Saturday, January 12, 2008

#Comic No.67:MadhuMuskan No.212

Update:The new header is a gift to CW from a friend Comic.Crazy he is such a expert in his work.After a lot of brain storming sessions he finally succeeded in forming the desired format.Many many thanks to him for his superb effort
This time 2 comic features from a Madhumuskan are presented.Madhumuskan was the first super successful comedy series comic of India which tasted a huge success.It was started in 1972 and is still in publication though its charm and attraction are all lost and the old popular features are being republished in a pathetic inferior format and page quality.

Madhumuskan was initially a fortnightly but soon became weekly, its popular features were Popat-Chaupat,Susutram-Chustram,Daddy Ji,Jasoos Bablu,Bhootnath aur Jadui Tulika,Jasoos Chakram aur Chirkut,Kalamdas,Bharat Kumar etc.
Jagdish and Harish M.Sudan were the chief illustrator along with Hussain Zamin who use to draw Jasoos Bablu and Kalamdas.Though all characters enjoyed a great popularity but almost all characters of Jagdish and Daddy Ji by Harish Sudan were the most popular ones.
Jagdish's cartooning ability was simply superb,his cartoons were most simple in appearance capturing maximum of expressions with minimum usage of line strokes.
Later when Madhumuskan was on its decline he joined Manoj Chitra katha and drew for them for quite a some time but his characters there could not match the success with those which he created for Madhumuskan.Nothing has been heard about him from quite a long time,if anybody is having any sort of information about his present projects/status please do share with us as i am eager to know about his current status.
This is a early issue of Madhumuskan when it was not colored.Madhumuskan is also among one of those comics which you can read and enjoy at any stage of time and age.

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Indrajal Comics Club said...

cant say about the comic, as havent read it yet,
banner sent by cc is mindblowing,,, awesome artwork,,,,

cc,i would be grateful if u send something like this to icc..

keep it up ur great work buddy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Header , Tailor Made for a wonderful Blog.

Madhumuskan was my favourite comic too, thanks for posting it.

Wish you a very happy new year.



bahadur said...

ICC,u stole my words........
WHAT A BANNER....really out of this world.Very creative.
CC,great effort.
CW.....good post,keep it up.

Grouchy's Comics said...

I had a chance to take a sneak peak at your logo. Its terrific. Comic crazee is also responsible for the logo in my blog.
Yes CC has quite a talent.

Havent read Madhumuskan before. Will try and do so now.

The Phantom Head said...

I have no doubt CC is a professional. It is very difficult for any amateur to produce this quality. Congratulations.

Madhumuskan is one of the favourite childhood comic. My elder brother used to bring both Indrajal and MM together and I always got to read the MM first as the fight for indrajal reading first was always settled in his favour. I even remember the first time I read this funny comic. I think it was 78 or 80. It was 2 or 3 day before the deewali festival and just when I decided to help (read disturb) others in preparations, I was given a copy of this fabulous magazine with instructions not to come back for at least 2 hours. So, nice nostalgia with this comic as well.

The quality of humour in MM was good. jagdish was the best and original. I feel harish m sudan was inspired by some foreign characters in drawing daddy ji. Hussain Jamin's drawings were excellent. He drew filmy characters with sharpness.

Thanks CW for this one.

Comic World said...

ICC: If you read MM before then you will certainly like them.Yeah,many thanks and hats off to CC for this fabulous work.
Vitesh: You are most welcome with best wishes for a very happy new year.
Bahadur: Rightly appreciated.All credit goes to CC.
GC: Try it and i am quite sure you will certainly like them.
TPH Yeah,rightly pointed out the qualities of these illustrators.
Your memory is sharp as at least you remember which comic when you read for the 1st time,not alike me who can't recall when he really came across with these milestones of reading culture.

Pratik Jain said...

please provide the download link for Madhu Muskan.
Is there any easy technique to download all the image files in one click. If so, please tell.

comic.crazy said...

Thank you all for ur comments about the header.

#ICC: You were anyway next on my 'hitlist'.

#Anonymous/Bahadur: Thank u for ur inspiring words.

#Grouchy: It all started with you.

#TPH: Yes you can call a 'self-made' professional!

Anyway, it's my pleasure to be able to do something in a different way.

Colonel Worobu said...

Hi CC:

Very nice header :0)


obelix said...

the header is really fabulous ....

Comic World said...

Pratik: D/L has been provided.I am afraid if there is any such technique by which all images can be downloaded by a single click.
CC: You deserve all the applaud.Its time to reap which you sowed.

Frank said...

thanks for the comic. but this is not the full comic! can u plz. post the full comic?

Comic World said...

Frank: Full comic was not posted as i am not sure whether it will be of readers interest or not as the other portion consists of textual stories,news column plus few other comic features but in parts.

Frank said...

@comic world: u can mail me the full copy if u have scanned it all. ( that is if u dont want to post it here)
i will love to read the full comic!

Comic World said...

Frank I have not scanned the full comic but will be scanning and mailing it to you or will be providing d/l for the complete comic.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


there is a method which collects all the images for u in a click... put them in a rar/cbr and upload it, when u click on that link, u will get each and every image with a single click !!!!!! ;-----

just kidding...

Comic World said...

ICC: Ohhh what a marvelous idea!!!..really superb...i am impressed!! :o)

Abdul S said...

Can anybody please tell me how to subscribe Madhumuskan now?

Comic World said...

Abdul: Abdul i am not 100% sure whether Madhumuskan is still being published.
You can enquire about its status from the following address:
Gulab House,A-143,Mayapuri,
New Delhi-110064

Abdul S said...

I am staying in Mumbai, I will be highly grateful if you can provid eme the phone nos.

comic world said...

Abdul since i am having very old issues of Madhumuskan there the phone no. are not mentioned.
You can get the current address and phone no. of them from the film magazine "Mayapuri" which is also there publication and is still in circulation and surely will be available in Mumbai too.

Ruchi said...

It's great to be able to read MadhuMuskan again. Thanks for posting this. Daddy Ji, Jo Jo and Headache were my favorite characters.

- Ruchi.

Anonymous said...

can someone plz post ACK ........... who no one is intereasted in posting them ????
plzzzzz upload them......

Sanjay said...

What a find, I am thankful to whoever put this up, absolutely stunning, cant thank you enough ! Madhumuskaan Zindaabad, I used to almost feed on it at one time

Comic World said...

Sanjay: Welcome Sanjay.

Anonymous said...

MM212 is deleted. Plz. post it again. Thanks

Comic World said...

Anon: Thanks for pointing out the broken link,it has been reposted.

Black Spider said...

let me clarify that mayapuri magazine doesnot belongs to madhumuskan. It is published by bajaj group who are publishers of Lotpot both mayapuri and madhumuskan group are in mayapuri delhi but are different publishers

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