Saturday, January 29, 2011

# The Biggest Mistake

Friends though its a comic blog but it doesn't mean that we can't discuss something serious  over here,in fact we can occasionally when a need arises to do so and today there is something which is not comical,i wish to share and discuss with all of you.
Well friends i have heard a lot of about partition that it was a biggest mistake committed ever till now,i have also heard that millions of peoples suffered a lot as they were forced to be uprooted from their base,they were forced to leave their relatives,friends
and their homeland because of a sheer nonsense and scary drama(unfortunately which was real) which took place only because of few power centers(rather peoples) who were not ready to budge a single millimeter from their positions of greed,who were not
ready to accept a second place in greedy power politics.


But here,my friends,i will not talk about the evil aspect of that dirty and opportunistic politics which was behind this ugly decision,i also don't want to dig about that who actually was the real culprit behind all this senseless and gory action,i also would not try to hold 
any particular party or person responsible for this heinous 'crime' but in fact or rather i will talk about the wounds which the whole human community got in August 1947,i will talk about the agony and pain through which the mankind suffered in this 8th month of 1947,i will seriously try to feel and make all of you feel at least a millionth fraction of that pain,agony,anger,helplessness,fear,trauma and torture which mankind was forced to suffer by some so called 'wise and educated' persons,i will try to prepare all of you so that you can hear that silent plight of mankind which is still in air right from that particular day of August 47'.
Friends,alike most of those peoples who were born after independence i read/heard about partition from my school books and other sources but took no notice more than that which one takes while hearing news about accident,scams,mishaps on TV
while sitting in room and sipping coffee.
It started from then when we shifted to our new house and due to the heavy workload 
of shifting all our luggage,goods to new place i was forced to think that shifting from one house to another though in same city is not easy,i further thought it would have been more painful to shift to another city and in the same line my next thought obviously was how painful will it be if someone have to shift to another state and what about that
when someone have to shift another country!!Yessss,it was that moment when it strike my mind that what must have happened when a whole population en-mass was forced to shift from one country to another,what would have those millions of people must have felt 

when they were made to uproot from their roots,how much painful would it have been for those millions of persons who left behind their house,land,property,belongings,relatives,
friends and shifted to a unseen land for a unknown future.
This was the instance when for the first time i felt about the futility of this decision for mankind,for the first time i was able to feel the common pain(though of a millionth fraction) which one bears in shifting process.After it in due course of time  when i have 
to leave my city and state to settle in other state because of job then i came across with the feelings which one feels when he/she is away from his peoples and home.
This was the second instance where i thought how much lonely and alone it feels being away from relatives/friends and home.
Lastly,very recently when while surfing through the net i came across with the images of before and after partition showing peoples of both sides leaving pathetically with bag and baggage,i felt as if i was present right there with that human caravan who was moving with shattered dreams in search of unknown and dark future same as a deer runs after mirage.
While going through these pictures in detail much of the pain,anger and agony i was able to feel through which that and following generation must have gone through.
Here i wish to share that common pain and agony with you through these pictures which triggered two opposite feelings in me,i.e. agony and anger,agony for the sufferings,pain and torture of those poor peoples who were forced to erase their lives to zero 
and anger for selfishness and meanness of those politicians who in their greed of
power and post didn't bother to think that their decision will cause a havoc and collateral damage to the life of their common countrymen of not only of this generation but will also create a irreversible and cascading damaging effect on the future generations of both the country.
Here are those pictures,pl go through them and if you could feel any part of the same sympathy,pain and agony towards the sufferings of the humanity and anger for the cause of these sufferings of our people then pl do share your feelings,thoughts and reactions.

Peoples migrating in bullock carts and other transport modes,you can notice the mile stone on the left side of the road which shows that 'Kasur'(a town in Pakistan) is 2 Km/Mile(?) ahead.

A old woman is being carried away by two of her family members for this gruesome journey.


A man carrying his child along with belongings.

Everything has been destroyed and ruined for this old lady.


"When this cruel journey will end"....seems this old man,on the verge of death,must be thinking.

Those who succumbed during the journey were left behind like this only to be fed upon by vultures.

And many of them were buried hastily and improperly but only to be dug out by scavengers.


Many of them became victim of interim riots sparked by utter frustration,agony and anger.

One more victim of the outcome of such shameful and dastardly decision. 

Only these poor and helpless peoples were the sufferers on the altar of the most dirty and selfish politics India ever faced.


Poor persons moving towards a unknown future.

and those who succeeded to reach safely resulted only to live for a indefinite period in refugee camps.

Most dreadful and horrifying pictures are these which were taken during the communal riots of Kolkata in 1946 triggered by communal parties of both sides to apply pressure in favor of partition.

A victim of riot lying in a doorway with a vulture beside it waiting to feast.Its very bitter and painful to witness this even in photographs.

A blood curdling sight...vultures feasting on the decaying corpses of the riot victims as there was not enough manpower and resources to clean the bodies in time.

Value of human life in eye of the devil and evil politics.

(Images courtesy:old indian

A British policeman smoking cigarette and supervising the loading of the corpses as it was a routine job for him.

So this was all for this thoughtful post my friends,hope you must have gone through the same agony and pain through which i have.
Someone has truly said that "reality is more strange and fictional than any other fiction or comic".


KK said...

Gave me a jolt of reality.. had only heard of all the horror during those times .. these pictures are too raw - even for my palate..

Thank you for putting this peice together.

kuldeepjain said...

Hi All

a thought provoking post which can only come from a person .

who thinks about the humanity
who is upset as a common man because of wrong doing people sitting on responsible post
who is disturbed because life is loosing its meaning.

Jaheer bhai..

whether it is partition , or 6th December , or sikh massacre during Indira ji Assisination or Godhra or Mumbai violence or any incidence which was a blow to humanity can be felt by any common man with this line..

लम्हों ने खता की है सदियो ने सजा पाई है.

some of the very dark day of our life, society , humanity were instigated by people for which you wrote " which took place only because of few power centers(rather peoples) who were not ready to budge a single millimeter from their positions of greed,who were not
ready to accept a second place in greedy power politics."

pasting the above lines now here i am lost and stoping because my anger for the above pointed people wil lead to the very emotion of every common man which is reflecetd in every post, blog or media. so it will be repeat of words and i won't go to that.

One thing i want to ask all 'those' : is there any end of your greed of power ? 'Ravan' has palace of gold , he has dominace over universe and he also got an end. Samrat Ashok killed people in Kalinga war and his heart was changed after seeing the blood of people.

what about you people ?
do not you feel the pain when you see some innocent is killed because of your dirty games.

some of these people have age about 70 yrs, an age when people go retrospective and do something good to pure themselvs but Insted I see that they hunger for power is increasing like anything.. they want to eat whole country, whole humanity , whole society without showing any mercy.

the bad thing which is happening beacuse of this is : common people is losing patience, he is forgetting the basic rules of society, he is not believing in harmony and this trend in socety is dangerous.

if we will not preserve our today then there is no tomorrow.

Friends lots of angry thoughts are coming in my mind and you all have the same feelings so lets unite the feeling and may be we can make the small water drops to a raging flood to wipe the curse plaguing our society.

I strongly feel that lets do start from our individual self..

such as :

1. donot do anything to harm the environment.( use less paper)
2. stop the bad habits ( Gutka , cigrete)
3. stop following the MNC or TV provoked culture ( Cold drink, Pizza, dress)
4. try to help people to your best.
5. discliple your life.

I am not sure my thoughts matches to this posts or not but feeling is same..

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

gud zaheer bhai...

lekin hum kuch nahi kar sakte.. sivaye politics ko kosne ke...

Bijay Mishra said...

Thanks god our country had not gone like India and others. I had read many abt partitions and riots but hadn't gone through pictures....I am weak heartened so cud not see all pictures..what a shame...People have lost their morals..totally coward act..violence makes me scared......i can't even imagine a simple cut in my finger and blood stains...

Indian Comics said...

ज़हीर भाई.
हर बार की तरह आप की पोस्ट सबसे अलग होती है .में इस ब्लॉग पर पिछले २ साल से हूँ .
जब कल रात आप से बात हुई थी तब उस वक़्त में सोने की तैयारी कर रहा था,मैंने आप से कहा था की मुझे बहुत जोर की नींद आ रही है
तब आप ने कहा था की इस पोस्ट को पढ़ कर आप की नींद ग़ायब हो जाएगी .वाकई यह पोस्ट किसी भी इंसान को बेचैन कर सकती है,
अगर उसके दिल में ज़रा सी भी इंसानियत है .
सबसे अफ़सोस की बात यह है की जिस आज़ादी को हमारे पुरखों ने अपना खून बहा कर हासिल की थी वोह आज भी किसी कोने में
डरी- सहमी सी बैठी है .आज हर एक इन्सान अपने घर को अपना मुल्क बना कर बैठा है.चाहे इंडिया हो या कोई और मुल्क गन्दी राजनीती ने
सिर्फ सभ्यता का समय-समय पर खून ही बहाया है.आज भी उस गंदी राजनीति के कुछ वंशज हमारे मुल्क में समय -समय पर इस तरह के
फसाद पैदा करते रहते हैं .

Thanks and Regards -
Usman Ali Khan |
(Editor -Vfxrider magazine),
C G Artist.
Picasso Digital Media Pvt. Ltd ( Delhi )

Deep said...

Hey zaheer bro...

Iss post ke barey kaya kahoon. meri family ne to ye saab apney uuper yelha hai.ab kush aur likhney ka maan nahi hai.sorry bro.

Comic World said...

KK: Yeah,ditto for me,there is big difference between hearing and watching.

Comic World said...

Kuldeep Bhai: Kuldeep Bhai i still wonder when i think that how it was possible for some persons to divide a line between a nation so that they can rule their individual part,how can the lives of million of peoples of the country doesn't mean anything to them,what right they were having when they took the decision to divide a whole nation in two parts so that both parties(rather person) can rule their stake,was the life of millions of persons their private property of which they can play any game,was any opinion of all the countrymen taken before arriving at any decision!!!
In my opinion these politicians were no better than those Britishers who exploited and played with our lives in fact these so called 'freedom fighter(??)' were far far cruel than Britishers as they butchered their own peoples and sowed venomous seeds of hatred.
Yes,you are right and it more pathetic to see politicians of such a ripe age going to any extent for power and post rather than preparing for their arrival to next world.
I only wish to add that until politicians doesn't learn to respect humanity and control their greed within limit these sort of mistakes are bound to be repeated in future in some other way.

phalguni said...

these photos r really moving....

Comic World said...

Usman Bhai: उस्मान भाई मैं आपकी बात से सौ फीसदी इत्तेफ़ाक रखता हूँ और मुझे इस बात की ख़ुशी है की आप जैसे हस्सास मित्रों ने इस पोस्ट के मर्म को समझा.

Comic World said...

Deep: Deep bro my deep sympathies and wishes are with your family.There are many many families alike yours in both country which are victimized because of evil deeds and decision of these vultures(read politicians).

R-A-J said...

Wow, quite an eye opener..have 2 many thoughts flying around in my head.too raw!!!

On another note, here's my story though:

Comic World said...

Phalguni: Yes,they indeed are.

Comic World said...

R-A-J: Thanks for visit,will be strolling on your story soon.

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