Wednesday, May 14, 2008

#Comic No.84:The Deadly Formula

The question of last quiz was that out of Mystery of Singing Rocks (Vol.26.No.36) and The Curse of Gold (No.340) which comic is having more no. of downloads and by what margin the d/l of both comic differs!!
The answer is Mystery of Singing Rocks was downloaded 69,116 (Sixty Nine thousand,One hundred sixteen) times till 6th May whereas The Curse of Gold was downloaded 188 (one hundred eighty eight) times.The difference margin of d/l is 68,928 (Sixty Eight thousand,Nine hundred twenty eight).
Here is the screen shot of the download page saved on 6th May

Hence sorry to say that no one gave correct answer and no one wins this quiz....
Well,its a compliment for popularity of Indrajal comics that a comic has been downloaded up to such an extent.

Anyway another new comic is being posted for all of you,its again a contribution from Ajay Misra,all thanks and credit to him.
Its good to see that Prabhat and others are coming forward in terms of contribution to save ACK blog,its a much needed support.
This is a low time for Indrajal blogs as TCP has returned back but not yet posted a comic,ICC is in oblivion and so is TPH..i hope they will return soon.

Lastly i couldn't understand one thing,that what is the need of half naked cheerleader girls in a cricket match,when there are already thousand of viewers cheering their respective teams!!!

Here are some of its pages........

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Download Comic


Colonel Worobu said...

Me first.

Wow, sixty nine thousand people download our comics but only some ten or twelve odd people come in to say "Thank You".

comic60 said...

69k d/ls is just unbelievable (I know it would be huge, so didnt try to guess, but this number still has me reeling). And its good to see you back posting a little more regularly. Thanx for the comic as usual, and awaiting the d/w link.

Deb said...

My goodness! 69k downloads! Looking at you screen-shot, others have hardly managed 100-200 downloads. Amazing!

Comic World said...

Col: Yes,you are indeed the first.A warm welcome to this position after quite a long time.
Yeah,quite a huge download figure but not such proportionate response.

Comic World said...

Comic60: Welcome,d/l will be coming soon.

Comic World said...

Deb: Yes,its a bit strange too that why this particular comic has been downloaded this much....

adibud34 said...

Oh my god!!!!! Ha ha, is it too late for me to claim that I meant to say 70000 instead of 7000? ;) I suppose it is!

Wow!!! Amazing stats, but a disappointing reminder of how ungrateful people are!

O.I.C. said...

@comic world: sorry to disappoint u!
but that is a rs bug! it has appeared in many rs collector/premium zones!
the actual download is 116! the 69 is a due to a rs bug coz of the recent changes in rs code! (n they have messed it up)
many have got it! i know may users who were surprised with that too!

SushantGM said...

Hello CW!! thanks in advance fr this comics!!

CHANDAN said...

CW…..nice post,keep it up. One thing I have always wondered,despite there being so many unpublished strips available,IC pubn still opted for Charlton.Secondly many a issue were republished.Why?
Copyrights?Or what? Some of the Charlton stories really do look pathetic and by any stretch of imagination,don’t quench the thirst of IC admirers.The story,the words,illustrations..blah blah,well,they look as if they were published for the sake of it.
Can anyone throw light on this?
Anyway lts a awes0me d/l f0r the Mandrake c0mic………..c0ngrats..CW.

Anonymous said...

Frank wrote:
the actual download is 116! the 69 is a due to a rs bug coz of the recent changes in rs code! (n they have messed it up)

Not only 69 but 48 etc too!!! This bug is due to some set-up error!!!You see,how a mere bug can change a whole thing,,,

Comic World said...

O.I.C: Your information seems correct as there are no reasons why a particular comic will have such a huge d/l account.
When i checked,found my points also didn't increased in that huge ratio,hence there is something wrong about the statistics.

Comic World said...

Sushantgm: Welcome to the CW
Chandan: IJC did published many of those ghatia Charlton/King comics at a earlier stage,later they switched over mainly to Sy Barry work.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic CW. I havent read this before.

Comic World said...

GC: Welcome grouchy.

WildMagic said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

It has been soooo long since a comic has been posted anywhere and I thought all of you (TCP, CW, ICC, TPH...) had decided to go on a joint strike and I was unaware of it.

By the way, is the strike over? :)


Comic World said...

Wildmagic: You are welcome dear.Well,nothing like strike was there,only you turned up late here...see a couple of comics has been posted at CW.

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