Monday, January 14, 2008

#Comic 68:The Vindictive War Diety

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome CWs first lady contributor 'Achala'.This comic is scanned and contributed by her.Its really very encouraging to see that female Indrajal fans too coming forward and scanning/contributing comics as it is quite rare to witness a serious Indrajal fan of other gender.
My sisters were comic fan too but not of Indrajals rather they use to go for Diamond Comics features such as Pinky,Billoo,Chacha Chaudhry over Indrajal Comics.
The scan quality is of high standard along with fine color configuration,many thanks and all credit goes to her for this nice effort.Expecting more such contributions from her in near future.

Download Comic


Grouchy's Comics said...

Way to go Achala! After you left that comment in my blog I was expecting this. More please!
Thanks CW.

Dr Luaga said...

Great to see so frequent posts...!! Keep it up buddy!

Colonel Worobu said...

Good work Achala! Keep it up!

Many thanks for the comic scans.


PS: CW, in response to a question you had on the prior post, you can download all images on a page with one click using flashgot & greasemonkey add-ons for firefox. This is the method I use when I do not want to wait for the download link.

Colonel Worobu said...

Here is a discussion I had with Sendhil on the TCP site where he patiently explained how to use flashgot/greasemonkey:

Colonel Worobu said...

Hmmm I wonder why the links do not appear correct. Let me try again:

Comic World said...

GC: All credit goes to her.
Dr Luaga: Thanks.
Col.: Many thanks for providing the idea,certainly it will help many.

bahadur said...

Achala...great effort.Welcome to the blog,hope to see more of your
contributions in future.
CW...."Gentlemen please welcome CWs first lady contributor 'Achala'."
Dont u want ladies to appreciate her?

WildMagic said...

Bravo Achala! We hope this is the first of many, many scans to come :)
CW: I like the way you explicitly bring this contribution in the limelight. Such behavior is highly encouraging to potential contributors. Bravissimo!

Keep the comics coming. You give me something to do in these dark and dreary evenings in Stockholm.


Deb said...

Thanks, Achala & CW. Great job.

The Phantom Head said...

very good scan quality. thanks to achala.

you have posted hindi cover which is making me desirous. Have you noticed, you have gone from one extreme to another. Four months ago you were scanning both english and hindi, uploading both to imageshack and then uploading mediafire links for both, and now, no hindi, no imageshack. come on. bilingual posts were your usp. think over that.

Achala said...

@cw, grouchy, bahadur, wildmagic, deb, tph - Many Thanks :)

@col. worubu - thanks for the good words and the add-on tip. Will come in very handy. :)

CW knows this, for the rest of you, my scanner went bust halfway through the scanning of another comic. :( Waiting for it to be fixed so I can resume...

Comic World said...

Bahadur: "Swami Ji jai ho aapke sookshhamdarshi gyan chakshhuo ki,Mudran ki truti sudhaar li gai hai"
wildmagic: Anybody who takes pain to scan and share his/her collection with other comic lovers deserves to be applauded.
Can i hope to see something from you also!
Deb: Welcome
TPH: "Naya Pandit zyada zor se aarti gata hai" ;o)
TPH to conserve my energy for a longer run it was necessary to optimize the labor.
Hindi versions will too be posted in near future.

Ruchi said...

Nice comic, enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

- Ruchi.

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