Sunday, March 4, 2007


Wishing all my friends and viewers a very happy and jouyous H O L I....hope all must have enjoyed in good sprit..The download links for the both comics posted previously are provided here..friends,did you guys liked the idea of posting two comics 1 in hindi and other in english or not??..if yes thn let me know also as your encouragement will prepare to make up my mind for the dual job from now onwards...


Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Wish you a very happy HOLI and thanks a lot for posting the download links.

ajnabi said...

I must appreciate your double effort.This is a great initiative idea. Keep it up chap...
HAPPY HOLI to you also

Comic World said...

# indrajal comic reader are always welcome
#ajnabi :same to you also.hey where were you..i missed your comment in last post...also Atma where r you guy??

Vijay said...

Hi all, I am Vijay; have also been an avid Indrajal reader. In fact, The Phantom & Mandrake the Magician are my all time favorites. This effort by Comic World is really appreciable.

I would love to see those stories again in which Phantom used to vanquish dictators and evil kingdoms single-handedly. One of such is 'The Iron Willed Saviour' & the other 'Revenge of the Ghost', both in three parts.

I also had with me 'The island of dogs', one of the best Phantom stories I ever read. I 'll search for it and will post if I could scan it.

Thanks & bye.

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