Saturday, January 26, 2008

#Comic No.70:The Conspiring Crime Baron

A Very Happy & Warm Wishes of 59th Republic Day to all of you. Republic day was/is always associated with joyous feelings as during childhood it meant another holiday and 'hosh sambhalne per' it was associated with sense of pride and honor.
There is a good news for all the lovers of Amar Chitra Katha & Tinkles as ICC,TPH and CW have collaborated together to form a blog solely devoted to Amar Chitra Katha. First post on the blog will be coming on 28th January till then the blog is kept veiled so friends please check the blog on 28th to get a surprise.

Another good news CW 1st anniversary is to be celebrated on 4th Feb,if you have any special requests,suggestion or idea for the occasion please feel free to share it with us.
First Corrigon comic on CW is presented herewith which is a another contribution by Achala,all credit and thanks to her.

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Unknown said...

Wish u the same,CW.
A nice release.Frankly speaking Phil/Nomad have never been my favourite because i cud not quite cope up with the stories and hi-fi language used in the stories.These are honest views but iam sure there will be many who will love this comic.
Any way, you KNOW MY REQUEST for a gala 4th feb anniversary(THE BANK HEIST).
Also you can mention a bit about your life alongwith the post,then birth of CW(for new entrants)and the story thereafter in short....
Nothing compulsory but as u deem fit.

TPH said...

Thanks for this one. this is one of those not so loved character among indrajal fans but I do like it. Surprisingly the scans (contributed by Achala once again) are low resolution. It would have been better if at least 800px width was kept, anyway its a great effort and thanks to both of you.

Not to forget the occasion, A very proud Republic day to all.

O.I.C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Comic World said...

Frank: The curtains over ACK blog would be unveiling on 28th January.Please wait till then.

O.I.C. said...

the blog( is opened to invited readers only.

plus a request i am looking for " mandrake the magician" by marvel in 1995 book 3 ( i have book 1 & 2 ), but am unable to find part3 /book 3 anywhere! if u or anyone has it! please post it!

pattu said...

Thanks Achala for the Corrigon and CW, ICC and TPH for the new ACK blog! Its been a terrific new year for comics! Maybe it be so forever.

Thanks again

Comic World said...

Chandan: Chandan you will be surprised to know that amongst all the Indrajal Comics which i am having i have read all Phantom/Mandrake along with a majority of Bahadurs (though not all) and quite a few of Flashs but on the other hand had read very very few Kirby,Nomad,Sayar,Drek,
Corrigon etc.
From last few days i was reading the left out Kirby,Sayar,Nomad etc..i enjoyed and liked Kirby,Sayar and Drek quite a lot but wasn't able to extract same satisfactory joy from Nomad,Corrigon or Garth..
Now i am thrilled that still i am having a ample Kirby,Sayar and Drek left to be read.
Thanks for your suggestions and request they would certainly help me.

Comic World said...

TPH: I have conveyed the low resolution fact to her hope she will look after it in her next contribution.
Frank: I will be looking my scanned collection to verify that if i am having it or not..also if some body else is having it then might he may contribute.

PBC said...

My best wishes to ASK-Joint venture. My suggestion for celebration of CW 1st anniversary: I like to see the 100th post as Indrajal № 100 The Curse of Callai.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

CW, great to start an ACK!I wish u also a happy Republic day! this comic, specifically, i have 11 spares!!! all came along with bound volumes i bought at raddiwalas! can happily give away 10 of them to any one, but surely no takers!

comic60 said...

Wow!! ACKs!! cant wait for the 28th!!, just 1 more day to go. btw what time is the unveiling of the blog and in what time zone :D

Anonymous said...

TPH - point taken. :)

grouchy - you're welcome. :)

CW - great to hear you've started liking Kirby, Sawyer and Drake. They're my favorites. :D Personally, I don't much like Nomad and Corrigan. And I positively can't stand Garth. But since the aim of these blogs seems to be to put online all IC, and there are lots of contributors for the popular heroes, I thought I'll represent the underdogs. :)

Best wishes for the ACK project!

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Thanks for your wishes and suggestion Prabhat.I hope i can fulfill it soon.
TSCT: Thanks for the wishes Sameer.I think Corrigon and Mike Nomad are the least popular among their other counterparts.

Comic World said...

Comic60: The ACK blog will be unveiled on 28th January at 8.00 pm IST or India time.Happy reading :o)

Comic World said...

Achala: Thanks for the wishes,i accept them also on the behalf of TPH and ICC.
Achala the more i am reading Kirby and Sayar the more i am liking them.
The wits of Kirby are of high standard and the simplistic stories with emotional touch of Sayar are too appealing and interesting.
Nowadays i am also going through more of our 1st Indian Hero Bahadur and i am finding the relatively newer comics of his same interesting as their older counterpart.

Anonymous said...

hi ! i just tried to access to the aCK blog and it says its open only to invited do i get a invitation..please send me a invite.
thank you

Comic World said...

Masayo: Try today at 8.00 pm India time and you will be able to access the blog,there will be no reservation after 8.00 Pm.

Anonymous said...

thank you comic world i shall try then..
thank u all for ue efforts..

Simply Complicated said...

waiting for 8 pm IST to check out the ACK blog. Appreciate your efforts and the efforts of the others. And I will keep providing my inputs to you regularly. :-)

Unknown said...

de la grandi ..... that's a welcome news indeed .... it's just amazing how you all (CW, ICC, TPH and other comics bloggers) manage to put so much effort!

also a nice change in the line of comics in CW.

corrigan, buz are spices in our regular healthy diet of Phantom, Mandrake and Bahadur :-)

keep up the superb effort.

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot, CW! This comic was 'hatke' - it was a little bit more cerebral in nature - almost like Rip Kirby! I remember reading one other Corrigan which was totally weird - he's on a plane with some other people, and they crash on a island where weird things happen - or oops, was that some other character?

Unknown said...

Some of the corrigan strips are good,especially when he encounters Dr.Seven [artwork by Al Williamson].
I have one request in view of CW anniversary.Please try to post Rip kirby,Buz sawyer and Corrigan strips ,which were not published in Indrajal.[very difficult to get]

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