Monday, January 3, 2011

# Shaktiman

First of all belated but heartiest and warm wishes for the new year to all of the comic lovers throughout the world.
To celebrate the occasion presented herewith is a rare comic for all of you which i hope you all will like.

 This comic is rare in the sense that according to my information very few or only a couple of issues of this character were published by Madhumuskan comics.The character, Shaktiman,written by H.I.Pasha and illustrated by Hussain Zamin,was a weak copy of Superman,though it was introduced in impressing manner but due to failure of development of new ideas in the story line and very basic mistakes in conceiving a science fiction story it soon got faded away.
Just notice the very basic error pointed out here in the scan below in putting up scientific concepts.

Sound in space(vacuum)!!!!....very strange,which is against the basic theory of sound which says that sound need medium to travel and it can't travel in space because there is no air. 

I also remember the story line of its another issue in which during a mission Shaktiman travels to Sun to collect the high frequency energy of Sun and in the process he got burnt but eventually succeeds in his mission.
I am not able to recall the other details of the story,if anybody can put up some light on that particular issue then he is more than welcome.
Friends,this blog is going to complete four years of its existence in Feb.,next month,a lot of thought process is under process to celebrate this occasion with some novelty rather than mere comic posts,novel ideas,requests and suggestions from all of you are most welcome to add colors to this occasion.


kuldeepjain said...

Hi CW..

this comics brings back lots of you know what made me nostalgic on this comic? the printed Price Rs 3.00.. dassi (10P) chawanii, ( 25P) athanni (50P)jod jod kar 3 Rs jama kiye the aur tab ye comic khareedi thi.

for the last few weeks i am seeing some very old comics posting like this one and couldnot belive that people have preserved .. my appreciation to you all.

that was the time when MM started publishing comics and they did gave some very good one as well. poput chaupat pachranga achar, musibat hai, captain bundal bahadur are some of very good comics i can recall..

in this shaktiman series one thing i was never able to understand. this was the startup of 'shaktiman' and he is shown as a 'scientiest' here but lateron in MM shaktiman strips he was depicted as 'police inspector'..
this change was quite abrupt..

i know that new anniversary of CW is coming up.. and you also kwow that why i am not active that much currently..
sorry about that but I am sure in some time i will be putting some new ideas on this joyous occasion..


Comic World said...

Kuldeep Bhai: Yeah,Kuldeep bhai rightly said that MM comics churned out really some very good comics in their comic series featuring Bablu,Shaktiman,Ins.Azad,Paupat-Chaupat,Daku Pansingh and many others.
I was a fond reader of MM comics and still long to read these comics,shutdown of MM was a huge loss for comic lovers.
Well,i have not preserved these comics right from beginning but m in constant search of those which i have read in childhood,from a long time i was in search of these Shaktiman issues and fortunately got a opportunity recently to lay my hands upon this issue.
Yes,your contribution is heartily needed to celebrate the 4th anniversary of CW and this time i am expecting much more from you.

रकुल said...

Shaktimaan....... Shaktimaan....... Shaktimaan....... Shakti-Shakti-shakti-maan......

Hurrah... Another New year Gift from Jaheer bhai ... I love "Madhu Muskaan & Madhu Muskaan Comics... Thanks Jaheer Bhai...

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for another rare Madhumuskan adventure, Zaheer Bhai. Have been enjoying these classics, but I don't think I would rate this series as much as I liked as the Aazad character. To me, from whatever little collections I made up of Madhumuskan, Aazad would be the best drawn and conceived story, almost rivaling the Bahadur of IJC fame.

Enjoyed your notes on scientific blunders. Seems the creators never even cared to put elementary level facts in their storyline :)

Advanced Congratulations on the approaching 4th year of our Comic World. Looking forward for the blockbuster posts making upto the date.

Comic World said...

Rakul: Welcome Rakul.

Comic World said...

Rafiq Raja: Yeah,Rafiq Bhai certainly Ins.Azad was far better than Shaktiman as it was conceived in more thoughtful manner as well as drawn superbly by late Pratap Mulick whereas Hussain Zaamin has his own limitations.
Well,Rafiq Bhai this time i m looking for a good contribution from your side for anniversary post as last time unfortunately i was not able to get anything from you.

akfunworld said...

Zaheer bhai thanks for another Madhu Muskan comics, relly like to see more of madhumuskan comics at this blog....
And advance good wishes to you for completing 4 years sharing great comics and thoughts to us...

Comic World said...

AKF: Thanks and welcome Anand Bro.

KALA PRET said...

मुआफी चाहूँगा भाई, सच कहूं तो यह कॉमिक दुर्लभ जरुर है लेकिन रोमांचकता का आभाव है इसमें , कहानी भी साधारण और चित्र भी , इसमें वो दम नहीं की इसे बार बार पड़ा जाये , मैंने आपका सारा ब्लॉग शुरू से लेकर अंत तक खंगाल ढाला है , जिसमें मुझे 'लम्बू मोटू और नरक का ड्रैकुला ' का कवर भी नजर आया , अगर कभी आपको ठीक लगे तो लगे हाथ नरक का ड्रैकुला से भी मुलाकात करवा दीजिये , उम्मीद है की आपके ब्लॉग की चतुर्थ वर्षगांठ पर कुछ ऐसा देखने को मिलेगा की आंखें फटी की फटी रह जायें

Comic World said...

Kala Pret: प्रेत भाई मैं आपकी बात से सौ फ़ीसदी इत्तेफ़ाक रखता हूँ कहानी बेहद साधारण है और चित्र भी कोई बहुत ऊँचे दर्जे के नहीं है,दरअसल यह कॉमिक दुर्लभ इस नज़रिए से है की इस किरदार(शक्तिमान)के इक्का-दुक्का अंक ही शाया(प्रकाशित) हुए थे जो की मैंने बचपन में पढ़े थे और जिनको दोबारा पढ़ने के लिए मैं काफी अरसे से बेकरार था.
'लम्बू-मोटू और नरक का ड्रेकुला' यदि अब ताकि पोस्ट नहीं हुई तो मुस्तक़बिल(भविष्य) में यक़ीनन ही पोस्ट की जाएगी,बस आप साथ बने रहिये.

AJAY said...

Dear Zaheer ! Wish you a very happy new year .
Nice & rare comic posted . Thanks

Comic World said...

Ajay: Thanks and same to you Ajay.

Monster said...

Wonderful comics... Thanks a lot

Shah Pashupati said...

thanq zaheer bhai

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