accrodingly.Although I have asked before this in another "viewers choice" post but coudnt decide which one to post 1st due to lack of comments,so wub b choosing from this one if apppropriate comments come.Therefore keep commenting

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JohnnyHotwire said...

Pret Ka Putra have better story so I will vote for this one

Ajnabi said...

Priority wise (including also from your earlier post of 'viewer choice'):-
1. Rakshak Vetal(most wanted)
2. Pret ka putra
3. Yugon purana rahasya
4. Shaitan ke pujari
5. Vetal ke dushman
6. Mrigtrishna
7. Gati chattano ka rahasya
8. Bahadur#1
9. Bahadur#2
10. Bahadur#3

Vijay said...

great stuff! plz share english ones more

bigfoot said...

A dead man promise

atma said...

- Pret ke sathi
- Ugo purana rahashya.
- A dead mans promise
- Rakshak vetal

shobi said...

You can post in any order, as you wish.
Thanks for posting.

col. worobu said...

English one please!

Partha Majumdar said...

1. Mrigtrishna
2. A Dead man's Promise
3. Mandrake comics series on 8, Assaisins (Cooler- The contract killer)
4. Old Flash Gordon comics

It is a fantastic effort on this website as well as www.thecomicproject.blogspot.com

Thanks & Three cheers!!!

The Comic Reader said...

Dead Man's Promise Post Post post.

Indianmalang said...

Looks like Purnay Pappi are here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Rakshak Vetal
2. Shaitan ke pujari
3. Yugon purana rahasya
4. Gati chattano ka rahasya
lot pot,madhumuskan ..if available

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