Tuesday, January 11, 2011

# Highlights of 4th Anniversary Post

Friends as you all know that Comic World is going to complete four years of blogging and will enter into 5th year of its existence on February 4th,to celebrate this occasion a special post is being prepared which will contain loads of rare comics(as expected) and many other features such as articles supported by in depth analysis of comic,brain storming quizzes,vintage ads from vintage and rare magazines and much much more.
At this point of time i only wish to announce that 4th anniversary post will also containing the famous Inspector Azad strip,'Daud',by Abid Surti and Pratab Mulick.
Well,friends 'Daud' is that particular strip by which showman Rajkapoor was very much impressed and decided to make a movie on it but unfortunately due to some unavoidable circumstance the movie couldn't be canned of. 
The scan posted below is a part of 'Daud' which was been published serially by The Illustrated Weekly Of India,have a look.

The full strip will be coming in the anniversary post along with additional information.
Another highlight of the anniversary post will be its quiz as this time one can win not one or two but 10,yesss ten hard copies of comics.
Friends other details and more highlights of this much awaited anniversary post are being shared through Comic World community(http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community?cmm=103923523) at a regular basis.You can join Comic World community in order to have a preview of the comics,articles,quiz and other features of the anniversary post including the type and nature of the questions which will be asked in the above mentioned quiz.
So join CW community in order to get updated about the happenings for the anniversary post.
Following are the small glimpses of the comics which are proposed to be posted on anniversary post.

There is indeed much-much more in the package.
Friends your requests,suggestions,ideas and contributions(comics/articles) are heartily welcome to make this occasion a memorable one.Thanks in advance.


मोहम्मद कासिम said...

ok we r w8ing

atul said...

sir hili diwali spattioal madhumuskan aur dewwana please

KALA PRET said...

आहा , अब आएगा मजा , 'GLADIATOR ' का हिंदी रूपांतरण 'पाषाण पुरुष' ! क्या बात है बिरादर , क्या बढ़िया कथानक चुना है , मजा आएगा इस पाषाण पुरुष को वेताल जैसे महाबली को नाको चने चबवाते देख , और ऊपर से प्रसस्तुत्कर्ता आप जैसा मंझा हुआ 'SCRIPT WRITER ' हो तो सोने पे सोहागा , बेसब्री से इन्तेजार रहेगा इन दो योधाओं की भीषण टक्कर का

Colonel Worobu said...


Congrats on your 4th Anniversary Post. Maybe on this special occasion you might fulfill some of the comics that I had requested you earlier :o)

atul said...

happy birthday comic world i m waiting ur post

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