Tuesday, May 6, 2008

# Comic No.83:The Shark Island

Another quick post is here within a interval of less than a week.This one is again a presentation from Ajay Misra's scanned work,all thanks and credit to him.
Friends here is a question for all of you which can win you 5,3 and 2 Indrajal comics respectively.
The question is can you guess which comic among these has more no. of downloads and by what margin the no. of downloads of these 2 comics differ:
1.Mystery of Singing Rocks (Vol.26.No.36) and
2.The Curse of Gold (No.340)
The margin of (+,-) 5000 (five thousand) is allowable for the answer.
I have saved the screen shot of no. of downloads for these two comics till today i.e. 6th May 2008,which i will be posting when the results will be announced.

Few Specifications:

Please note the comics (in English Language) for the prize will of my choice and the winners will have to bear the postal and handling charges if they wish to take them.
First 3 persons who answer correctly will be declared as winner 1,2 and 3 respectively.
The winners will be intimated about the details of the comics after the result and its upon them to take comics or not if they feel that they don't require those particular comics.
Nothing in lieu of comics can be claimed if winner(s) don't wish to take the comics.
Please leave your answers along with your mail id too.

Download Comic


masayo said...

hi ! i am sending this message to all the blog owner.
i need your help with a bit of spreading the word.
ACK blog is on AIR again after a shaky start and it needs your help and i want you all to spread that message in your respective blogs and the people accessing your blog will be aware of ACK blog if some have already forgotten.
so blog owners if can kindly know the world that ACK blog is up and running it will be appreciated.


chandan said...

great eff0rt ,CW.
Thanx Ajay f0r the l0vely scans.

ya mean t0 say 5000 d/l have taken

Comic World said...

Chandan: The difference between the d/l of those two comics is at least greater than 5000.Now in order to win comics one has to guess which comic is having more no. of downloads and by what margin d/l of both comics differ.
Still no try from readers for the answers....seems no one wants to have the physical copies!!!!

Prabhat said...

Dear CW!
Thanks for invitation to join ack-india.blogspot.com, hope we will post all ACK. This IJC was missing in my e-comics collection, thank you for it.

Deb said...

Wow! Two posts in 3 days. Great going, CW. I think it's the Curse of Gold that has the maximum downloads. My guess is the difference is 6000.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear CW Many thanks for this comic.
My guess is

The Curse of Gold as more downloads something like 7500 more downloads.

(sgrouchy AT gmail DOT com)

Comic World said...

Prabhat: Thanks for the offer too.This is to only way to save the blog,i hope few more contributors will come forward too for adding up to the blog.

Comic World said...

Deb: Thanks for participating.Pls leave your mail id too for proper addressability in the case you win the quiz or you can also mail me your id to maintain privacy of your mail id.

Comic World said...

GC: Welcome in the quiz arena.Lets see whose guess hits the bullseye :o)

Chandan said...

l was carrled away by n0 0f d/l really and f0rg0t t0 answer.
"Still no try from readers for the answers....seems no one wants to have the physical copies!!!!"
ya are f0rgettlng me...CW,,ya kn0w lam the craziest/hungriest am0ng the l0t as far as c0mlcs are c0ncerned.
my hit.....

The Curse of Gold max d/l
difference 3000 d/l.ls there any 50/50 0pti0n?

comicrazee said...

Nice to see u back after a break with a bang. Hope others come back too.

Comic World said...

Chandan: You are also welcome to quiz arena.Yeah,i remember you are the most longing person for comics.Lets see if you can win them.
Best of Luck

Comic World said...

CC: I am hoping to see ICC and TPH back.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Thanks for a comic post after a loooooong time. Where were U?
Nice quiz and enticing prize as well...
I think the Curse of Gold probably has 1800 downloads while the Singing Rocks has 900 downloads, just a wild guess, you know my email....
Keep posting. Cheers...

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Oh BTW, ICC will post soon, he is extremely busy at work. So, bear with him.

Comic World said...

PAMF: I was here only as a silent admirer of the active blogs,waiting for my enthu to pick up again.
Thanks for participating in the quiz,i am waiting for more big guns to participate.
Well,as a hint the answer is a major compliment to the popularity of Indrajal comics and is a unbelievable one. :o)

comic60 said...

A comic after a loooong time. thanx.

Comic World said...

PAMF: and,yeah..i am also waiting for ICC to resurface.
Comic60: You are welcome...

Ritesh Krishna said...

Thank you , thank you , thank you and thank you....You made my day Mate !!

achtungneo said...

i think the curse of gold wins way out by 6500 downloads....then again guesses are never accurate..u can inform me on my email.. ;D

Comic World said...

Ritesh: Welcome Ritesh.
Achtungneo: Well,the result will be announced on Wednesday,and then it will be seen how much correct your guess is.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Sorry to say, but i already got the Remix version of the shark island months back. It was already out.

adibud34 said...

Hi CW, thanks for the comic.

Here's my answer to the quiz -

I think the "Mystery of the Singing Rocks" was downloaded more times than "The Curse of Gold". I'd say that the difference between the two is 7000.

Comic World said...

Anon: I couldn't understand what you mean....remix version is out!!..pls clarify.

Comic World said...

Adibud34: Thanks for participating.On Wednesday the result will be out and then we could find that how much your answer is correct. :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lots of unscanned indrajal phantoms, using the original cover of indrajals and the inside pages collected from king , charlton etc and compiled into one, were released. U can find them on those hubs.
Some of them are the shark island, the sacred idol, the false mark, where is diana... and lots more.

Anonymous said...

Some i collected r ...
The story of hero
Lost city of yiango
False mark
Captive herd
Sacred idol
Golden ransom
Where is diana
Skull caves
Death speaks
Outlaw herd
Shark island
Magic drum
Forbidden junhgle
An oath of vengence
Thugs in the city park etc.

Comic World said...

Anon: It would be nice for many of readers if you can provide the link from where you downloaded these comics.

robin hood said...

hi mate i'm the owner of erotic comix blog come and see my blog and tell me if you agreed with link exchange.


Comic World said...

Robin hood: Sorry Robin,its a comic blog,hence no place for 'adult' things here.

Anonymous said...

Do u go to hub ? if y then where ?

Anonymous said...

Try KL too. An "Ajnaabi" posted lots of new IJC scans too.

Prabhat said...

Dear friends! In 1-2 days I will provide these IJC links in my blog.

Prabhat said...

I think
1.Mystery of Singing Rocks (Vol.26.No.36) - 650 downloads
2.The Curse of Gold (No.340)-5900 downloads

Prabhat said...

visit for Ajnaabi's IJC-22 comics, my blog
Rest I didn't find at KL

Sanjay said...

Thanks to Ajnaabi & Prabhat for all those IJC.
Got those links hot just from KL
Indrajal Comics v01 n056 -----> Delilah (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n061 -----> Story Of Hero (Phantom) [No Cover]

Indrajal Comics v01 n062 -----> Lost City Of Yiango (Phantom) [No Cover]

Indrajal Comics v01 n125 -----> False Mark (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n129 -----> Sacred Idol (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n140 -----> Captive Herd (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n156 -----> Golden Ransom (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n160 -----> Skull Cave (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n168 -----> Where Is Diana (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n178 -----> Death Speaks (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n198 -----> Outlaw's Herd (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n210 -----> Shark Island (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n214 -----> Magic Drum (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n222 -----> Forbidden Jungle (Phantom)

Indrajal Comics v01 n237 -----> An Oath Of Vengeance (Phantom)

Credit for those ups goes to same Ajnaabi.

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